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Weirdest Shot You Ever Hit/Witnessed

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I've hit plenty of bizarre shots but the one that immediately came to mind was when I was a teen playing in a Jr tournament on the very first hole I hit the tee marker in front of me, the ball came rifling backwards, people dove out of the way and it ended up back on the putting green.

I witnessed a strikingly similar shot at Austin Country Club (site of the Dell Matchplay Championship). First tee - my very nervous assistant smokes a worm burner into the forward tee marker; the ball comes screaming back past us and hits their bronze statue of Harvey Penick square in the pebbles. Innocent sacrilege of hilarious tenor... my favorite.
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A playing partner drove a Par 5 one day. So at the local public course there is a par 5 that goes up and down a hill. The green sits slightly on the right side. The goal for your tee shot is to clear the top of the hill and just let it roll out as much as it can down the hill. My partner slightly over cooks his fade so we believe it's just going to be in the rough near the cart path. As we drive our carts over the hill the group a head of us, on the green, are waving us up. Evidently his ball hit the left edge of the cart path and bounced back towards the green where it hit a drain and rolled up on the front green.


Funny thing was from where we were on the tee box we missed all of this. He also three putted for birdie...a fact we still never let him forget.


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Re-hashing this thread...

So on Sunday when I played, I went out as a single and wound up getting grouped in with a pair of nice fellas that were in the same boat as I..."Go now and BTW, get the carts in by no later than 4:45!" So off we went, stone cold (literally) without any warm-up at all.

Hole # 2 is a short par-3 playing extra short due to the winter-time placement of the boxes mostly well in front of the "summer" boxes I assume to preserve those for the better weather ahead. Anyhow, it was just over 100-yds to the flag, and the pond which is usually just in front of the summer boxes was well to our right and really out of play. One of my playing partners was (like all of us really) still working the kinks out, but really struggling with his irons and hitting most, way off the toe and super-slicing them with a literal 90* duff. His tee shot on this hole was no different. Just dead right and ugly. Well, I didn't mention earlier that the pond is frozen solid, so the ball just skipped right across it and into the large rocks (boulders really) that line the perimeter on the far side. That damn ball then just ricocheted off one of those rocks and CAME RIGHT BACK at the player!!! I mean it literally bounced straight back across the tundra, bounced up and landed in front of him and settled about 4' in front of him still standing in the tee box..!!!

Dammit!!! Where was the camera? And wow! I couldn't make this up or even try to duplicate it. Bizarre!!!

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Had about a 45 yard chip to the flag for my second shot on a par 4.. My ball ended up going over the flag and land on the first cart path behind the green.. It bounced all the way over the trees to the next cart path just clearing two guys driving there cart.. Has the slope was going down it helped the ball to reach the third cart path bouncing again and than ended up in the sand trap of the other hole... It left me with a 58 yards up slope bunker shot with trees next to the hole...  Didn't made par on that hole ...😂


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