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TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Shot Scope V2 GPS Watch with Automated Performance Tracking

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Blythewood, SC

Used to use it, and would like to get back to it now that there is technology like this available!

No GPS watch currently.

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1.  Jamie

2.  Long Island, NY

3.  No

4.  Yes

5.  Bushnell Neo 

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Just bought a full set of Cleveland Launchers and would love to track my stats.

avid golfer that plays 150+++ rounds per year


First name--Rob

Home State/Province/Country--NJ/FL

​Do you use performance tracking?--No

Do you use a GPS watch?--Yes

Which ones?-Bushnell Excel

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First name: David

Home State/Province/Country: Nevada/USA

​Do you use performance tracking?: Not currently

Do you use a GPS watch? Nope (not yet)

Which ones? N/A

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First name: Kevin

Home State/Province/Country: Massachusetts/United States

​Do you use performance tracking?: No

Do you use a GPS Watch, No use a GPS Golf Buddy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I play 4 to 5 times a week...usually around 45 to 54 holes.....would love to give it a test.

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First name:  Brennan

Home State/Province/Country:  Virginia, USA

​Do you use performance tracking?  Yes

Do you use a GPS watch?  No

Which ones?  Golflogix, TheGrint.com 

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First name: Mike

Home State/Province/Country: Texas

​Do you use performance tracking?: Currently track stats manually using spreadsheet

Do you use a GPS watch?: No watch, but use laser and handheld Garmin GPS unit


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Florida, USA

​Do you use performance tracking? Yes

Do you use a GPS watch? Yes

Which ones? Garmin-Vivoactive HR and 18 birdies

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Craig- British Columbia-Canada

Haven't used performance tracking yet

I use a laser but no GPS watch






Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy

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Home State? California

​Do you use performance tracking? Yes. SkyCaddie

Do you use a GPS watch? No

Which ones? None, but I'd like to try.

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First name=Bryce

Home State/Province/Country=Bc, Canada

​Do you use performance tracking?=no performance tracking other than keeping own stats... and trackman

Do you use a GPS watch?=no, used bushnell tour x or old golf buddy gps

Which ones?


Thanks for the opportunity, would love to add this to my game and get me dialed in to take on the next level!

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Ontario, Canada

​Do you use performance tracking: No

Do you use a GPS watch?: Not currently

Which ones?: N.A

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GameGolf Live 

Garmin  Approach S20

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First name: Don


Home State/Province/Country: New Jersey


​Do you use performance tracking? No


Do you use a GPS watch? NO


Which ones?: Bushnell Neo watch broke last season and have not replaced. Currently using old Sonocaddie v300 handheld and Bushnell Rangefinder

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First name: Sherman

Home State/Province/Country: Ontario, Canada

​Do you use performance tracking? Yes, currently using Arccos 360

Do you use a GPS watch? Yes, but not for golf

Which ones? Polar M400 multi sport training watch

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    • By Maltenator
      I'm super interested in getting rid of my Garmin Approach G8 and picking up a Shot Scope V2. It has awesome reviews, and I feel my game can improve from it. Can't beat the price of $189, compared to others of $250 or more, and no tagging needed. Also, there needs to be a specific tech talk location in the forums. Just my thought 
      If you have one what are you thoughts, would you recommend, and have you noticed an improvement to your game through the data it provides?
    • By Thin2win
      I've always liked that quote from Yogi Berra. It also is painfully evident to my golf game that I need to pay more attention to it. I've noticed over the years that  I tend to leave more putts short than I roll long. It is something that I haven't paid too much attention to, just aware that I should try to get putts to the hole more often.
      Watching golf for many many hours this weekend I decided to count how many putts the pro's left short... it turns out, that unless they are outside 25', they don't. They always get it to the hole, go figure.
      Checking my Shot Scope putting data... I manage to leave 72% !!! of my putts short. This has gone from minor thought in the back of my mind to 5 alarm fire that I need to address now. I have a new goal in golf, 0 putts per round left short. I have to trust that I can make the 4' come back putt.
      I don't know how many of you out there suffer from this same issue. But I challenge all of you to never leave a putt short. If you need to say it in a very marine sounding voice akin to never leaving a man behind, then please do. 
      Let me know if you can successfully pull this off. Apparently, I am only 14 putts/round from success....
    • By Alf. S
      About me.
      57 year old very keen golfer that's played competitive golf for 17 years. During the summer playing at least 4 rounds a week with A CONGU handicap of 7.8. I have worked in the Electronics industry for 35 years designing and developing Integrated Circuits for Smart Phones, GPS devices, Digital TV, etc. I'm a bit of a technophile with my 1st experience of GPS rangefinders going back to the Skycaddie 2.5 in 2008. I now own  Skycaddie Touch, Garmin Approach G3, Bushnell Neo Ion so I have a pretty good idea of the capability on the market.
      Having just bought a new set of Srixon Z565 irons and hitting them longer than my old AP1s,  I specifically bought the Shot Scope v2 to help me gain confidence with distance on each club and this review is based on 27 rounds over the last 6 weeks
      Ordering on-line was easy and efficient, but there always seems to be deals on where you get 10, 15% discount by entering a discount code. I ended up paying £205 with a 10% discount. Box arrived 2 days later. Packaging was robust.
      Physical appearance of watch:
      Comparing it to the Bushnell Neo it is larger and a bit more cumbersome, which I would assume is to accommodate the RFID electronics. The micor-USB connector is on the back which can be a little awkward to insert the cable. Aesthetically it does look a bit bulky.
      Getting Started:
      1st task is to connect to my PC and get the courses downloaded. The cable that came with the watch didn't seem to be a good fit in to the micro-USB port and kept disconnecting from the PC. I ended up using the one from my Skycaddie. The app downloaded and flagged that a software updated was required prior to course download which took about 15 minutes. The app interface was clear and intuitive.
      Next was setting up the RFID tags in the clubs, this was straight forward except for my putter which has Superstroke Countercore grip so I couldn't screw in the tag directly.
      Instructions read off for my 1st round.
      1st niggle is that when not in GPS or tracking mode i.e. Standby you get no time readout just a big V2 in the middle of the screen. 
      On Course Use:
      I play a lot of golf in the evenings, get to the course at about 6pm and play until the light or the weather deteriorates. So I carry and use spikeless shoes so I can park and get on the 1st tee in under 5 minutes. In order for the watch to have found the satellites and initialised this means I have to enable as soon as I get out the car for it to be ready on the 1st tee.
      I'm long sited and effectively require separate prescriptions for distance and reading. For golf I only wear distance glasses but found the display clear and easy to read. Time font was a bit small but manageable with my old eyesight and no worse that other  rangefinders.
      GPS measurements, I had my trustee Skycaddie with me and the differences on most holes were insignificant to green centre but to front and back and hazards they could vary. One extreme is the hazard not being there or to the front being a couple of yards out. This also came up in putting stats when I was doing my post analysis. i.e it would think I was off the green for a putt when I was a yard on.
      The recording pin position and number of putts is something you get use to and there isn't any other way to record this so click and on you go. 
      Next niggle, lost ball,  the user manual does not cover the menu function or hazards so i muddle through. On checking back on the website the online version doesn't cover them either you need to go into some of the Q&A areas of the website.
      Round finished time to Sync. I have an iPhone 6, Bluetooth connectivity was really easy, enable the watch, bring up the app, connect, sync. Comparing this to the Skycaddie which I've always found to be unreliable.
      Data Analysis:
      The App gives basic high level info but for the detailed analysis you need to log into the website, I use both PC and iPad for this. 
      Logging in you get a detailed view of the round/rounds you have played with a satellite view of every shot recorded. The RFID tag detection can be a little unreliable so occasionally it will not id a club or shot for me this is 2 or 3 strokes a round. The user manual does state that taking a few practise swings may help this but I usually take one practice then hit. While the round is fresh in memory it is best to go and edit this. I usually go into the round at the 1st hole and just check the data by cycling through the round, then save. It asks you for what tee you played off before you save. I found editing a round on PC easy but on the iPad painful due to the precision (zoom) of the maps and the size of my finger.
      As mentioned above I bought this so I can analyse how far and well I hit individual clubs, the data analysis does not have the flexibility to do this which is  abit of a pain. The performance/tee shots is as close as it gets which gives me a good breakdown mainly of my driver with distance and dispersion and fairways hit but it doesn't do it as a general club performance menu.  In the Tee Shots menu you can select individual shots and go to the round that generated it. This allows you identify outliers and correct
      I would also like to be able to control which shots are disregarded in the P.Avg and Avg settings. I hit my PW 130 yds my stats at the moment say my longest and average are 133yds and my P.Avg is 67. 
      The short games analysis I like and find useful but can be distorted by lack of accuracy in the course map.
      It would also be useful if there was a way to add prevailing wind and ground conditions on post round data. At the moment down wind on bone dry fairways I'm hitting drives 320 yds come the winter it will be 180 yds on the same hole.
      I had a few teething problems with the watch in my 1st few rounds where 2 rounds were not recorded at all. This seems to have resolved itself. After all the reviews online, I had high expectations for the product and was really frustrated by the loss of data and it not doing what I wanted it to do.
      Support has been good without excelling.
      (6 out 10)
      A product that has potential but needs to polish the offering. Hardware can be unreliable and needs ruggedised. Software analysis can be the big differentiator but needs to be more feature rich.
      It is only usable on the golf course i.e. can't use it as a watch like other GPS watches
      Will I keep using it, yes and probably move on the Bushnell Neo Ion.
    • By SirShankalot
      I have just seen that Shot Scope a performance tracking company from Scotland have released an upgraded model. They have released a watch that incorporates live GPS distances along with performance tracking and there is no need for any tagging. I think it looks great and could potentially be a real player!

    • By ddryan
      Looking for info/ reviews on the Bushness iON GPS watch.  Don't normally wear a watch, and usually use my pacecount (accurate after 30 years in the  Army) but am bidding on one for $100 dollars (used) and want to know if it is worth the $$.
      Thank you
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