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Top Spin Putters


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A few months ago my father-in-law and I attended the New Jersey Golf Show - the annual golf bargain hunter's dream. We ran across an up-start team socializing a new putter brand which has taken off in Korea. Top Spin Golf - http://www.golftopspin.com/


We were both a little surprised by the feel and roll these putters put on the ball. 


Has anyone else seen these and tried them? Anyone gaming one?

Tim - NJ - Right Handed - 17HC

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  • Ping G400 3 Wood (tour stiff)
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  • 5-W Titelist C-16 (stiff)
  • Miura K Grind 52, 56, 60
  • Toulon Strokelab Austin
  • Snell MTB
  • OrangeWhip 
  • Jerky
  • Bulleit Bourbon


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Flashback to the early 90s and the teardrop putter! 


Can't believe people are still making rolled-face putters. 


Tru-Roll and RadiusRoll putters also feature the same design...which i guess is not longer patented in the US because they all have the same design. 


They get the ball rolling on line...if you have a positive angle of attack on your putter, which most don't. 


Save your $200, go get fit and find something that fits your putting stroke. 

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Cobra Connect 5 Competitor - Team Chad

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  • :cobra-small: King Radspeed Tour 5 Wood w/ Motore X F1 70 X Flex 
  • :cobra-small: King Utility 4 21* w/ Tensei Pro White 100 X Flex
  • :cobra-small: King Tour MIM Copper Irons 5-G w/ AMT White X100 Onyx
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  • :titelist-small: Pro V1x Left Dash
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Agreed, there are a lot of really good putters available.

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Driver - :cobra-small:Cobra King F6+ set 9.5 D, Matrix 65M4 Black Tie R-Flex 65g low-mid launch 
Fairway - :cobra-small:Cobra F6 3/4 and 7/8 both R-flex
Irons - Tour Edge Exotics E8 Steel R-flex 4-PW
Wedges - :cleveland-small:Cleveland CBX 50 and 54, and Smart Sole 3 58
Putter - Top Flite Tour Align 5
Rangefinder - Leupold GX-2i3



Driver - Custom Built - Accura SP-700 400cc 10deg 48.5" S-flex

Hybrids - :adams-small:Adams Idea A50s 3 and 4

Irons - :taylormade-small:Taylor Made Burner Oversize 3-PW, lightly used 3 and 4 still in original plastic(auction buy $15 w/bag and several other clubs)

Wedges - Snake Eyes 52 & 56 and Dunlop True Tech Lob 64

Putter - W :wilson-small:ilson Harmonized M1


Set 3

My original set approximately 43 years old and I occasionally take the irons out for a swing

:titelist-small:Titleist Lite 100


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Where was the study again that said that getting rolling faster made the putter more accurate?

Volvo Intorqueo

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Hi guys, 

I know it´s been a while since this post was opened, I wanted to ask an important question which is the legality of these putters. 
I have gone through the internet and found very vague information. I looked as well in the USGA rules which are not very clear.
So far I have these two putters:

MxV1 Putter
Masteroll 342 I recently got on ebay.
I am very happy with the MxV1 and recently got the Masteroll 342 on ebay for a good deal to try out as my "blade" putter. I frankly love the roll I get on these things. See below pictures,




s-l1600 (21).jpg

s-l1600 (22).jpg



Wilson D300 Driver
Cobra F8 3 wood

Adams Idea 2 hybrid.
Wilson D7 4-SW

Cleveland 588RS 60 wedge
MxV1 Putter


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