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AimPoint iPhone App - LIVE TODAY!

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AimPoint iPhone App


Cruising through the app store and I came across the app for the AimPoint green reading system.

Looks like it replaces the flip book charts to read the greens.

Lists instructors too. Price seems a little hefty to me, but after playing with some guys using the charts and draining from everywhere, maybe it is a real bargain. ;)



Would be sweet if you could overlap a photo of the green with the chart.

Anyone want to take the $30 plunge and write a review? If more cool stuff like this keeps coming out, I may need to pick up the longer-battery-life iphone 4.



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If you have taken the class all the info on the app is easy to understand. The best part about the app is that is helps with the green shapes on crown and saddles. It also includes a great video section on different aspects of the class, like how to find the zero line and how to determine the stimp on a green. Hope this helps. For more info you can visit Aimpointgolf.com and take a look at the app page.

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I have purchased the App and been playing around with it for a while.


Before that, I have just one caveat: The key to making breaking putts is as much about choose the correct line, as is the correct speed. You can hit your putt aimed correctly according to the Aimpoint chart but the ball still can't find the bottom of the hole because your speed is wrong. You can also mis-read the putt as there is no "scientific" way to tell how many degrees (or %) slope are you dealing with in a round, without using some kind of gadgets like Break Meter. And you should also preset the green speed before you start or you risk over or under read the break.


Having put that aside, we come to the App itself. It is really a very very simple App for the price. There are 3 options for different kind of green, Planer, Crown and Saddle, and you basically drag the red dot which signifies the ball to the correct location in relation to the zero line. You'll have to set the distance up to a maximum of 20 feet, and grade up to a maximum of 4% (which is corresponds to 2.3 deg of slope).


The app will then tell you how much left or right (in inches) to aim, and hopefully that will make the putt.


The app also comes with some youtube like videos on how to use it, how to figure out green speed, finding the straight putt, how to find a Aimpoint instructor, and links to Edel Golf (a putter maker).


What I feel the app should improve on:


There should be more distance (like 30 - 50 footers) and grade options as I think 4% is not enough. The App should also use degrees instead of % as this would be more easily understood by most laymen.


There should also be options on choice of putting force - whether one choose to die the ball into the hole, or try to hit the ball 1 foot past the hole.


The apps should also include a test procedure for figuring out the green speed which I feel is one of the most crucial factors in reading the green.




It is good to have a systematic approach to read putts and line up putts, this app is a good starting point but it is no guarantee that the slick breaking downhill putt is going to be any easier. If you are a feel player who can just "will" the ball into the hole, you'll probably want to stay away.

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