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2018 Official Forum Member Review - Cleveland Launcher HB Drivers

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Official Forum Member Review - Cleveland Launcher HB Drivers


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cksurfdude             Stage 1              Stage 2

Zylem                     Stage 1              Stage 2

No3PuttLaLa          Stage 1              Stage 2

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Driver: :callaway-logo-1: Epic SZ w/ VA Composites Raijin 65 04

3w: :taylormade-small:'16 M2 hl w/ Diamana D+ 82

5w: :cleveland-small: Launcher HB w/ HZRDUS Yellow

Hybrid: :cleveland-small: 22 deg. Launcher HB w/ HZRDUS Black

Irons: :ping-small: 5i-UW G700 w/ X100 soft stepped once

Wedges: :cleveland-small: 54 & 58 CBX w/ Nippon Modus 3 125

Putter: :odyssey-small: Red 7s

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  • Cleveland Launcher HB Driver


Stage Two – Performance Review

June, 2018

By: cksurfdude

  • With a shoutout to The STUD for his helpful suggestions.



Player Recap:

62 y.o.; 5'7” 155 lbs; pretty fit; 9th season playing; fairly typical recreational golfer (eg. trying to play bogey golf and improving but still making plenty of stoopit mistakes) … weakest part of my game (outside of bunkers) is getting off the tee. Driver swing speed approx 90 mph.


Don't currently carry a driver – use a Callaway Bertha Mini 1.5 (14°, 235cc so it's like an over-sized 3W; shaft is 42”); unless I'm playing the forward tees with my wife then usually a hybrid or a wood.



Testing Goal:

Want to see if this may be “The One” to get me further down … and hopefully in or very nearly in … the fairway.



How I Tested:

Testing included a trip to a big box store, a shaft fitting, lots of range time, a driver swing lesson, purchase of a swing weight scale and experimenting with lead tape, more range time, another full swing lesson and some on-course time.


Side note, re: visit to big box store and “Likelihood of Purchase”…

Cleveland, it appears to me, has a bit of interesting sales question with this driver – two different fitters I called do not carry it and the big box store I went into only had a few demo ones shoved in a staff bag … all bonded (non-adjustable) with the stock shaft - no fitting cart. I did hit one but was not thrilled with the feel and response of the stock shaft.


No demo days near me listed on the Cleveland website when I looked, and I live in a well-populated area with a lot of golf courses and shops within an hour's drive. So it does not seem to be targeted towards players who prefer to get a fitting or to try before they buy. Perhaps it's intended to complete the lineup for someone already purchasing Launcher irons and hybrids or fairways; or perhaps watching Jamie Sadlowski smash it a mile (https://www.clevelandgolf.com/en/Jamie_Sadlowski.html) is good enough?



Some impressions of my driver shaft fitting – that put me into a HZRDUS Yellow 75 gram, shortened -1” to 44.5” – are posted later in this thread, at…

Post #61



A narrative about some of my early testing is also posted later in this thread, at…

Post #90



When hitting the Cleveland Launcher HB I compared it side-by-side to the Bertha Mini and to a Callaway Bertha Fusion with a Recoil ES 440 shaft in it, also shortened -1” to 44.5”. The ES 440 is pretty much the polar opposite of the HZRDUS – eg. lighter, flexier, softer tip, higher launch / higher torque and probably higher spin (but no LM to confirm). The Fusion has the Callaway OptiFit hosel, while the Cleveland Launcher is bonded; both were at 10.5° loft.


Here's how the three compare…

three drivers specs chart.jpg


On the range I'd hit 5 balls with one club then switch to the next and attempt to land at least 3 of 5 with each club within a given target area (which I outlined as the rough equivalent of a wide fairway + first cut so within about, say, 30 yards offline from center and .. for me .. at least a 200 yard carry); then repeated several times around while noting results.


On the course I'd hit one ball with the Launcher HB and one with the Bertha Mini (since that's my current “gamer”; not the Fusion); if there was no one behind I'd hit one ball with each off the same tee, alternating which went first, and play the better ball. For this I considered IN the fairway to be a better result vs. one that went further but landed outside the fairway; unless it was a ball that did land in the fairway but then rolled off into the rough (but still ended up near the edge of the fairway). If there was a group behind I'd alternate which club I hit my one tee shot with.


Performance metrics were not measured on an LM but are based on my observations of ball flight.



Scoring the Club – Looks:

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was the cheery yellow HZRDUS shaft! Then I noticed the white “wing-like” alignment line across the crown, and then when it was out of the box and out of the plastic I noticed the high reflectivity of the crown.


Whether these last two features (of the crown) are distracting at address or not is, of course, individual, and some people may be put off looking down at this crown on a sunny day, and some may prefer a crown with little or no marking on it.


In the Launcher HB's case the alignment line delineates the “Hi Bore” front part of the crown – it's higher where it's joined along the face (I guess if you hate it .. you could always take a black Sharpie to it!).



This “step-down” crown acts .. together with the “Flex-Fins” on the sole .. to allow the head to compress / decompress at impact to help the face flex to boost ball speed.


I have seen a similar alignment line before...


('09 TM Rescue 3H)


And while not the same thing here it is next to an MLA putter…



..and next to the Bertha Fusion…



These are both 460 cc but to my eye the Launcher HB appears a bit, ummm, “chunkier”.



  • All in all not a bad-looking club with its dark grey metallic crown, but this score reflects my personal preference for less distraction at address and a more compact head shape.


  • SCORE – Looks: 7 / 10



Scoring the Club – Sound & Feel:

It wasn't until a few range sessions in that I started to notice what this driver was trying to tell me.


Perhaps because of the 75g HZRDUS shaft .. heavier and firmer than I'm used to .. the sensations may have been muted at first, but then I could tell there is a definite distinction between off-center shots, which were duller and harsher – vs. those catching “the screws” in the middle of the clubface, which yielded a very solid, satisfying feedback and definitely popped off the face faster … you can really feel the Hi Bore crown and the Flex-Fin sole compressing/decompressing to, well, launch ;-) the ball.


The sound on well-struck shots (again, possibly partly muted by this particular shaft) was … nice? (..does that make any sense?) … eg. not too loud, and not “metallic” nor “tinny” and (I thought...) a lower tone vs. other drivers I've heard. Not the loud crack like a baseball bat, either, like some drivers I've heard but then again … I'm not swinging fast enough / hitting it hard enough to make it really crack.


(I tried to capture some video clips of the sound at contact, as per The STUD's suggestion, but first attempt at the range was too noisy around me, and then a backyard test yielded sub-par results .. my phone's microphone does not seem up to the task of capturing the sound properly.)


  • This score – while positive – reflects my limited experience with hitting drivers.


  • SCORE – Sound & Feel: 8.5 / 10



Scoring the Club – Range Performance:

My range testing goal was to land balls as near as possible down my target line and at least 200 yards carry (measure by lining up with a yardage marker); I'm not at the point with my swing where I try to “work” the ball in either direction. I'd hit 5 balls with the Launcher HB and then 5 with the Bertha Mini or the Bertha Fusion and note how many of 5 for each club were within what I estimated to be 30 yards offline, then repeat for several iterations.


First impressions:

  1. This club is not an instant cure-all … I can still slice and top the ball.
  2. The HZRDUS 5.5 flex shaft is firmer vs. any other “Regular” flex I've played.
  3. The 75g shaft feels like it takes more effort to swing.


The first range session I had one good shot with the Launcher/HZRDUS; most hits – while centered across – were very low on the face. Overall I was not hitting this club any better than the Bertha Mini.


Second range session the Bertha Fusion came along and replaced the Bertha Mini. Overall in this, and subsequent, range sessions I was more frequently catching balls in the center of the clubface with the Bertha Fusion … and so the resulting ball flight with it was generally better; eg. higher, straighter, often longer and more frequently within my target area.




I noticed a distance loss on off-center hits with the Launcher while it felt like the clubhead was working to move the ball back towards centerline; if good shots carried to the 200 marker then with the mishots I'd estimate maybe a -10% penalty; eg. about a 180 yard carry. As far as the sweet spot, I cannot say I caught it dead-on all that often – even though I did have numerous contacts _near_ the center of the clubface … so I surmise the sweet spot is not all that large/not extended across the face.


For me the Bertha Fusion, with its much lighter and flexier shaft, is just easier to swing effectively. I was still puzzling, too, over the heavy HZRDUS shaft – relative to the weight of the shaft I did not think I was really feeling the clubhead itself that well.


Separately in this thread @OleGray posted a question if swing weight with the shortened shaft was spec – so I bought a swing weight scale to check.



The spec on the stock Launcher HB is stated as D3 but when I weighed the club it read C9.


@JLukes commented the HZRDUS shaft back-weighting can account for part of that ... but 4 swing weight points?!?


So I added a piece of lead tape to the sole, swung it a few times, added another piece and got to where the club felt to me more balanced between the shaft and the clubhead; put it back on the scale and it was now at D2.


Modified Launcher swing weighting…



Strangely enough, on the advice of the same fitter who put me into that 75g driver shaft I replaced the 12g weight in the Fusion head with a 9g one I found online; this moved the swing weight down to about C9.5 from D2. Hmmm. So, yeah … now I can either put the 12g weight back into the Fusion or remove the lead tape from the Launcher to get them both to close to the same swing weight, or add back lead tape to the Fusion...



Even the Bertha Mini gets the tape treatment!



A few more range sessions with the new weightings, and some more progress with my driver swing, but … by the final range session of this testing period I was still hitting the Bertha Mini into my target area “fairway” more often than either driver - so the Bertha Fusion did not go into the “On-Course” phase.


Generally, accuracy-wise the Bertha Mini was close to 4/5 and the Fusion was 3/5 … while the Launcher was right about 2.5/5 (or: “50-50”). Distance-wise in each test grouping I hit there was a shot with the Fusion that carried the furthest (again, which I'll attribute to catching the center of the face more often).


Disappointingly, for me the Launcher HB/HZRDUS Yellow 75g did not out-perform.


  • This score reflects my own inability to consistently hit more than 3/5 of my shots with the driver solidly into my target area.


  • SCORE – Range Performance: 10 / 20



Scoring the Club – On-Course Performance:

I feel it's important to note I don't play competitively nor do I play to maintain a handicap … I play to improve my skills at the game of golf; so my on-course tests could be called “practice” rounds and were effectively an extension of range testing – ie. the ball is teed up and I'm standing on flat ground, not dissimilar from hitting at the range. That said, I didn't feel “no” pressure as there was still a consequence to a mis-hit … or from a lost ball…!


As with the range tests the results are based on my observations of ball flights.


Similar to the range testing I hit some “good enough” shots and some poor shots (topped, sliced or pushed) with the driver, whole I was able to land “playable” balls more frequently with the Bertha Mini.






In the aggregate, my on-course experience mirrored my range experience and with closely matching results – not quite 3/5 in or near enough to the fairway with the driver, while close to 4/5 in or near with the Bertha Mini (shame because my worst mishit with the driver is a high, soaring slice that looks like it goes almost as far to the side as it does downrange … so boy if I could just straighten out _that_ shot…….).


  • This score reflects my own inability to consistently hit more than 3/5 of my shots with the Launcher HB/HZRDUS Yellow 75g into (or just off of) the fairway.


  • SCORE – On-Course Performance: 20 / 40



Scoring the Club – Play it or Trade It?

Based on my experience during this review period I will not be playing this – nor any other – driver, yet.


Even though my driver swing has improved during (..and because of!) all this testing it's not to the point where I have a high enough percentage of success (eg. at least 4/5 consistently) within a small enough area of dispersion (eg. anywhere in the fairway or within, say, 5-10 yards of the edge).


I hope with continued practice and lessons (which I will, of course, be doing) that I may start to hit this driver / shaft combo really well, but in the meantime I wanted to report my results and impressions.


Another possibility is to change the shaft on the Launcher HB head – for example, prior to the shaft fitting I was looking at the Tensei CK Pro Blue, or perhaps something similar to the Kuro Kage Silver TiNi that's in the Bertha Mini may work better for me (or maybe test a 440 cc head driver).


  • This score reflects my ambivalence at this point on whether this driver / shaft (… mostly the shaft …) are really right for me, or not.


  • SCORE – Play It or Trade It?: 10 / 20




I truly feel like this clubhead really wants to make the ball go – that is, launch it high and far – while helping you to control mishits. Cleveland has built in several nice features into the head plus if you're a player who does not use or care for adjustability then at its relative value price point – along with numerous available shaft upgrades in their “Custom Catalog” (1) – this driver deserves a serious look from many recreational players.


But … in my testing to date … I did not get completely comfortable with the relatively heavy and firm HZRDUS Yellow 75g shaft (2) that I was fit into for this review (3).


So the big thing I've learned (literally) hands-on is that the shaft truly is “the engine” of the driver, and has at least as much .. if not even more? .. of an impact vs. the clubhead itself on how you perceive any driver (4).


As a consequence *MY* Performance metrics for this review were negatively impacted.



Final Score:


7 / 10

Sound & Feel

8.5 / 10

Range Performance

10 / 20

On-Course Performance

20 / 40

Play It or Trade It

10 / 20


55.5 / 100




End Notes:

  1. Cleveland's Custom Catalog is at… https://www.clevelandgolf.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-Cleveland-Library/default/dw48f95686/pdf/2017-2018-Cleveland-Golf-Custom-Catalog.pdf
  2. It's not just Project X shafts nor their 5.5 flex – I have PX SD (San Diego) 5.5 shafts in my XR hybrids; the 4H is one of my favorite clubs (and still in the bag from last year .. which is saying something for a club ‘ho!). It's possible I might like the 65g HZRDUS Yellow better .. or maybe the HZRDUS Red? .. and I would like to try their EvenFlow Blue.
  3. It's interesting to me that my fellow testers – both 30 years younger than me, taller and stronger, life-long golfers and with swing speeds much faster than mine – are each playing lighter shafts (65g and 60g). In my testing I found it easier to swing and hit … and make centered contact with … the Bertha Fusion and its very light, 47g, and flexier shaft; so – despite the LM numbers at the shaft fitting – I'm still scratching my head about being fit into the HZRDUS Yellow 75g……. (*Also note: the fitting head used was a Srixon and not a Launcher HB)
  4. So when MGS asks, “Does the shaft really matter?” (https://mygolfspy.com/fact-the-golf-shaft-matters) … I can unequivocally answer with a very firm “YES!!”



As always … YMMV.

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WITB of an "aspiring" 😉 play-ah ...
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..Tour Edge Exotics EXS 7W (Tensei CK Blue)
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..all in a Datrek Hybrid bag on a Bag Boy Quad XL push cart.

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Well this have been an exciting but wet past few months for me. I have really enjoyed the opportunity that My Golf Spy has given me to test this driver. But now comes the difficult part of the journey, translating my feelings to words so that you all here are presented with a fair unbiased review that can be used to assist you in your next purchase. I myself would of never chosen this club off the rack, in fact I would of never even hit one unless a fitter had recommended it. And that is a shame because it has won me over and is a welcome breath of fresh air from the usual Taylormade and Callaway drivers. Before we continue on with the review I would like to take a moment and not only thank the staff here but all the regulars for the support you all have given me through this review. Now without further ado let the review begin.




Looks 5/10

This is the most subjective part of the review. What I may find distasteful, others may love so please take this score with a grain of salt. There is no Fowler orange option and no carbon fiber inlays. This is just a clean, simple high gloss black diver. First strike on the looks for me was the omission of a center alignment mark on the club head. This is something I thought I wouldn't miss, but found myself wishing the club had that marker every time I addressed the ball. The rest of the points were deducted for the curved line on the top of the driver. I felt like the tapered edges of this line made it difficult to align the club head at times. For how important it is to be able to get the club head square  anything that distracts the golfer from that should be brought up. Also the high gloss finish can be distracting in the bright Florida sun.






Sound and Feel  7/10

The HB Launcher sounds amazing. I love the loud, high pitched sound you get on a well struck shot. This club was designed to be more forgiving, so off center shots still produce a good feel and slightly more muted sound. I was surprised that I could still feel where I was striking the club face on my miss hits. Some “forgiving” drivers from the past did not produce this kind of feedback. I removed points because while I now enjoy the feel of this club, it took a few rounds to get used to how light the head felt at the top of the back swing. That being said, Cleveland really out did themselves in the department. I found myself eager to use this club on every tee shot. Narrow technical par 4s, why not,  I wanted to swing this club as often as I could.



Range Performance 12/20

It took me a few range sessions to get used to the new driver but once I did I started to really lean on it. Perfectly struck shot with the Cleveland versus my current gamer (M2) showed no difference to the naked eye. Par 4s that I played driver, 7 iron with my M2, I still played driver, 7 iron with the Cleveland. I didn't want to bring trackman numbers into this review, I wanted to focus on the course performance. Alas I had to see the exact difference though, it was killing me to think that my custom built, adjustable TaylorMade was being beaten by a club at half it price. 6.5 yards, an average of 6.5 yards was all the separated the M2 from this Cleveland wonder club. This HB Launcher is like Rocky, it went the distance with Apollo and has shown that it can be a real competitor. Sadly though it is a little shorter so I have to take a point for distance here.  (I would like to note here that my TaylorMade is an inch shorter than the Cleveland being tested.)




I noticed no difference in accuracy between both clubs. The Trajectory though there is a huge difference in the off the rack Cleveland and the setup I went with. The HB Launcher is built to help get the ball in the air. Since my normal trajectory is high, the fitter had some work cut out for him to bring the ball back down to a more normal height. Going with a Project X stiff shaft and a lower nine degree loft helped accomplish this. So while the Cleveland I was testing pretty much matched my M2 in ball flight. I felt it important to note that others may expect to see a much higher ball flight with the HB launcher when compared to their current gamer.


Forgiveness is where this club is supposed to shine. Off center hits felt good while still providing enough feedback that I could tell where the ball was stuck. I was surprised to find that the distance loss was comparable to my M2. I was hoping to find that the HB launcher would beat the M2 here but it was pretty much a tie. Based on Cleveland's advertising I have to take some points off though.


Workability was difficult for me to test. I normally hit a slight fade off the tee and do not really try to do anything different with a driver. Often times when I try to hit a draw off the tee box, I end up hooking too far left. What I do like to be able to do with my tee ball is control the height. Being able to hit low drives into the wind or high drives over trees is something I have to do a lot on courses I normally play. That being said The Cleveland loses points here, this club wants to go high. It was built to go high and that's all it knows how to do.




On the Course 28/40

A lot of my findings on the course mirrored what I found on the range so I do not want to go in to too much detail here.  The distance difference between the HB Launcher and my M2 was on 6.5 yards on the range. On the course this translated to me hitting the same club for my next shot. While I deducted a point for this distance loss in the range section I am adding it back here.  A bulk of the points awarded here are due to how this club has changed my approach on a few holes on my home course.  An example is number 12, a par 4 dogleg left. The bend is protected by two tall oak trees. Traditionally I would play a hybrid off the tee and would face a 6 iron into the green. Now thanks to the strength (high trajectory) of the Cleveland I can clear the oaks trees and hit 9 iron or wedge into the green. Even with the lower loft, I feel like this club is more of a 2 wood in the bag.



Play it/Trade it 13/20

It's in the bag now, I would like to spend another month with this club before I put my final approval stamp. Some probably think that a 13 is a low score  to give a club that I am leaving in the bag, but I really want to see if a lot of these feelings are part of some extended honeymoon phase.  I also would like to try and play my M2 for a week and see if it's all in my head. Golf is a strange game sometimes.



Conclusion Total 60/100

This has been a fun yet stressful experience. I have enjoyed this journey with you all and hate to see it end. In Conclusion I would like to discuss another “feature” of the HB Launcher, the price. It retails at $299 which is a lot less than the other big names. Sure you lose the adjustable features but I see an amazing opportunity here for most golfers. At the price point you can select from a lot of custom shafts and still not equal to price of a new M4 or Rogue. I wouldn't recommend purchasing this driver without hitting it first. I would however recommend it be added to your list of drivers to test if you are going for a fitting though. I will be interested to hear what others have to say about this club as they have to opportunity to hit it.

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My Golf Spy

Cleveland Launcher HB – Tensei Blue Pro 60

Stage 2 Review




It has been a fun two months with this club. I have amassed a total of 17 full rounds and approximately 27 hours of range time including four lessons with a swing coach. This was my first time using a shaft that was not off the rack/regular flex. It opened my eyes to my current swing issues for sure!



4/10 Points


The overall look was very basic. The view at address was very shiny with no guide -line to the center of the face. The glare from the club at address on a sunny day was harsh; I prefer not to squint as I prepare to crush a 300+ yard drive.  The bottom of the head looked great from a display perspective. Nice details with a 3D Cleveland Golf logo in an almost black chrome look.





Sound & Feel



I will start out with the positives… he sound of a center hit on this driver was nice. It had a good ring to it, comparable to a small rock being hit off of an aluminum bat. Although I felt that it was muffled in comparison to my King F6. I prefer to have a driver sound like a small explosion at impact to let not only you, but everyone else in the area know that you just crushed a drive.


I was not a fan in the least bit to the feel of this driver. I felt as though the weight of this driver was considerably heavier than my current OEM Cobra F6. This driver felt like I was swinging a broomstick with a cinder block on the end. This had a major impact on my confidence overall with this club and my ability to hit the ball.




Range Performance



I had a very difficult time getting any sort of launch on the ball with this driver. My angle of attack was .5 on average with the Launcher HB (aka no launch at all). Compare that to my attack with my gamer of 4.5. My swing coach and I attempted moving the ball up in my stance even further, starting the driver further back from the ball, and using a longer tee. Unfortunately all of these worked to no avail. Of the 27 hours of total range time I had in two months, I had maybe a handful of decent drives… Decent equaling a good launch, distance, and direction.


You can also see by the below picture that I was having a lot of upper tow strikes on this driver. This, however, is consistent with my gamer. The main difference being that the Launcher HB would only travel a max of 150 yards vs the 250 yard average on my F6. I think I had a significant challenge with my swing momentum not being fast enough for a stiff shaft.







On-Course Performance



This is where it all comes to a head…On the course. I had substantial issues with this driver while playing. The issues outlined above on the range were also evident out on the course as well. It led to many frustrating rounds with this driver.


One of the selling points of this driver is that it is more forgiving on mishits…I did not feel that was the case. Prime example of this is that I often hit balls with the toe of my clubface. With the Launcher, this results in substantial mishits where I am now taking a drop. However, with my current gamer, I was still able to locate the ball.


I struggled to get anywhere near the same distance out of the Launcher HB, even though they claim you get more distance from mishits. I was averaging just under 150 yards per drive with the HB vs the 250+ yards I would get form my current gamer. This led to many embarrassing second shots that hadn't even reached the fairway. The Launcher often left me using either my Hybrid or 6i on my second shot whereas I would normally be setting up with an 8i if I hit my gamer off the tee.


Play It or Trade It



I think this driver has potential to be a great gamer. However, for my game, it just was not the fit I was looking for. Luckily my iron game improved while using this driver otherwise I would have been seeing an increase in strokes per my usual round. Now, I will also say that I have a lot to work on as golfer myself. My form is not ideal (is any of ours?!) and I continue to work on my game improvement. I was excited to try this driver and use a shaft different from what I currently have. While my swing speed is in the low 100s (technically Stiff Flex), I was unable to get my timing down appropriately to take full advantage of the shaft.


I will NOT be putting this driver into play as my gamer. It just did not live up to my expectations from Cleveland. I use Cleveland wedges and love them, but the driver was brutal for me. I do however think this would be a great driver for someone with a bit more experience/form than I currently have. I am only a year into the golf world and have a long ways still to go.


Final Score: 39/100


For the current state in my game: average round of 101, this driver just did not fit my play. It felt considerably heavier than my current Cobra F6 making it hard for me to get the speed down on my swing. I was also using a stiff shaft for the first time and struggled to get the right timing in my rotation. I felt as though this club lacked a lot of the points that Cleveland markets it for:

·      Mishit balls travel further

·      The low and deep center of gravity creates a higher launch off the face

I struggled to find either of these statements to be true with this driver as they were the exact opposite of my experience on the majority of my drives.

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Looking forward to your thoughts on the Cleveland HB Driver!



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What shaft did y'all select? Can't wait to here what you guys have to say!


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2017  :taylormade-small: M1 460, Project X HZRDUS Black 6.0

:mizuno-small: JPX EZ 3 wood
:cobra-small: Fly-Z 4H
:mizuno-small: MP-60, 3i-PW, True Temper Dynamic Gold
:mizuno-small: S5 54° & 58°, True Temper Dynamic Gold
:cameron-small: California Monterey
:titelist-small: Pro V1x

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Looking forward to your thoughts on the Cleveland HB Driver!



Thanks! Actually still waiting for mine to arrive, so no test swings yet..... Had requested the CP2 grip but apparently that is back-ordered, so we/GolfSpy Rob sent them two alternates. Maybe they have a busy production schedule?

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WITB of an "aspiring" 😉 play-ah ...
..Tour Edge Exotics EXS 3W/HL (17*; Tensei CK Blue)
..Tour Edge Exotics EXS 7W (Tensei CK Blue)
..Callaway Big Bertha 4H (Recoil ZTR)
..Tour Edge HL4 #4 iron-wood (UST Mamiya)
..Callaway Big Bertha CF19 6i (Recoil ZTR) / Apex CF16 7i-PW (Recoil ES 760)
..Hogan Equalizer 50/54/58 black (Recoil ES 760 black SmacWrap)
..Evnroll ER5 (33", 385g)
..all in a Datrek Hybrid bag on a Bag Boy Quad XL push cart.

Forum Member tester for the ExPutt Putting Simulator...

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Looking forward to reading this


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This is going to be a great thread. Looking forward to the reviews!



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In my  :wilson_staff_small:  carry bag:
:wilson_staff_small:  D7 R flex 
:callaway-small:  GBB 3W (lofted to 4W)
:callaway-small: V-Series Heavenwood
:cobra-small: Baffler XL 5i-PW
:cleveland-small: CBX 54*
:cleveland-small:  Smart Sole S
:cleveland-small: #10

Twitter: @russtopherb


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WITB of an "aspiring" 😉 play-ah ...
..Tour Edge Exotics EXS 3W/HL (17*; Tensei CK Blue)
..Tour Edge Exotics EXS 7W (Tensei CK Blue)
..Callaway Big Bertha 4H (Recoil ZTR)
..Tour Edge HL4 #4 iron-wood (UST Mamiya)
..Callaway Big Bertha CF19 6i (Recoil ZTR) / Apex CF16 7i-PW (Recoil ES 760)
..Hogan Equalizer 50/54/58 black (Recoil ES 760 black SmacWrap)
..Evnroll ER5 (33", 385g)
..all in a Datrek Hybrid bag on a Bag Boy Quad XL push cart.

Forum Member tester for the ExPutt Putting Simulator...

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Thanks! Actually still waiting for mine to arrive, so no test swings yet..... Had requested the CP2 grip but apparently that is back-ordered, so we/GolfSpy Rob sent them two alternates. Maybe they have a busy production schedule?


Great intro and looking forward to stage 2!

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Callaway  Epic Flash 10.5 Driver
Callaway  XR16 4- Wood
Callaway Steelhead 3 Hybrid
Callaway  Rogue X Irons 5 - AW 
Cleveland RTX-4 50 & 56  
Wilson Harmonized Chipper 32 Degrees
Ping  Sigma G Tyne Putter






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Who wore it better? Cksurferdude or Phil? Looks like Chuck was way ahead of the game with the button down on the course!


Great stuff and awesome start.






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In my ATumSBM.jpg Pisa riding on a hXf3ptG.jpg 3.5+
.......tracked by :Arccos:

:ping-small: G410 Plus: Tensei Orange
:cobra-small: King F7 3/4 FW: Tensei Blue

:cobra-small: King F7 3/4 Hy: Fujikura Pro
:ping-small: i500 5-GW: Modus3 105
wxW5hk4.jpg Equalizer 56/60: KBS Tour 90
:MLA: Tour Classic Black w/ :P2-grips-logo:

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cksurfdude - I'll be curious to see how this will compare to your mini driver if you'll swap it out!


Here's hoping that someone will show Jamie Sadlowski how to hit this thing :)

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Driver: PXG 0811 X Gen 2
3 Wood: Taylormade SIM
3 Utility Iron: Srixon U85
4i – AW: Taylormade P760
SW: Vokey SM7 M Grind
LW: Cleveland RTX 4 X-Low
Putter: Ping Vault Oslo



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My Stage 1 is up. Looking forward to hearing all of your feedback.  :D

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Nice stage 1s so far! Can't wait to hear how you guys get along with this on the course.


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Driver: :taylormade-small: SIM Max 10.5 Fujikura Ventus Blue 6S

3w/5w: :callaway-small: XR16 Fujikura Speeder Evo 565 S

4h: :mizuno-small: CLK 22* Hybrid Tensei CK Pro Blue 80HY S

Irons 5-PW: :mizuno-small: JPX 919 Forged Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 S

Wedges: :cleveland-small: RTX 4 50.10 | 54.10 | 60.09 Nippon Modus 115 Wedge

Putter: :EVNROLL: ER5 BGT Stability Tour

Ball: :bridgestone-small: Tour B XS

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