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Del Mar Buttonback

Sandy Koufax

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New Scotty Cameron limited release (run of 2,010) the Del Mar Buttonback.




I just bought a Del Mar California, so right off the bat I find the heel-mounted shaft, small mid-mallet shape appealing. This is basically my putter with a sweet black finish, a Teryliium face insert, and some splashing paint graphics which kind of ruin the rest of the package for me. The red, blue and yellow paintfill around the buttons remind of my playing with my Legos when I was a kid. I love the finish, I love the look of the face insert, but the bright accents are too much.


If anything, this special edition putter looks like it was inspired by the black with red, blue, yellow and green embroidery headcover that goes on my California. The Art Of Putting theme is continued by the paintbrush icon on the sole. To me, it works as a headcover, but not on a club.


It doesn't say how much these are going for, and my country club hasn't gotten any in the shop, but I'll update this if I see any for sale on CameronCollector.com.

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Damn that is cool. I've got an orig Del Mar that is in the top 3 of my rotation. But for the price that this will probably go for I'd rather get the Nead Design, similar shape.

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*chuckles* That will be going for thousands on ebay soon.

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I like everything on this one except the multicolored buttons.

I'll have to send mine to the custom shop to get that changed :(

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