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Putt Putter Putting

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Hi guys. 

I am "89" score man for 7 years.

When I stand on green and see the cup, my head turn to chicken's 

And bawl in the mind

"Shoot~ Shoot~ "

After few second, I always see the ball on the side of cup.


I want to skill up the putting. So I am here~~  

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Welcome and good luck on your search for putting advice


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Welcome from northwest Ohio. Hope you get the putting advice you're looking for. 

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Welcome from the Pacific Northwest!  Glad you joined us.  Best of luck!!

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Welcome to MGS from Metro-Detroit.



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Welcome. Visualize the cup bigger than it is and the ball dropping into it. Negative thoughts before your stroke will not result in holing out the putt. Better yet, Get into a short pre-putt routine to get the thinking part totally out of your mind. Make the stroke and listen for the ball to drop in the hole!



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Warm Welcome from NY and myself any questions or advice anyone on here would gladly help you out, welcome to the MGS family


Warm Regards

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    • By Golfspy_CG2
      It's been one of the most talked about training aids this year, and has popped up in use by golfers all over the world, including professional tours. But now you'll get to see real everyday golfers like yourself use the full Putt Out system. They'll use it indoors, they'll use it out doors, they'll use the whole system, they'll use parts of the system independently.  You can follow it all in this thread and best of all, you can get direct feedback from them on how it works for them, their likes, dislikes and most importantly see if it has improved their putting.

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      Let's congratulate these forum members:
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      Let's make practice fun again!  Well even if you never found it fun before, you might after giving the PuttOUT system a go.   
      It begins with the Pressure Putt Trainer. A very simple looking plastic ramp with a hole  in it. Has to be easy right?  Well give it a go and let us know.  it in of itself would be enough practice for you. But PuttOUT has developed a full system, each of which could be used independently, but when combined make for very impressive and effective methods of practicing your putting. 
      It can be used indoors with the PuttOUT mat, it is also very effective on the actual putting green with any combination of the mirror, gate and Pressure Putt.      
      How To Apply
      This opportunity is open to any golfer who lives on the planet earth!  We are looking for five dedicated forum members who will use the system and report back their honest thoughts in a full thorough and comprehensive review.
      Please provide the following info in a separate post below...DO NOT QUOTE this post.
      First Name/State or Country
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      We'll be selecting the testers late next week, so be sure to check back to see if you've been selected.


    • By Thin2win
      I've always liked that quote from Yogi Berra. It also is painfully evident to my golf game that I need to pay more attention to it. I've noticed over the years that  I tend to leave more putts short than I roll long. It is something that I haven't paid too much attention to, just aware that I should try to get putts to the hole more often.
      Watching golf for many many hours this weekend I decided to count how many putts the pro's left short... it turns out, that unless they are outside 25', they don't. They always get it to the hole, go figure.
      Checking my Shot Scope putting data... I manage to leave 72% !!! of my putts short. This has gone from minor thought in the back of my mind to 5 alarm fire that I need to address now. I have a new goal in golf, 0 putts per round left short. I have to trust that I can make the 4' come back putt.
      I don't know how many of you out there suffer from this same issue. But I challenge all of you to never leave a putt short. If you need to say it in a very marine sounding voice akin to never leaving a man behind, then please do. 
      Let me know if you can successfully pull this off. Apparently, I am only 14 putts/round from success....
    • By JBones
      Follow along with our 10 testers as they review the ForwardGolf putter grip, the grip that was designed to put your hands in the perfect position for putting.  Does that design lead to more made putts?  Read the review below to find out.
      Without further ado, meet the testers.....
      Without further ado, here are the testers.
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    • By TimboSimpson
      A few months ago my father-in-law and I attended the New Jersey Golf Show - the annual golf bargain hunter's dream. We ran across an up-start team socializing a new putter brand which has taken off in Korea. Top Spin Golf - http://www.golftopspin.com/
      We were both a little surprised by the feel and roll these putters put on the ball. 
      Has anyone else seen these and tried them? Anyone gaming one?
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