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New Optishot Ball Flight

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Looks pretty nice! Although... 6K. SkyTrak is much cheaper. It would be cool to do a side-by-side it get a comparison of accuracy.


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Yep, $6,000...I'm good.

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Looks pretty nice! Although... 6K. SkyTrak is much cheaper. It would be cool to do a side-by-side it get a comparison of accuracy.


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Precisely. I have an OptiShot, so when I saw this announcement, I was intrigued. But that price makes no sense at all. I suppose they're trying to horn in between the GC Quad/TrackMan level and the SkyTrak level, but there's no real space there in accuracy, as far as I have read.


There's absolutely a market space to get greater accuracy in the sub-$1,000 space, but I can't see this being a market success for OptiShot.


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I have an Optishot as well and frankly, it's a fun video game, and that's about it.


I don't understand this price point. How is this better than SkyTrak?


If I'd known about the Mevo, I wouldn't have bought the Optishot.

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This tracks ball flight as well as club data. This is a good price for what you get, however it is not in the price point for most people. Like myself I would rather do SKY track. This does come with several course at no price increase.

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love the game 


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I'm looking to eventually do a decent home simulator setup but I along with a lot of you don't want a video game.  I want accuracy.  I know people roll their eyes when I start talking about it because in my mind theres a huge deal if I'm being told a 9 iron is going 161 carry when its really carrying 154.  I want the most accurate thing I can afford to put this all together.  Its probably a pipe dream because I expect trackman accuracy at the 2k-5k price point but I'm not sure I'll get it.  Maybe several years down the line we can pick up a trackman from 2017 in the year 2021 for 2500 LOL  maybe I'm dreaming but come on folks there has to be a teacher out there or a club or a business that wants to upgrade and maybe they sell theirs for 15k to some guy who uses it for a year or so and sells for 10k and then a guy who uses it for several more years and then I'll step in and buy it for 2500 LOL   I know I know keep dreaming.  For thousands of dollars I'm expecting quality - put it this way - in the 90's if I told you in the year 2010 you'd be able to buy a device that fit in your pocket, sent email, made phone calls, jumped on the internet like a computer, could print wirelessly to a printer, could access anything your heart desires with all the known information that man has created and it would only cost 599 - you'd think I needed to go to the loony bin - well in my opinion the tech packed into a smart phone far out paces the tech packed into a launch monitor - the price must come down in years to come - would you want to sell 100 units at 25k (2.5mill) a piece or 15,000 units at 2500 a pop (37.5mill)?  Just sayin

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I'm curious on what Optishot was thinking here. I rarely see anybody writing about how much they love their Optishot. I can’t believe the price tag on the BallFlight. That is a huge price jump, and I just don’t think that the trust factor is there for it after the Optishot.


I'd like to see a side by side comparison of the Ballflight, Skytrak, and GC2. I’m curious if it’s just as good as Foresight Sports, though I’m already skeptical. I started off with the Optishot 2, did not deliver as I expected.


I upgraded to Skytrak and found more of what I was looking for. I’d like to someday move to a GCQuad, but $1,995 for the Skytrak was still a lot for me. I’d have to see a lot more info on the Ballflight, but it’s probably not ever going to be on my radar after my disappointment.


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Im guessing its an initial first year price at $6000 and then will begin to optimize production to bring it closer in line to SkyTrak pricing. No way you can sell someone on a $6000 system and provide equal results compared to a $1800 Skytrak system....

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