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Hi, I'm a willing tester

1. Jason from the golf capital South Carolina

2. Ping G20 X CFS irons

3. 9 handicap

4. The CFX Launcher irons, I'm looking for distance, feel, and control.


I would love to be chosen, I'm ready to write, I'm ready to reply, golf is my passion.

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1. Your first name and home state or province

Dennis - Tennessee

2. Your current irons/shafts (flex and brand)

Ping G25 - Reg Flex - Stock Graphite

3. Your current handicap


4. Your preferred irons to test (visit the Cleveland Golf Website to check out the details)


My choice - HBX Irons

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Callaway X2Hot with Project X R flex graphite


16 hcp


I am 74 now, swing only at 88mph, so I would really like the Launcher HB

in R flex graphite. These seem like a great choice for a senior over conventional irons

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Steve - Pennsylvania

Taylor Made Speed Blades graphite Matrix 55 gram M Shaft


HB unless my TM compare better to CBX



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

In my bag

Drivers: Grenade II, Standard flex!

FW Woods:  Cobra Fly-Z set 14.5* w/VLCT-Sp Stiff graphite shaft

Irons:  Taylor Made Speed Blades tweeked 1* w/graphite Matrix 55 gram  M shafts

Wedges:   Taylor Made Speed Blade P & A w/Matrix 55 gram M shaft, 56* SCOR V sole w/Genius 9 graphite shaft, Cleveland 60* w/steel Stiff shaft.
Putter:   SeeMore X2 custom

Balls: Snell

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Well, I'm not eligible since this is only open to forum members in the US and Canada, and I'm in Australia. But, since I paid my own hard earned money for a set of Cleveland Launcher CBX irons not that long ago, I thought I would give my own review.


Firstly, let me say that I have only been playing golf for about five years, but Cleveland quickly became a favourite and the first set of irons I bought were Cleveland 588 MT Irons. My first wedges were Cleveland 588's as well. Those MT's were great irons, particularly for a new golfer. The long irons were really something special with the MT's (probably why you still see the 588 MT 3 and 4-irons in some tour pros bags). After a couple of years of playing the MT's, my game had improved quite a lot and I was finding my ball flight with the MT's was higher than I wanted, and decided that I would start experimenting with irons. 


Fast forward to today, and in the past two years I have owned and played with Cobra One Length (forged and King F7),  Ping G, Mizuno JPX EZ Forged, Ping i20, Mizuno JPX 900 Tour, and MP-5 irons. I have also demoed a large number of current irons on the market. After all of that testing, trial and error, I have found that the Cleveland Launcher CBX irons are among the best and certainly the best value of any clubs.


Looks - The CBX irons look quite good (like the offspring of the 588 irons and RTX 3 wedges), with a brushed metal finish, inoffensive badging, and an offset that is reasonable and much more calmed down or disguised than the Ping G series irons or many other "game improvement" irons. This makes them more pleasing to the eye at address with the shorter clubs giving the appearance of minimal offset and the longer clubs having just enough to provide confidence that you will get the ball up in the air without any problems. The RTX-style grooves and milled face also give the irons a great look at address and the addition of the loft on the sole offers a similar look to the RTX-3 wedges, and the inclusion of the loft can be helpful in determining your club gaps. 


Feel - The CBX irons also have a great feel that is much better than most cast irons. They have a much more pleasing feel and sound than the Ping G irons, and are quite similar to the Ping G400 in that regard. Like the G400 and many other "GI" irons, it isn't quite as easy to tell where you've struck the face as it is with a "players" iron like the MP-5, but you can still tell the difference between a centre hit and a mishit.


Performance - I have found that I am consistently half a club (5-6 yards) longer with these irons than other equivalent "GI" irons with the same lofts. The flight just seems stronger, but it is not because the spin rates are dropping dramatically as I'm still getting spin rates in the 6,000-6,500 area with the 7-iron. I've simply found I'm striking middle very consistently with these irons, which may be because they just seem to fit my swing very well. I've found the V-sole works very well in many different turf conditions and the bounce seems ideal for each iron, not digging too much or deflecting too much and catching the ball thin. I have also been able to control trajectory well with these irons (they default to higher ball flight, a positive for many golfers) and I can fade or draw the ball slightly if needed. I can't move them nearly as much as a players iron, but that is a positive thing for many golfers - these irons simply have a inherent desire to go relatively straight. As far as "forgiveness" goes, I'm not a big believer in that with irons, but I do think the sole design does help prevent the severity of some mishits and strikes out of the toe area are perhaps not punished quite as badly as they are with a blade (10-15% difference maybe). 


Value - These CBX irons may be the best value in golf right now. I think they are as good or better than any other "GI" irons on the market and they cost much less (at least here in Australia). Cleveland offer a selection of custom fit shaft options beyond the standard spec and I ordered mine with Nippon Modus 3 125 shafts and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips for no upcharge. I could purchase two sets of the CBX irons for the price of one set of Ping G400s or equivalent irons.


I would recommend these irons to pretty much anyone, from a beginner all the way down to low-to-mid handicapper. I feel they cannot be beaten by any iron at anywhere close to the price. I still have my Mizuno MP-5 irons, and I do love to practice and play with them on my own time. But, if I'm playing a round that matters, and I want my best score, I am using my Cleveland CBX irons every time. 


Whoever among you are the lucky ones chosen for this test, I think you will really be pleasantly surprised by these irons. I know I have been.

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1. Todd, Ontario

2. Titleist 990, True Temp S300 stiff

3. 11

4. Launcher CBX, Stiff Left Hand


Currently using Launcher Driver the past 5 years and still out driving friends with newer technology drivers and very interested in testing CBX irons.

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Callaway steelheads - Reg. Flex Ozik Program F15 60/R




Pinehurst NC, a quaint little drinking town with a golfing problem.

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Edited. Please remove me from consideration.



Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk


Stan Thompson “Reactionizer” persimmon woods 1-4

Spalding Tour Edition 3-PW

Spalding Top-Flite E.V.A. Sand Club

Rife Legend Z Putter



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I am new to mgs and would love to test the Cleveland HB irons. My name is Roger and I live in Northern Nevada. I am 73 years old and play to a 16 handicap. I currently play a mixed bag of Ping irons. I have a 3, 5, and 6 Ping G hybrid. Then I have 7 thru GW that are Ping G max. They are orange dot. Years ago I played a set of Cleveland HB irons and I'm not sure why  I left them. As I said, I would love to test a new set. I will be at the very least looking forward to others opinions on the newer ones.

Driver- Ping G425 SFT senior flex

3 wood - Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 senior flex

4 &5 Exotics x rail Hybrids senior flex

6 - gap wedge - PXG 211st senior flex 2* flat

56* sand wedge- 60 lob wedge- Kirkland 

Putter- Ping Heppler Tyne 3

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