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TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Mizuno ST 180 Drivers

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MC-Keith here.  I'm very interested in testing this driver.  I currently use two drivers a Wilson M3 with a RIP R shaft and a MacGregor NVG2 Tour with a Speeder R shaft.  I've read about the ST180 here and other media and it sounds like a great piece of design work.  Please sign me up...knowing that there could be a lot of guys looking to test it for you .  Thanks

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Titleist 915 D4 (tour model) 9.5 degrees/mitusbishi diamana 50 gm.  Senior/Light flex

100/7.3 (up to 12 right now because of injury layoff)

Preferred ST 180 9.5/lite flex shaft, fujikura if available


Come on, man up ladybugs and let a woman test a driver for a change.  

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State: South Dakota

Current driver: f8+ 8.5 degrees with Kura kage XD 70TX

Swing speed/handicap: 110-115 mph/12

Preferred set up: 9.5 with tensei ck white 70x tipped 1.5 inches playing at 44.25



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(4) Testers Wanted



Mizuno ST 180 Drivers



As Peter Wolfe once said - don't touch the knobs, 'cause I think we're gonna have some fun with this one!


Everyone loves Mizuno irons, that's for certain. But when the topic of Mizuno drivers comes up, even the most avid of golfers scratch their heads and turn to the Big 5. 


But this year's MGS Most Wanted Testing may have changed all that.


attachicon.gifMizuno ST 180 -2.jpg




Mizuno's new ST 180 surprised the field this year, finishing 4th overall. What's more, the ST 180 finished tied for 2nd for Swing Speeds over 105 mph, and tied for 1st for 90-105 swing speeds.


Do we have your attention now?


That's how the ST 180 performed for us, but as always, we want to know how it performs for you, the real live, avid golfer. 


We're looking for four of you to test, review and keep a new Mizuno ST 180 driver, complete with your choice of any of Mizzy's  no-upcharge shaft options. 


I know we have your attention now!




This review opportunity is open to any avid golfer in the US or Canada. 


How To Apply:


We take our testing very seriously here at MGS. In exchange for the driver, we're going to ask for a full two-month commitment, including range testing and on-course testing. We'll provide you with a detailed template to help you write your two-part review, and we'll ask that you be available on the Forum to answer questions and share your journey with golfers from all over the world. 


But most of all, we want your honest opinion. 


If you're up for it, then in this thread (and this thread only!!), please tell us the following:


First name/home state or province

Current driver/shaft combo

Swing speed/handicap

Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft (check the Mizzy website here)


Again, apply ONLY in this thread!  We'll be announcing the testers in this forum next week, so please check back regularly to see if you're one of the chosen few!


Good luck!!


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First name/home state or province ... Robert Oslie Saskatchewan

Current driver/shaft combo... Ping G400 10.5 Tour 65

Swing speed/handicap... 100 to 105 / 9

Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft 9.5 / something around the same 65 to 67 g stiff shaft 

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First name/home state or province

Christian Tennessee

Current driver/shaft combo

TaylorMade M1 Oban Tourlimited Stiff

Swing speed/handicap

102-110 / 10

Preferred ST 180 shaft

MIT blue stuff / 9.5

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I have been using a Cobra Amp Cell for over 5 years looking for a new driver. I would love to test this driver I play 2-4 times a week and travel to Las Vegas & Mesquite, Nevada as well as Bend, Oregon to several Net Amateur Events yearly.



Cobra Amp Cell/ Fujikura 57G Reg Shaft

Swing Speed 85-90/Index 10.0-18.2

RH 12.5 Lite Shaft

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Tim Y. / California

2016 Taylormade M2 10.5 / Tour AD DI 6s played to 45"

101 Swing Speed / 11.5 HCP

9.5 / Tour AD DI 6s or Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV 661s played to 45"

T. Michael


"Two things you can give away and still keep,... Love and Knowledge."


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I'd love to give this baby a spin:



TaylorMade 2016 M2 High Launch- Fujikura Pro 55 M Flex

85- 90 MPH Swingspeed- 15 Handicap

Mizuno 12.5 Degree Right Handed - Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 50 Senior Flex

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Mike - Maryland

Callaway Epic w/ Project X T800 shaft, Regular

90 -95

Mizuno ST 180 12.5, Tensei Orange Shaft, Regular


Thanks for the opportunity!!

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First name/home state or province - Tom, Michigan

Current driver/shaft combo ----------- Callaway GBB, graphite, senior, 12.5

Swing speed/handicap ----------------- 75 MPH, 26 handicap

Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft ------------ Graphite, Lite, 12.5 degree loft

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