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Slow play on tour


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Is the time really from address to impact? If not, that leaves a guy like Cantlay 10-20 seconds to figure out yardage and target.


I don't really care when the TV ends, as long as they show the end (only once have I been burned by having pause time on my TV and they finished the broadcast on the Golf Channel so I missed the end). I also have no issue with them taking time if the situation warrants it, but I don't want to watch a player and caddie spend a couple minutes discussing the yardage and target, start pre-shot routine, change mind on club, confirm yardage and target, address the ball, a 3 mph puff of wind causes him to step back and start all over again.

Iirc it's 60 seconds for the first player to execute once arriving at the ball and 40-45 for the second player and since they are usually relatively close the second guy gets roughly the same time.


I think all the golf broadcasts do a good job of cutting away from slow golf and cut back and forth between live and replays (granted all could show more golf and less vignettes and stuff). When I'm watching golf I don't care how long it takes them to execute a shot because 1) I'm not going anywhere 2) illl see most good shots or missed putts viacuts to replay or live shots 3) I'm watching to see their routines, swings and reactions

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I noticed during the Ryder Cup and the Tour Championship, Rory Mcilroy was doing a lot of looking up and down like Cantlay does before pulling the trigger.  

I never noticed that from him in the past; but, I was not really paying attention. 

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