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Testers Announced: PING G700 Irons

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Wow  - thanks for this fantastic opportunity.


Here are my specs;


- Noel
- Emu Plains NSW Australia
- Wilson C200 - Kurokage - 85g Reg

- Anything from 130m-140m (143y - 154y)


Make it lucky me ?

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Callaway Apex True Temper XP95 stiff 3 thru SW

7 iron approximately 150 - 155 yards


I have been testing irons recently on launch monitors, on the course, and the range.  I would love the opportunity to review these irons.  


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- Marvin

- Missouri/Independence/USA

- Ping Karsten 2014/KS 401 Graphite/Regular Flex

- 153 yards



Driver: Ping G SFT (12*) + Ping TFC 419 Regular"

3H: Ping Karsten 2014 + KS 401 Graphite Regular

4I: Ping G400 + AWT iron Regular

5I-PW: Ping Karsten 2014 + KS 401 Graphite Regular

52: Cleveland RTX 2.0 CB Iron Regular flex

56: Cleveland RTX 3.0 CB Iron Regular flex

60: Cleveland RTX 2.0 CB Iron Regular flex

64: C3i Wedge Flex

Putter: PING Cadence TR Ketsch Heavy Putter 


Driver - Ping G425 MAX

3W - Ping G410 STF

3 iron - Ping G410 Crossover

4-PW - Ping GMAX iron shaft

52. 56, 60 - Ping Glide 2.0 stealth 

Putter - EVNROLL ER7 


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          Name  JH  ( Age 76 .. but can still do  reps  of 40 pushups  ..real ones ... in  under 60 seconds..) 

              Gold Coast Australia 

               Hdcp 2.0

            7 iron Distance ...160 yards 


                 I have had every model of Ping Iron ever produced by the company up until    5  years ago... I  just stopped buying them because they just seemed to not be at that time the 'innovators' that they once where ...   whilst I haven't bought any of the models of the last 5 years I have  hit them all so I know the benchmarks for comparison ... I think  Ping  now have got back their 'innovative' edge with these new  G700 irons...   I know 'Ping' products .. so my testing would be very objective relative to how 'good' this model is compared to any other model Ping has produced to date ... and as well  I  have hit all Pings major competitors products of late.

                          Let me be a  ' Tester' and I will give the type of feedback/assessment Golf Spy is really looking for ..  and as everyone knows with 'Australian's'   you will always get the 'true' lowdown on everything we get involved with.

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That would be a great opportunity as I look to renew my irons setup !


- Nicolas

- Strasbourg, Alsace, France

- current setup : 5-PW Ping G30 / CFS Distance Stiff (+1 inch)

- 7 iron distance : around 158 yards carry


Thanks !

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Hi my name is Yann

Living in Bordeaux FRANCE

Currently playing apex irons with recoil 460 F3 regular

Distance 7iron 150 yards

Just had the opportunity to make a few shots with the 6 iron to warm up before trying the G400 Max driver.

Good first feeling, would love to test these clubs.

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