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Testers Announced: PING G700 Irons

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1.  Ron


2. CT/ USA


3. Power built TPS/ True Temper Dynamic Gold GS85/ Stiff


4. 185 yards


...Would really appreciate being included in this test. My 30+ year old irons would certainly appreciate a well deserved retirement.


Good luck to everyone entering this contest. I look forward to reading the reviews on these PING G700 irons.


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PING G700 Irons


Big irons done right.


That's how MyGolfSpy described the PING G700 irons when they launched last January. It's a hollow-bodied distance iron with plenty of forgiveness, but looks like it belongs right next to PING's better player offerings, such as the i200 or the iBlade.


Kind of a neat trick, huh?






We're excited about all of the review opportunities we bring you, but there's an extra bit of excitement over the G700. While we know in our heads that it doesn't matter how long you hit your irons as long as you know how long you hit your irons, there's something about hitting a 7-iron Tour player long that's hard to pass up. And from some of our early testing, the PING G700's give you just that - distance combined with forgiveness, feel and accuracy. It's kind of the Grand Slam of irons.


But do they really deliver? That's where you come in. We need 4 of MyGolfSpy's best and brightest to test these puppies out and let us know if the reality lives up to the hype.






This is important, so please follow these instructions carefully:


1. If you haven't already, make sure you're a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member

2. In this thread (and ONLY in this thread - please don't go back to the blog and apply - it won't do you any good!), tell us the following:


- Your first name

- State/Province/Country

- Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup

- Your 7-iron distance


This review opportunity is open to any golfer who inhabits the planet Earth, so we're doubly excited about bringing this to you. We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back.


Good luck!

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I would like to test the G700s on behalf of the other recreational players who struggle with distance loss due physical limitations. I have long-term back issues having surgeries and hardware installed. Will the G700s help “make up”for that? Can we hit and hold greens with them? I play every week in southern Oklahoma with a bag full of PINGS, including G10 irons (AWT REG flex 7 iron is 135 yds). So the question is will G700s help bring back some strokes lost or not? Thanks for your consideration.

Ping G30SFT 10

Ping G25 4 fairway

Ping G25 7 fairway

Ping Rapture 20 hybrid

Ping G10 4-UW

Ping iWedge 54

Ping Sigma G Kinloch

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