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Veylix Rome 888 - Quick Take

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Here's the skinny on Veylix's ROME 888 - 


The ROME collection includes the 688 (66 gr.), 888 (84gr) and 988 (hybrid - 90 gr)  shaft models in a 5-axis design which leverages both 40T and 80T carbon prepreg. The 40T runs the length of the shaft  and 80T is used strategically in the midsection to firm it up a bit and promote a cut-bias.


In my experience, the ROME line is very sensitive to tipping and flex. In that way, it's like a good cut of meat - you don't want to over-do it. Generally, I fit well into a stock X-flex in most premium shaft lines, but with Veylix, I always go a flex down and then tip .5" extra. I also generally (try) to play a cut, so with the ROME series already being cut bias, I can't afford to allow it to get too stiff. One thought around shaft fitting is to play the softest shaft possible, while maintaining a tight dispersion. Sometimes the challenge is a "softer" shaft can quickly increase unwanted spin, and killing distance. No such issue here. Because the ROME series is already fairly low spinning natively, there's plenty of room to play around a bit without worrying about the stated flex.


By going with a slightly lighter/softer starting point (78 gr. and stiff) I could get the spin where I wanted it in my 3 wood. But there's a word of caution here too. These things aren't cheap - ($250-$300 depending on color/finish) and as with any shaft, make sure you take time to be properly fit. Any shaft which isn't fit to your swing, tempo, athleticism, etc. is at worst a total waste of money and at best playing darts blindfolded.


For me, the 888 offers pretty much everything I need/want in a fairway shaft. Because each shaft is individually weighted and measured for CPM (flex), it's possible to order and get exactly what you want/need. 



Part of what I appreciate about Veylix is that it puts a lot of the information on each shaft right in front of you. Cruise the website and each shaft lists the majority of pertinent specs, which is more than I can say for most shaft OEMs.


J.C. Beeson is Veylix's CEO/Lead Designer. It's likely not a name you know well, but if there was a high-end shaft you played by Matrix that's at least 4-5 years old (think tphde and prior), it's his design. 



Any questions, feel free to ask!

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I put some similar info on the Rome in my posts when I was fitted for them to go in my driver (688), and hybrid (988). I know the rep here in Louisiana and I've been able to get these shafts for less than retail, which is a huge deal for me!!!


One thing that separates Veylix vs Project X graphite, or Fujikura graphite, or any of the “big names” is the quality of the graphite used. You aren't getting 40 ton, 5-axis graphite out of those other guys. Not even close. The build of these, the low resin component is exceptional. These shafts have such tight tolerances, puring isn't necessary.

Add the quality to the best looking finishes in the industry, and the experience Beeson has, you can't find much better shafts anywhere.


They are stout. One issue someone may have is if they haven't CPM'd the shaft they're getting fitted with and submitting that number to Veylix, one could end up with a shaft that reacts much differently than in the fitting. I was fitted using a Ping G400 head and didn't take into consideration the weight of my KZG, so the Rome didn't react the same as in my fitting.


High quality, great designs. If you are a higher swing speed player, you gotta try them!!!




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