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TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Precision Pro NX7 PRO Laser Rangefinder

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My name is Alan from California.

Let me begin by saying I am not a very good golfer.  I am 74 and play 2-3 times per week.  I practice another 2-3 times a week.  I take a lesson at least once a month between practices.  My index has ranged from 20-22 over the last two years and I have been stuck.  But I AM STILL HOPEFUL.  I have this belief that I can correct some issues that haunt me.  One key is to play a course more strategically which may cause you to laugh and say well of course dummy.  But a golfer of my caliber has to manage the impulse to go for the heavily trapped green that is 160 yards away or to drive over the fairway bunkers 190 yards off the tee.  For me laying up would be better.  I use a Bushnell Neo XS watch which now does not fit with my new strategy.   I would love to use this rangefinder to easily determine distance to trouble spots and then be able to tell other struggling golfers how it worked out and how I am ding in my game improvement strategy.



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Chris C

Toronto, Ontario

Leupold GX-3, going on 8 years old (still flawless), which I think is still the superior laser range finder. I've owned Nikon and Bushnell and nothing has come close to product build, quality and performance. And I both it used on eBay as well.

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Jim, Alabama

Bushnell Pro without slope

a. Iron specs: Mizuno MP-33, Dynamic Gold R300, 2* upright, standard length

b. Ping G, 10.5*, standard length, regular Alta shaft

c. Dexterity: right-handed

d. Alabama USA

e. 7 handicap

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Tec Tec Tec vPro 500 

I also have a Bushnell Pinseeker

Both with slope

Driver: Titleist TSR 3 10* Accra Tour Z TZ6 55 M3 pure 

Fairways: Callaway Rouge 15*  Accra FX 2.0-100F M3 pure  

Hybrid: Callaway Maverick 4&5 Hybrids Accra FX 2.0-100H60 M3 pure  

Irons:  PXG Gen 3 0311 P 6-P  Fujikura Pro 75 pure

Wedges: Cleveland CBX 2 50*, Taylormade MG 3 Tiger grind 56 bent to 54* & Renegar RxF  58*

Chipper: Cleveland Smart Sole C 46*  Great for just off the greens in the rough 

Putter: Positive Putter's custom P2 (think Edel putter meets Heavy Putter)

Ball: Pro V1, Left Dot if I can get them Testing the Srixon Z-Star divide ball

All clubs have Winn Dri-Tac Wraps oversized



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Stan Wendt (SADoc)


Use GolfShot GPS Pro on IPhone...nothing better and doubt seriously this would give me the results I get from my $29.95 app. 

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