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Advice on what's next to add?


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Like most golfers, I am always wanting to add equipment... and whenever that is complete it's about time to go through and update everything, rinse and repeat. I am at a dilemma right now and am struggling to figure out what to add next to my set and would like some advice!


Basically, my options are:

1. Some kind of long iron/hybrid/wood - I only have a 3 and 4 iron which I don't hit very good at all and a 3-wood which I can hit pretty well. I have looked at different hybrids or even a 5 or a 7 wood to help with those longer yardages that are too long for my 5 iron but too short for my 3 wood.

2. Gap wedge(s) -  Right now I have the pitching wedge that came with my iron set and a 60-degree wedge. I hit my PW around 130 and have gotten pretty good at hitting my 60 lately but I still struggle in those ranges in between the PW and 60 and wouldn't mind adding a 52, 54, and 56. The second part of this question is if I can only get one of those at a time which wedge to add first?

3. Gear overhaul - New bag, new shoes, new iron grips. My bag is an older stand bag and the dividers are coming loose so the clubs mix around every now and then when moving. My shoes are older than any club I own. 


Winning the lottery and being able to do it all at once would be nice! But until that happens I'll have to settle with the slower method. I mean, the tortoise does win the race, right?


Thanks for any input!

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If I were in your shoes, I would pick up a couple of hybrids to replace them3i and 4i, since you don't like those clubs. I'd hold off on wedges until you 60° wears out, then buy three at once. That way you aren't on a weird cycle of replacing them one at a time. I would recommend 50°, 54°, 58°. You don't really want much less than a 4° gap. But the way you describe the shoes, maybe the gear overhaul is the right play!


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Too large of a gap between your PW and 60. Honestly, I would dump your 60 and gap a 50/52 and 56/58 depending on the loft of your PW. In my opinion a 60 has more drawbacks than benefits.


If you don't hit the 3/4 we'll get rid of them. I use a 3 iron UT off the tee, but a hybrid from off the deck. What's your index. If you aren't a consistent ball striker you are wasting space with those.



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I'd say it depends on which area of your game needs the most help. The large gap between your PW and LW is probably most alarming, but could easily be corrected with one wedge positioned right in the middle - at least assuming you have a strong enough short game to manipulate distances and want more help on the long end of your bag. Or, you could go the other way and pick up two wedges and replace the 3 & 4 with hybrids or maybe even do a 5 or 7 wood and a hybrid. Either way you go, you should take a close look at the loft configuration of your current clubs and make sure you fill the gaps properly. Then after you make your new purchases go see a fitter and verify that the loft and lie are correct. This typically doesn't cost that much (set me back all of $75 and only took about an hour of my time) and will make a huge difference.

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Another one here for wedges. Make sure you spec and test to get appropriate yardage gaps. It doesn't always come out to perfect 4 or 5 degree increments. Going to a good fitter and working with them will make the process way easier.

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I vote wedges too - very important for your score - while hybrid should help with the effective gap between 5 iron and 3 wood you are still going to miss most greens with it even if you hit it great.


The wedges are more than likely the quickest way to lower scores.





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Tour Exotics 3 wood is in the bag because we are allowed 14 clubs.  It's a great club for pulling balls out of the water or from bushes - you never want to put your hand into anything in Florida unless you are absolutely certain that it's safe.  There are rare wind conditions when I might hit it off the tee on a few holes that I play.  

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I just went through this stage myself over the fall/winter. I was hitting everything in my bag almost perfect except for the 3 and 4 irons. Of course, knowing what I hit everything else was key to my decision making, so I have to turn this one around a bit for you - what are you looking to accomplish with the improvement. Here is how I see the options as they lay out for you above.


1) Hybrids/Fairway Wood/Forgiving Long Irons - This is a good option if you are going to try and hit more greens from longer distances. Without knowing how many greens you go for at the 175-200 yard mark, it's hard to say this would be a good addition to the bag. If you are more of a 300 yard par 4 player and hit your dirver 200 yards, then hybrids really won't do a darn thing for you.


2) Wedges - I apporach this one with care as I don't know how far you hit the two wedges you have, but if you don't have it, get that 100 yard club in your bag. Go in, get fitted and get that 100 yard club. Try to buy last year's model if they have it, it should save you about $30-50 a wedge if you do it that way. Also, make sure you try just about every one you can - don't get sucked into the 'best wedge on the market' sales tactic. I love my Wilson PMP wediges (I know they aren't for everyone) but they were on sale for $80 a pop when I got them. I got all three for the price of one Titleist or Callaway at the time and the numbers were just as good.


3) Poor shoes! This should be the number one thing on your priority list in my mind. Your shoes keep you grounded and allow you to transfer power from your body to the ball. If they are getting worn, lost their waterproofing or even just slip a bit, you are losing performance. I also hate buying shoes, but I found some great deals by once again looking at other brands. I settled on the Skechers Elite V3's for a number of reasons. First they had a wide fit, which my feet really appreciate. Second, they were under $100. Third, they have a 2 year waterproofing warranty which is pretty important around the Seattle area. I should get a solid 2-3 years out of these shoes without any issues. So if you grab a clearance pair or a new pair of lower cost shoes ($100) that should leave you about $150 to shop for a new bag as well based on the costs of the other clubs you were looking at.


To make a long post short - I'd go with the Shoes first, then get that 100 yard club, then worry about the long approach club, then work the bag in when the budget allows it or you find a steal on one somewhere.

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I think it all depends on how far you hit it and the course you play. Do you have more long iron shots or more wedge shots at your course?


Based off of that answer replace or add to that end of the bag first.


I agree with GolfJunkie302 about purchasing a full wedge “set” at one time if possible.

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Yup, gotta be the wedges bud. Way too big of a gap. seriously look into the 50, 64 & 58* route. Sell off the 60* and use those funds to help off-set costs.


Next indeed tackle the top end of the bag. Ditch the 3 iron for sure and start demoing hybrids and maybe a 5W.


If the shoes aren't falling off your feet and the bag still works as a bag, wait on those a bit.


My 2-cents...


Cheers and keep us updated on what route you go.


Psst...The PING Glide 2.0 wedges are the bomb BTW....Hadda say it... :ph34r: 

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