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Slope rangefinder under $150?!?! Caddytek CaddyView V2

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Good information everyone, thanks for sharing!


Question, I see now that you can get this with Slope AND Jolt now so am seriously considering it. 

I have a question for the CaddyTek owners:  I currently have a Nikon Prostaff 7 (more of a hunting model really) but I really like to be able to hold the button down and "scan" to make sure I have the flag  (picks up the distances behind the green as I pan across  (300, 300, 175yd, 300....ok, now I know for sure 175yd).  I really like that reassurance that I have the flag by scanning.  Does this have the capability to do that?

I had a few rounds using the Bushnell Pro X2 (the $500 mack daddy) and I found that I missed having that scan feature and that it would "lock" onto things behind the flag at times, I was not impressed really.

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I went to Costco site and it was available for $99 + free shipping plus tax ($30 off).  I decided to go ahead and get one.  It's on it's way!

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