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On par 4's and 5's I put the ball down so the seam is in line with the target.


On par 3's I put the ball down so the logo faces the target.


While putting all I want to see is white. The logo faces the target.


Many manufacturers have said that the playability is not affected by the seam. It may be horsefeathers but this works for me.


I'm not superstitious but I am a little stitious.



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I set the ball up on the tee box with the titleist logo at 7pm (RH golfer) and try to hit the logo with the Club face to promote in to out swing path.


On the green I use AVX or ProV1 (whichever I'm using at the time to line the ball up to my intended target.



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-- sounds like on the tee there isn't anything really consistent across the board other than having only white showing but on the green some folks seem to use the logo/lettering to help line things up.


I've tried pretty much everything suggested here:

- logo/wording straight up to the sky

- logo/wording at the clubface

- logo/wording parallel

- logo/wording perpendicular

- don't care/whatever

- all white

- logo/wording at an angle/5, 7 o'clock


I tried "all white" at the range today and had some success so I think I'm going to go with that for now and see how it works.

I kind of like the 'no distraction' theory...


On the green I don't draw a line on my ball so I'll probably go all white there too.


Thanks for the comments...good stuff spies!

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I don't think about it. On the tee, I use the Jack Nicklaus method and focus on a small target a few feet in front of the ball to start the ball on the right line. On the green, same deal. I honestly have no idea where the logo, number, etc. sits.

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On the tee, I don't set the ball up in a specific way, however on the green I will line up the small line on my Vice ball for the start line of my putt.



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I'm another one who prefers to see just white when I look down.  I have a hard time believing that a 1.7-inch long line can be aligned accurately enough to be truly functional in any way, especially for full swings.  A typical shot has to be within about 2 degrees variance left or right from dead center to hit a fairway or green.  Assuming the line runs through the top center of the ball, the line at the front and back would be only 0.03 inches off line to be 2 degrees off.  Not to mention, since you're not standing directly over the ball on full-swing shots, you're actually looking at a curved line, not a straight one.  We just can't see that level of variance.  Of course, that also means we're unlikely to aim the face of our clubs as accurately as we'd like to.  But a typical clubface is a bit longer than the line on the ball, so you have a better chance.

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I line up a line on my ball on the green and on the tee.  I started lining up the ball on the green so I could line up my putter to that line.  I don't look at a spot in front of the ball because I look at the hole when I putt.  So, making sure my putter is square to my line is critical.


I also started lining up the ball off the tee.  It helps me focus on a specific part of the fairway that I want to hit.  I have also found that courses set up their tee boxes to point you at hazards or places where you don't want to go.  Just nasty that way!!  By lining up the ball to the fairway, I eliminate the chance of just going to the middle of the tee box and hitting it straight into trouble.

We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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