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1. Derek

2. Sunny Massachusetts

3. 11

4. Fingers and Pencil unfortunately

Driver: Rogue 9*(Even Flow)
3W: Cobra F7  Callaway Rogue 15*
Hybrid: Cobra F7 3H
Itons: Apex Cf15(4i), Apex Pro(5i-Gap)
Wedges: MD3 Forged(54* and 60*)
Putter: O-Works #1 Tank Wide.
Ball: Vice Pro

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1. First name- Ben

2. Home state/province and country - Illinois USA 🇺🇸

3. Current handicap: 6

4. Current shot/stat tracking method - on the score card I track each round but haven't kept a running log so I've been more eyeing it round to round. I'd love the ability to have things tracked and see where I've lost ground. When I was 27-33 I was a scratch to plus 1. I'm only 37 but if feels as though I've lost an entire iron in distance and about 50 yards on tee shots. I'd want to see some specs on that along with club distance etc. The caddie feature really sounds amazing. It makes me wonder with better course management if I could shoot in the 60's again.

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Ben S
Hailing from N Aurora IL

Putter: Mizuno by Bettinardi BC1 w/SuperStroke MidSlim 2.0 Flamed finish (1 Degree)
Driver: Ping G – Mitsubishi Diamana Blue 73 X (10.5 Degree)
3 Wood : Callaway Epic Flash – Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 75 S (15.5 Degree)
3 Hybrid: Tour Edge CBX 119 – Project X EvenFlow Black 85 S (18 Degree)
3 Hybrid: Ping G – Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Blue HY 86 S (19 Degree)
4 – GW: Ping i210 - Oban CT-115 X (22.5 - 50 Degrees)
SW: Titleist SM7 S Grind - Tour Chrome - Stock S200 (54 Degree)
LW: Titleist SM7 D Grind - Tour Chrome - Stock S200 (58 Degree)
All Grips:  Winn Dri-Tec Midsize - Gray/Blue w/ 2 extra wraps low hand
Lime Green/Hot Pink Custom Paintfill - all clubs
White ferrules with Blue Stripes from Cell-Parts.net
Irons fitted & built by True Spec Golf
Custom Headcovers from Sunfish Golf
PING White DLX Cart Bag

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1. Andrew

2. Pennsylvania /USA Home 

3. 18.6 (USGA) 17.1 (Arccos)

4. I Currently use Arccos 360 and Caddie 2.0. I've been an Arccos user since the start of 2017 and lowered my handicap from 29+ to 17.1 on Arccos since then.


I am also a software consultant (I know MGS wanted someone tech savvy).


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1. Mark

2. San Diego, CA

3. 11

4. Golf Pad for stats, but have deferred to Rangefinder for yardage lately.


Just played with someone that was using Arccos.  After his rave reviews, I'd be stoked to give try it out and review it for MGS!

Formerly Dalai Lama's Looper


WITB 2018:


Driver: :ping-small: G 10.5*

Hybrid: :ping-small:  G 19*

Irons 4-W: :ping-small:  i's

48*, 54*: :taylormade-small:  RAC MB's

58*: :titelist-small: :vokey-small: SM5

​Flat Stick:  Evnroll ER2



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1. Steven

2. Georgia

3. 8.7

4. Game Golf Live


Had to mortgage my house to buy new custom-fit equipment this year (see signature...and don't tell my wife!), so I don't have the scratch to buy the Arccos 360. I bought all new equipment because my Mizuno irons I was gaming were 19 years old, and nothing in my bag had been fit other than me doing my own research on shafts and buying what I thought would fit and having my lie adjusted as necessary. Since I have new equipment, I have no idea how far I am hitting my new clubs yet, but was planning to use Game Golf to figure it out. I think the Arccos system is probably superior but would love the opportunity to prove it out and would do testing with both systems simultaneously by switching systems between rounds and comparing the results.

What's in the bag:
Driver:   :ping-small: G400 Max, 10.5*, Fujikura Speeder Evolution II 569, stiff


FW Wood:   :ping-small: G400 SFT, 15*, PING Alta CB65, stiff


Hybrid:   :ping-small: G400, 19*, PING Alta CB70, stiff


Irons:   :titelist-small: 718 AP1, 4-AW, Project X LZ 6.0 steel shafts


Wedges:   :titelist-small: Vokey SM7, 52-56-60*, Project X LZ 6.0 steel shafts


Putter:   :cameron-small: 2018 Select Newport 2

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Thanks guys for another great contest!


1. First name- Matt

2. Home state/province and country- Chicago, IL

3. Current handicap- 19.2

4. Current shot/stat tracking method - if any- I currently use 18Birdies, but not consistently.


I have been thinking about getting the Arccos, and would love to be a tester. I am pretty new to the game- this is my third year plating- but I am very serious about my game. My swing is improving, and so are my scores, but course management is an area where I could really use improvement. I think Arccos could be very helpful to my game. I play about 30 rounds a year, so I would be able to offer a lot of feedback






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