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Ontario, Canada


Good old scorecard.


Sent from my Pixel using MyGolfSpy mobile app

Driver: Taylormade M4 D-Type 

3W: Callaway FT 

5W: Callaway FT-iZ

3H: Callaway X Hybrid 21° 
Irons: Callaway Apex 4i-GW
Wedges:  Callaway X Forged 56°& 60°

Putter: Cleveland Huntington Beach 6
Balls: Bridgestone B RX
Handicap: 10
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Club:  Clublink - The Country Club

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18 Birdies app

"Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is, at the same time, rewarding and maddening--and is, without a doubt, the greatest game mankind has ever invented." - Arnold Palmer



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1. Randy

2. Utah

3. 9.5

4. GolfShot and paper and pencil and charts from all over the internet. It's a hot mess.

:ping-small: G400 LST 8.5 Ping Tour 65 Stiff

:adams-small: Adams XTD Ti 18 deg 3Hy

:benhogan-small: Ben Hogan PTx 22-46 

:benhogan-small: Ben Hogan TK15 50, 54, 58 deg wedges

:cameron-small: Futura 5.5

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1. Mike

2. Florida

3. 13.9

4. Was using Game Golf for the last 2 years till the belt device broke 2 months ago.

Driver: Callaway Epic Speed 9* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65, Stiff

3 Wood: Callaway Epic Flash 3 Wood 15* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 75, Stiff

Hybrids: Callaway Epic Flash #3 18* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver 70, Stiff

               Callaway Epic Flash #4 21* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver 70, Stiff

               Callaway Epic Flash #5 24* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver 70, Stiff

               Callaway Epic Flash #6 27* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver 65, Regular

               Callaway Rouge ST Max OS #7 30* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65, Regular

Irons: KZG XCB 7-PW - Aerotech SteelFiber I80, Regular 2* Flat

Wedges: Edison Forged - 51* and 57*, 2* Flat

Putter: Odyssey Toe Up #1, Ball: Vice Pro

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1. Patrick

2. IL

3. 11

4. None currently.

Rounds per year: 80-90. 

Handicap: 11.6

In my Bag:

Driver - Taylormade SLDR (Adjusted 1/2 to the draw side and 8* loft)

Fairway Woods: 3 & 5 Taylormade SLDR

Irons 4-AW: Taylormade M2 (2016)

Wedges: Volkey SM6 56* and SM7 60*


Balls: ProVx - preferred, Calloway Chrome second.


Holes in one: None  ;)

Albatross: ONE!  :D

Eagles: Many


Favorite golf slogan: It's a target game, not a distance game. 

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1. Troy Hamilton

2. Mt Barker, South Austraila, Aus.

3. 17.2

4. Currenly use Tom Tom Golfer 2 with iPhone app and have used garmin previously. 

South Paw from Mt Barker, SA, Aus


Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 TP Adj. Driver and 3 Wood

Taylormade RBZ TP 3 & 4 Hybrid/rescue

Taylormade RBZ Irons 4-SW Project X 5.5, S-Tech Superstroke

Mizuno Satin S5 58* Wedge

Taylormade Ghost Spider Centre shaft with Fatso 5.0

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1. Jeff

2. Tulsa/Oklahoma

3. 5

4. Laser range finder + R + Excel


I'm a Ph.D. engineering data scientist and in my day job I focus on using analytics to improve processes, efficiencies, and profit.  I've been taking lessons for almost five years now.  I'm convinced that with an analytical data driven/strokes gained approach, I will finally break par this year.  Basically, I'll establish my baseline and identify the specific areas in my game where I have to improve.  Then I'll take more lessons, practice, and then, hopefully, finally break par.  I'll complete easy to read reviews that tell the readers how I used the data to gain insight and improve my game.  Furthermore, I'll document how I develop scoring strategies using the ARCOSS data, to improve my scoring.  My reviews will include charts, graphs, and graphics at a comparable level to fivethirtyeight.com or the upshot.com

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  1. Ashley
  2. Dorset, United Kingdom
  3. 3.6 (4)
  4. I don't use a shot tracking device, but record my basic stats (Fairways, GIR and Putts) via Golf Game Book and Golfshake. I have done a lot of research into a tracking system and I am considering the purchase of either Game Golf Live, Shot Scope and Arccos 360, but would love the opportunity to test the Arccos system and share my findings with other forum members, as the shot tracker market has a lot of alternatives, so can be confusing for those looking for a system.
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