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TESTERS ANNOUNCED (Again....again): Tour Edge Exotics CBX Fairway Wood

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John Illinois

Adams Blue Fairway, graphite 3 wood left hand Senior shaft

Cobra Fly Z graphite, 5 wood left hand senior shaft.

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Cooper - Boston, Massachusetts

TEE EX9 Tour 3 Wood w/ 80X Diamana Whiteboard

15* turned down to 14*

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- Ryan/North Carolina

- Tour Exotic EX9 Tour Aldila Rogue Silver 70g X flex

- 15 degrees

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TEECBXA -15.jpg

Tour Edge Exotics CBX Fairway Woods



Tour Edge Exotics certainly has a bit of a cult following among fairway wood aficionados, and Tour Edge is touring this year's model, the CBX, as a spin-killing distance machine. As always, we love - and I mean love - putting those types of claims to the test.


That's where you come in.





Remember the rioting in the streets when TaylorMade claimed 17 more yards with Rocketballz? Well, Tour Edge is taking a page from that playbook - claiming independent testing shows the CBX will give you 16 more yards over Callaway and TaylorMade, based on a 108 MPH swing speed.


Does Tour Edge have the right stuff? We need THREE of you to do the heavy lifting and find out.


We need THREE avid, motivated and, most importantly, honest golfers to test, review and keep a Tour Edge Exotics CBX fairway - your choice of loft and no-upcharge stock shaft option.


This review is open to any golfer plying his trade in the US and Canada, eh?





We take our testing pretty seriously here at MyGolfSpy, so read the instructions carefully and make sure you apply in the right place!!


In this thread, tell us the following:


- First name & home state/province

- Current fairway woods/shafts/flexes

- Current fairway wood lofts



Thanks for applying! We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back to see if you've been selected.


Good luck!

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Craig - Arizona

Currently use a Tour Edge Lift-off 3 wood, with their basic graphite shaft, reg flex


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Mike - California

Cleveland Launcher with Aldila NV 65 gram stiff flex shafts

3 wood - 13*

5 wood - 20*

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Erik- Washington


Tour Edge Exotic- Original CB1 Model w/ Original Stiff Shaft from Fujikura




This has been the best FW I've ever owned and I've owned it since I purchased it brand new.

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    • By GolfSpy Barbajo
      Remember thank funky, wavy Slip StreamTM sole Tour Edge added to the Exotics Fairway wood last year? Well, it's back and, according to Tour Edge, it's the "New Wave of Speed." 
      Here's the "official" stuff: 
      Exotics CB Pro FT - The New Wave of Speed
      Redesigned Slip StreamTM sole returns with more curvaceous power in the F2 fairway wood.
      Batavia, IL (May 14, 2015) – Tour Edge Exotics today announced the release of the much anticipated second generation CB PRO fairway wood, the CB PRO F2. The F2 looks noticeably different with a smaller, matte black club head, and a redesigned Slip StreamTM sole to increase ball speed. The new F2 fairway wood, limited edition, brings the best technologies of golf together in one unique, sublime package.
      The inaugural CB PRO fairway wood released in the fall of 2013 created waves throughout the industry with its' unique sole design and superior pairings. Awarded the product ingenuity: market leader award by the International Network of Golf of 2014, the original CB PRO continued the Exotics tradition of legendary fairway woods.
      “The Slip Stream sole is the design I am most proud of, so far,” said David Glod, president and founder. “The foundation of Exotics is to bring the best technology in the industry to players worldwide and that is my goal with each new product introduction. The CB PRO family of clubs is our premium line and the new F2 fairway wood only adds to that reputation.”
      The sole DNA of the F2 has been completely remodeled to maximize the player's club head speed. The new patented Slip StreamTM soles waves are reduced in length to further minimize turf contact regardless of the attack angle and position of the head at impact. Bold, new heel and toe cavities provide less turf interaction, ideal weighting, and improved workability. The F2 is exceptionally fast and smooth through the turf from any lie.
      The CB PRO F2 features a 159cc club head, slightly smaller than the original for a Tour preferred size and shape. The refined size has allowed engineers to adjust the center of gravity closer to the face increasing ball speed. Discerning players will appreciate the perfect balance of technology and tradition.
      The F2 fairway wood's premium beta titanium cup face is five percent lighter than the previous model due to a more extreme variable face thickness design. Removing the weight from the face and redistributing it in the heavier hyper-steel body produces peak ball speed and distance in a fairway wood. The Exotic's tradition of combo brazing the beta-titanium cupped face with the hyper steel body means that every single gram of excess weight is eliminated from the face and shifted to the sole for a lower center of gravity position in the compact head. 
      The unsurpassed technology found in the CB PRO F2 is being combined with the hottest shafts available; The Second Generation KURO KAGETM Silver Wood Series features the same Profile and High Density Prepreg as the original KURO KAGETM Silver shafts, but with the addition of TiNi wire in the tip section. The result is a series of shafts that will deliver the lower launch and lower spin of the original KURO KAGETM Silver profile, but with added stability and increased energy release through the impact zone, adding explosive power to the signature, KURO KAGETM Silver profile.
      High Density Prepreg: with up to 15% more carbon fiber and much less resin (20% vs. 33%) than standard prepreg, there are fewer "gaps" and "voids" in the prepreg creating more consistent performance, increased stability and better feel with less harshness.
      TiNi WireTiNi Wire: A super-premium, highly elastic fiber with a unique ability to stretch and then immediately spring back to its original shape. TiNi in the tip-section creates strength and stability at impact, for tighter shot dispersion and increased energy release through the impact.
      The CB PRO family of products includes fairway woods (CB PRO F2), hybrid (CB PRO U), driving irons and irons (CB PROh), and a wedge series (CB PROs).
      The CB PRO F2 arrives in a red velour lined decorative box, standard with an Iomic grip, and a soft luxurious leather head cover. Tour Edge's Exotics CB PRO F2 fairway woods are available right hand only, 13.5°, 14.5°, 15.5°, 16.5°, and 17.5°. Every Tour Edge club comes with a lifetime warranty. Suggested retail is $399.99, projected to be in stores June 1, 2015. 
        I know we have some Tour Edge fans out there - is anyone gaming last year's model with the Slip StreamTM sole? What are your thoughts on the technology, and on what Tour Edge is doing with the  Exotics line? Underrated? Under appreciated? Does the Exotics line do enough to separate itself from the basic Tour Edge line?  Would you consider this one, or any of the other Exotics line?    Yer turn...  
    • By GolfSpy Barbajo
      Has anyone ever gamed a set of Tour Edge Irons?  The Exotics series of drivers, FW's and hybrids seem legit, but you don't hear much about the irons.  
      The Bazooka/Hot Launch series seem to be very affordable GI irons, and I've seen the Exotics CB's in stores (very nice looking, have never hit them though)
      Anyone with any experience with any of the Tour Edge irons?  Are they in the discussion?
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