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Is the Golf swing and baseball swing almost the same

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Received a somewhat negative PM from a member on here.They told me my thread on using my baseball swing hitting a golf ball is incorrect and will lead too many bad faults.My teacher told me emulate my baseball swing.That is what I did and have had great results. I'm taking the club back extremely vertical and lifting up front foot. On the way down I'm planting front foot and torquing the bat club handle and hips open. Which I was told is a shallowing move . The instructor told me envision the ball as a low inside fastball. I've been just killing the ball and straight. My instructor sent me this long email that I will paste on here . Complementing what I'm feeling . And also stated that a golf swing is a baseball swing . So for that naysayer , here you go . My instructor also believes a baseball background is ideal for a proper golf swing. He even told me continue watching baseball training videos and stop watching golf videos . The baseball instructors Have better instructions for my swing


(An article my instructor wrote) (I copied and pasted here )

You want to take your club back straight along the target line, you will come down on an shallower plane. That pushes you to swing your club on an in to out path resulting in push draws on you. Also, you will dig nice shallow long divots pointing slightly left of your target. An correct golf swing is vertical going to shallow. The club face is torqued open versus closed in transition. It's a late hit verus an early closing the face hit. The true secret is torquing the bar or opening the face in transition


The true golf swing is a circle going around your body. To swing your club in a circle, you'd better copy a baseball swing. You will keep your club shaft more parallel to the ground and below your shoulders. You will feel your arms and club move around your body. Your club will work on a shallow in-to-in path. Swinging a bat correctly is a prerequisite for golf


The golf swing resembles swinging a baseball bat. You just swing a baseball bat and golf club on different planes. You swing a baseball bat on a flat plane. The ball is airborne. You swing your golf club on a more tilted plane. You must hit your ball sitting on the turf. No matter where your ball is, you need to carry out the same swing movements. It is not hard to perform a simple baseball swing. Think inside fastball . All the previous past great golfers were also great youth baseball players


Besides, the rounded arc created by your baseball swing helps you rotate your clubface properly through your shot. You will purge your game of slices without deliberate effort. Also, you'll move your right elbow down in front of your right hip on the downswing. Opening the face of the club in transition is a must. This allows you to swing your club on a shallow inside-square-to inside path, hitting straight shots or soft draws.


Importantly, baseball swing rids you of your tension, helping you create clubhead speed to the full. Swinging your club on a more horizontal plane leaves you relaxed. That encourages you to control your club by swinging your arms and hands with your shoulders reacting. You will rotate your forearms and club naturally, squaring your clubface through your shot. You will also swing your club full tilt through your ball.


To make a baseball swing, stand over your ball comfortably. Make sure a line extended down from each shoulder points slightly outside or beyond your toe line. You need to slide your hips slightly left. Or, just cock your knees toward the target. That will leave your left side higher than your right. That will also allow you to set your upper body behind your lower body. You need to do that when you are hitting your driver.


Place your hands in front of your left thigh. Make sure the club shaft is an extension of your left arm. You need to create a straight line running from your left-shoulder joint down to your clubhead. You will create a reverse K setup position. Stand a little bit closer to your ball so your hands are underneath your chin.


Keep your weight evenly balanced between your feet. You'd better place slightly more weight on your right foot when you're hitting your driver. You'd better take a wide stance. To ensure stability and balance, you need to make sure the distance between your heels is wider than your shoulders.


To carry out a proper takeaway, you need to make your golf swing a reflex like a baseball swing. Playing baseball, you don't have much time to think. You just have to make your swing. You see the ball coming and hit it. To hit your ball at your best, you need to do the same. A great way to do this is using a good swing trigger that suits you best.


Indeed, a good golf swing starts with a good swing trigger. A good swing trigger helps you start your backswing smoothly and freely. Roll your right foot just a fraction toward the target just before you take your club back. This move will serve to trigger your swing effortlessly. You'll find, especially under pressure, this move helps you take your club back gracefully and then make your swing confidently.


Often, you find it difficult to take your club away from your ball confidently. For a graceful takeaway, you need a familiar motion. Once you've kicked your right foot toward the target, imagine you're swinging a baseball bat. That will help you swing your club back smoothly and properly.


Equally important is to rotate your left forearm correctly as you swing your club back. You need to make sure the toe of your club points straight up to the sky at the end of your takeaway. You need to keep rotating your forearm all the way to the top. At the top, you need to feel the inside of your left forearm facing the ground.


Also, you need to hinge your wrists fully. Complete your backswing by hinging your wrists fully as you count ‘one'.


If you complete your backswing properly, your left arm will remain roughly at right angles to your spine. Importantly, you need to turn your shoulders fully so your left shoulder hits your chin. Also, your weight will be on your right heel. To feel the correct weight shift, pick up a ball and make a throwing motion. You will feel your weight shifting onto the heel of your right foot. You must move your weight the same way when you swing your club back.


Critically, avoid completing your backswing with your head tilted to the left. Allowing your left eye to sit lower than your right can cause serious problems. Tilting your head to the left, you'll have difficulty turning your shoulders freely and fully. Tilting to the left going back, you'll tilt to the right coming down. That can cause you to swing your club down too steeply, getting your club to bottom out prematurely. You will have diverse poor shots including pulls, pull-slices, thin shots or fat shots.


To produce solid strikes, you must keep your eyes level at the top of your backswing. Keeping your eyes level as they were at address will help you turn fully and stay in balance. You cannot hit your ball successfully unless you keep your balance.


Once you've finished your backswing correctly, begin your downswing by keeping your head steady as you count ‘two.' Steadying your head, you will automatically start your downswing properly with your lower body. You will also swing your club down on plane and on the correct path.


To ensure you hit your tee shots with an upward blow, you'd better keep your left ear behind your ball at impact. Similarly, you need to keep your left cheek in line with your ball to hit it with a downward blow. Toward this end, you must keep your head still as you swing your club down.


Letting your head wobble forward ahead of your ball before impact, you'll pull your shots left, often pushing it right. Typically, you will have straight pulls, pull-slices or pull-hooks thrust on you,


Stick your right knee to your left to whack your ball as you count ‘three.' That allows your body to turn fully through your shot and square your clubface. You will hit your ball far and straight to your satisfaction.

Keep it in the short stuff

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I'll just reply with players like Lee Trevino, Arnold Palmer, Jim furyk, Bryson dechambeau. There are models for the perfect swing and there are people that are successful with unorthodox swings. Follow what your instructor is telling you since it is working. From my knowledge I would not expect someone to teach a baseball swing for a golf swing but the instructor is relating his information based on something you know. Stick with it!

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One of the better posts I've read.My pro told me do the opposite and close the club face in transition. Would that be the same as torquing it open inconjunction with the opening of the hips! Maybe some one smart on this can chime in . Will opening or closing the club in transition do the same effects of rear elbow forward . Just trying this with no club and I can see how that torque move prevents one to flip . I guess my pro was right as well , that torque on the way down is vital and maybe a secret for good golf.


And don't worry about naysayers. It's online forum and only connection you have with many is on the keyboard. You most likely never meet anyone on here . So take comments for what they are . Just a comment from an complete stranger that may or may not even be a good golfer . Or know what he or she is even talking about

Keep it in the short stuff

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Your coach gave you thoughts and tips related to your swing. With your background you were given thoughts to help your body do what it already knows to do to help hit a golf ball.


If that's what YOUR coach wants you to do, and it works, then all is good and don't sweat it.



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I have always thought the golf swing is very similar to the golf swing, having grown up playing baseball pretty much my entire life, my golf swing has to emulate that in some ways there may be some differences, but at the end of the day, if the ball goes where you want and how you wanted it to get there it shouldn't matter how you did it. Can you improve on it, sure, but in the words of all those commercials from a couple years ago, “swing your swing”

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One of the better posts I've read.My pro told me do the opposite and close the club face in transition. Would that be the same as torquing it open inconjunction with the opening of the hips! Maybe some one smart on this can chime in . Will opening or closing the club in transition do the same effects of rear elbow forward .

Yes . All great golfers had torque in the transitional phase.And many times the lower body naturally opens with handle torque. The ‘free ride down' theory is a bunch of nonsense
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Played with a guy last week that definitely had a baseball swing going with the clubs.  He hit the ball a mile, but had some consistency issues.  Your coach is familiar with your swing, and if it's working for you then don't worry about those that know your swing from what you have typed.  



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I played baseball until I was 18 and then started playing golf. I play with a 10 finger grip and yes a lot of the movements are the same. The planes are just different. There are definitely different intricacies for each however rotation, weight and balance are very similar. I wouldn't worry about advice from someone who doesn't know your swing. 

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However you learn and as long as it works for you.


I played bball until I was 20 then softball til 40. Golf and baseball or softball never went together for me. Mind game or mechanics? No idea.....my traveling teams had a standing rule. No golf until our tourny was over. Missss out on some great courses.

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Im an ex baseball guy as well. It's a blessing and a curse for golf but there are tons of good golfers who played baseball and hockey.


Kudos to your coach for taking your strengths and working with them. This is why I'm always encouraging guys to see their pro - what works for me may not work for you and vis a versa


I also think you're story is great because I'm pretty sure lots of guys don't not want to go to a teacher because they are afraid to make changes. Good teachers tend to make small subtle changes that aren't true verily difficult to implement. Unless the guy says he wants to play on tour. :)


Good luck



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Man.. I have been thinking about this. As a young kid my main focus was horseshoes, a face on game. I played baseball, but never really cared for it after I was hit in the mouth with a fast ball and put my front teeth through my lip.


Horseshoes I pointed my hand at release at my target, and it went in that direction. I bet a face on putting stance I would be good with...

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Some mechanics are similar, but hockey players make for more natural golfers

As a former baseball player myself, I would say that is because we are ingrained to not roll (release) your wrists and keep you weigh more towards your backside if not perfectly neutral. Both of those are big contributors to the EPIC baseball player slice.


On the positive side though, baseball players are able to tap into/utilize their lower body more naturally than most other athletes who transfer over to golf

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Someone sent you a pm and told you it was wrong???

That's messed up....

Do your thing.


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When I was a kid growing up in vegas, I always played baseball in the spring/fall and it would always ruin my golf game for a while in the summer when golf season started for me, and the winter when I would get flown to Hawaii for break. I was always taught to keep my right elbow high in baseball, but everything I've read says to do the opposite in golf. I think specific instruction from your coach for YOUR swing is the best thing you could ask for. I'd be pretty upset if I was paying someone to help me and they just gave generic swing fault cures -- who knows if that's actually present in your swing?

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If you speak the language of baseball and you're learning Golf then guess what, I'm using that language to teach you a golf swing.



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Nice to see such good advice. The only thing I can add is that most of us have problematic tendencies in our swing that need to be corrected. But the feel of those tendencies is ingrained. In order to correct those tendencies, our coaches often need to take us too far in the other direction to help us find the center point. Your instruction works for your flaws. It won't work for someone else and their flaws.


And as bens said, if your instructor can express it in a language that makes sense to you, so much the better. A good teacher can take the sport you know and relate it to this game.


No one can properly diagnose your swing issues from a forum post.


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And my last lesson, my instructor had me take several baseball level swings using my previous baseball swing and just snapped in my hands sooner versus later like you do when swinging a bat, then Transition that into the golf swing. Works awesome for me!

While there is a more “Golf” way to do it, got to use what you know. The Golf swing is analyzed and broken down into 1 million different parts… down to smallest minutia.

If using a “baseball-based” swing gets the ball where you wanted to go, that's all that matters



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