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2018 Official Forum Member Review - Precision Pro NX7

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Official Forum Member Review - Precision Pro NX7


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djahubes                      Stage 1              Stage 2

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Stage Two – Precision Pro NX7 PRO – Official MGS Forum Review byRoverRick, July 2018

I began this product testing with a number of questions in my mind to answer. The first was the age old question, okay perhaps this is just a 10, maybe 15, year old question, GPS or LRF?

I was so excited about this and couldn't wait to use it. It arrived on a Monday and I was not able to get out to the course. But before I got to the course I had already determined 1.8 yards from the wall to my toilet, and 6 yards from my chair to the back door and 38 yards to the tree in the backyard, and just about anything else I could shoot. I have now had it for 6 Weeks and could not be happier.

I'll cover the progression of my game during this time and answer my specific questions in the conclusion section.

Looks & Feel (8 out of 10 points)

I love the looks of this. The matte black finish and lime green accents look sharp and modern. The honeycomb texture gives it a soft comfortable feel that doesn't slip no matter how sweaty your hands get. Believe me, 106° Saturday and Sunday and 36 holes both days gave me plenty of sweat to test this. Also, the ergonomics of this are spot on and it is not only comfortable but the buttons are effortless to push and align with my fingers every time.

The carrying case is also well done. I question the longevity of it looking nice with the lighter lime green zipper material and the gray cloth. It looks awesome now but Golf is not a clean sport, and it may eventually show dirt and I can see the zipper wearing out, but they have an easy to use rubber catch so up don't have to zip and unzip it every time.

My only complaints are that the battery port, located directly below the eye piece, is outlined in chrome. The problem I have with that is when I'm looking at the green and raise the LRF to my eye, my natural tendency is to bring the chrome circle to my eye. Of course, all I see it black inside a chrome circle. It's the only shiny part of the whole unit and would have been just as functional and probably cheaper to leave it matte black.

Chrome Ring.jpg Look at this! Chrome Ring!

You can't not see the chrome ring. Much more eye catching than the area that you actually bring to your eye. The purpose of chrome is to make something stand out. Why would you want this to stand out if you only change the batteries once a year, or what ever the time frame is?

Also it came with a lanyard that I spent a couple of minutes trying to attach before giving up and deciding I didn't need that in my life.

At first I thought neither of these issues really warrant deducting points, but as time wore on,I began to really hate the chrome ring. At first, I debated as to deduct 1 point so you don't think I am drinking the Kool Aid. I'm sure it's lime green cool aid, but after further review, I hate it enough to deduct 2 points.

Setup (14 out of 15 points)

Well, I have to give it max points in set up. Open the box. Pick it up. Squeeze trigger. Green button which naturally falls under my index finger to activate. Make that either index finger because it fits nicely in either hand. Then there is the mode button (black) that falls under either my middle or ring finger that changes it between M1 (No Slope) and M2 (Slope). It sorta sits between my fat fingers but squeeze them both and it toggles. Not an issue at all.

HOWEVER, we are back to that chrome ringed battery port. There has been countless times I have been looking at the green and brought the thing up to my eye, and am distracted by the chrome battery port. So that counts off another point here in set up.

As far as the instructions go, I didn't read them until a few minutes ago. They're fine, easy to understand, and totally superfluous. Only one place to put you eye, one trigger to squeeze, one mode button to push, one place to put the battery (easy to spot, if I didn't mention this), BUT we don't need no stinking instructions.

I fired off an email inquiring about the Free Battery Replacement Program. In mere moments, I received a reply that said to fill out this form, and they'll send you a new battery. Seems simple enough, but since I don't yet need a battery, I took no further action.

Accuracy (15 out of 15 points)

Most of the guys I play golf with have LRF's. A few have GPS watches but the Bushnell X4 is the most prevalent LRF in my group. On the par 3's and occasionally when we are close together I will ask them what distance the have. The difference in what they say and what the NX7 PRO have is only the difference in where we are standing. If I move to where they were than I get the exact same thing.

Slope mode is awesome as far as I can tell. It's a shame it doesn't have wind mode because that has more effect than slope on my course. There is really only 3 holes where slope matters and after years of avoiding those areas, I had to intentionally hit a ball there to check it out. I was 89 from the flag, slope said play 113.5 and I hit my ¾ 9 Iron which is 115. I was about 8 feet passed the flag. Pretty nice. Actually, it works so well, I'm considering giving it an extra point to make up for the chrome ring.

On-Course (40 out of 40 points)

The following is a list of questions I was to answer.

Did you have to think about or remember anything to use the product?
After the first hole, I incorporated this into my pre-shot routine. Keep in mind after years of finding the yardage marker and extrapolating the distance to the flag, I already had something similar in my routine. This is simply quicker and more accurate.

Did it interfere with your normal golfing routine?
Absolutely not. I was concerned because years ago I would see guys just standing there spending eons trying to find the distance. This is point shoot, and if it doesn't vibrate in a couple of seconds, shoot again.

How intuitive was using it on the course?
It doesn't interfere with play at all and is much quicker than any other method. Well, the GPS Watch may be quicker, but only to the front, back, and middle distances.

Did you like using it?
I love using it.

Compare and contrast to what you are currently using or have used in the past.
I was using a phone GPS and the Mobitee App but often I would just guess. And sometimes fail miserably. Now, for instance, on Saturday I was on hole 7, and about 120 yards from the center. I shot the yardage and it said 114. Instead of playing a PW to the center, I hit a ¾ 9 Iron. This was into the wind and I was about 7 feet short. I played this method all day in a tournament and was 3 under at the turn. But it can't help with bad swings and I ended up 3 over.

Do you play better or worse now that you've got a new method for yardages?
Absolutely I play better with the combination of accurate yardages, the modified Dave Pelz Clock System, and add a little more or a little less based on where I am from the normal clock position swing.

Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20 points)

I had already decided I needed a new LRF or GPS. I had bought a GPS Watch a couple of years ago and on the 91st day of the 90 day warranty it broke and I could no longer change the mode. I was shopping for a LRF and was about to pull the trigger on a combo GPS/LRS for about $400. What a waste of money that would have been. I don't care about the front, middle, and back, I want to know how far to the flag. And for $250 this is an accurate and easy to use method.


My main questions at the outset were:

  • Is lack of proper information hurting my scoring?
  • Will this be the solution?
  • Will this give me timely accurate information?
  • Will this device have a big enough impact on my scoring to justify the cost of purchase?
  • Will this device be as good as some of the more expensive brands of LRF's?

Yes to all of these.This is an accurate, affordable solution that is worth the money and a greater value for the money than the more expensive competitors out there. From the first attempt, it found the flag effortlessly and did not interfere with the flow of the game.

My 6 week progression.

I have now been using this for 6 weeks, and the Precision Pro NX7 Pro has altered the way I play golf. It has had ripple effects on the swing and thus the bag set up that have progressed every week.

Week 1, was not a good scoring week. I had to adjust to no longer finding the front of the green and guessing how far to the hole from there. I now know I am 35.2 yards from the pin. I found that I was firing right at the flag, and did hit the stick 5 times in 54 holes, but for the most part, I ran too far passed the hole. My proximity to the hole the first week sucked, because it was giving me information that I was not used to. I needed adjust my swing and the way I thought about the short game.

On the second week, I changed my swing inside 100 yards. I began using a more traditional swing, fanning the face open on the backswing and closed on the follow through, and hitting the bounce on the ground under the ball like striking a match. By using a modifies Pelz Clock System I am able to fly it a precise distance and have it hop and stop. I say modified because I know that a 60° wedge waist high goes 30 yards and a 56° goes 43. So for the 35.2 yards I know I need to use the 60° and go slightly more than waist high.

The third week was a continuation of week 2 and I played 72 holes and averaged 17 feet from the hole inside 100 from the fairway. This number maybe somewhat misleading because I had a range of 45' down to less than 1' and many were inside 5'. This had more to do with the strike or slope of the green and nothing to do with this product.

Week 3 PTH.jpg

By the fourth week of this, I had expanded this to 150 yards and in. So for the 135.8 yards is a ear high 7 Iron. I also completely abandoned the 4MM swing I had been using all season, because of back issues as well as distance control. And for that Sunday, I reorganized the bag, dropping all the hybrids and FM's in favor of irons including the MP FLI HI 2-3-4. I have been keeping track every week of my proximity to the hole from the fairway from 150 yards and in and I averaged 12.4 feet from the hole inside 150 yards.

Week 4 PTH.jpg

Week 5 with this set up and knowing my exact distance to the flag, Saw me going almost exclusively to hitting partial shots inside 175 yards. Mostly ¾ shots with the club head stopping ear high (+ or -) in the back swing. This a. gives me better distance control and b. straigher ball flight. This also keeps the spin rate and flight down and works better in the wind, which is plentiful here. Most importantly, my average proximity to the hole from the fairway inside 175 yards was down to 11.8 feet. But I was rarely hitting the fairway off the tee.

Week 6a Bag.jpg

Week 6, I arrived at the course Saturday with a new to me driver and shaft in the bag. It took most of Saturday to sort that out, and I broke the shaft (and almost my elbow, again) punching out with my 2 Iron. So in addition to the new driver, I also had a 3 Wood in the bag when I got there Sunday. I played 36 holes, 28 of 34 fairways, had 12 birdie putts inside 20' (made none). And perhaps the most important statistic was for the first time since returning to Golf, I won money every time this weekend.

My handicap is dropping at a significantly thanks in part to this. (Full disclosure, I am healthy and playing regularly for the first time in more than 2 years which is a large part of my improvement.) I am not saying if you buy this your handicap will drop also, but a laser range finder is significantly more accurate than GPS. And the only way to improve your score is to improve you accuracy. The Precision Pro NX7 PRO does everything it claims to do at one of the lowest prices on the market.

Let me know if you have specific questions. Thanks for reading.

Final Score: (97 out of 100)

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Stage 2: Precision Pro NX7 – Official MGS Forum review – djahubes!!!


Ok, so I have had the opportunity to put the NX7 through its paces. Have about 8 rounds and a bunch of 9 holers in varying conditions, wet, dry, hot, humid etc. This is one of those products that either has it or it doesn't. It's a bit different than reviewing a club. Not much variation in looks, feel, performance, etc. Does the unit acquire the target? Does it shoot the target? How quickly? How Accurately? At what cost? These are the basics that I hope to answer for you spies, so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to spend your $$$ on this product. With that said, let's dive right in.


Looks and Feel: (7 out of 10 possible)


The NX7 is a compact unit that is a quality build. It is small but designed well. I could do without the lime green accents, but they are not too off putting. Guys with big paws may find it a bit on the small side, but all features are accessible using one hand. Played in good conditions and in the rain with zero issues. The carrying case is top of the line and functional. Particularly like the added bungee closure mechanism for quick and easy access.


Based on my testing, I can confidently say that this is a quality product that should last over the long haul. I used it walking in its case, but also in one of the cup holders riding where it got banged around a bit. No issues at all.


As far as the optics go. They are as good as any other laser range finder I have owned. I have used an older Callaway Nikon for the past few years and the NX7 is superior. It is also superior to the CaddyTek V2 slope. The magnification is adequate to shoot targets upwards of 600 yards (I shot a 600 yard par 5 no problem). That said, I have good vision and do not wear glasses so take that for what it is. I found it more difficult to shoot with sun glasses on, but still performed. Now some of the more expensive units out there, think leupold, or bushnell, have superior optics. As an avid shooter I am familiar with their scopes. These companies are in the optics business, and it is no surprise that theirs are superior, but are they worth the hundreds of dollars more in a golf application, IMO not really.


Points subtracted are subjective. I do not like the lime green. For some reason it makes the unit look less expensive to me.



Setup: (12 out of 15)



No need to read the manual. As easy as it gets. Two modes, slope and non-slope. Easy to switch between the two by one push of a button, focus like a pair of binoculars, and the battery is even already installed. Can take out of the box and go play. If you never used a rangefinder before, maybe a quick glance at the manual and you are on your way. Subtracting 3 points b/c it is not exactly clear in slope mode which yardage is which, i.e. what one displayed is actual vs. slope adjusted, but you can easily determine based on an uphill or downhill shots as you get used to the display. It would be useful if they had a little triangle before the slope adjusted yardage for quick reference. Other than that all good.


Accuracy: (15 out of 15)


I shot a 600 yard par 5 pin with no issues whatsoever, and it was raining. Acquired the target immediately. The vibration function is great and never had to shoot multiple times. Gives yardages down to decimal points. A bit excessive, but shows its accuracy. I tested this unit against the Caddeytek (V2) from Costco the majority of rounds, and after a while, I just decided to return the Costco unit. The NX7 is far superior in acquiring and shooting targets quickly. I found myself having the shoot the same target many times with the CT, and while accurate, was just a bit much when the NX7 could acquire the first time up. The vibration function on the NX7 was an added plus.


On-Course: (40 OUT OF 40)


• Did you have to think about or remember anything to use the product?


o No. Point and shoot, that easy



• Did it interfere with your normal routine?


o No. I am accustomed to playing with a rangefinder. The only possible issue that may come across is remembering to take out of slope mode if playing in a tournament. Have not played in any since the test began.



• Did you like using it?


o Yes. I find that it assists with getting the correct yardage in a minimal amount of time. As stated earlier, point and shoot. Takes seconds and you know your number.



• Compare to what you currently use.


o The Precision pro is a better product than both the rangefinders I have used in the past. The slope function, vibration, optics are superior to the Nikon I have and the Caddytek. The Caddytek is a decent comparison, but it is a pain in the you know what to switch between functions. You have to pop out a chip on the side and replace it with the slope chip. With the NX7 you simply press a button. The vibration tech is also a nice add. Gives great feedback on target acquisition.



• Do you play better or worse now that you have a new method for obtaining Yardage?


o I have been using a rangefinder for years. I am neutral here. I will say that if you currently use a gps, markers, old fashioned walk offs, this will help you out a lot. GPS gives approximate Front, Middle Back etc, but knowing the exact can help you hit specifics.

Play it or Trade it: (20 out of 20)

The NX7 has made it into the bag and will stay there until it dies. I do not see any reason to trade it, upgrade to a different unit, keep my current, etc. It is a quality product that performs as advertised and will be used for the foreseeable future. Will be giving the Nikon to my dad, and returning the Caddytek to Costco for a couple bottles of 20 Yr Kirkland Speyside.

This product is perfect for a golfer looking for a laser rangefinder, with functionality (slope and vibration) who does not want to pay $300-$400+. At the $250 or less (depending on promotions) it is a great value. If you are in the market, I recommend taking a look.





As a military dude, I would put this upfront as a BLUF…………………………….


The Precision Pro NX7 is a quality piece of gear that performs as advertised. It shoots targets quickly and accurately. It has a small footprint, does not take up much space, and is all around a solid addition to my golf bag. There are not too many cons to highlight. I am nitpicking with the color scheme, would like more fidelity between slope and non-slope yardage, but outside of that, nothing pops out. If you are in the market, at this price point I do not think you will find a superior unit.


I apologize for the lack of pictures in the stage 2, but I think you get the view from all our stage one's. I tried to take pics through the lens but non came out that added any value. I do have a couple “action shots”, but who wants to look at a middle-aged bald due shoot a target?



Final Score: (94 OUT OF 100 POSSIBLE)


Standing By for Questions/clarifications!

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Stage 2, p1, Precision Pro NX7 Laser Rangefinder, strokerAce, 8/23/18

I'm going to break this up into 3 digestible sections…. easier to read and better for those on mobile.   :) 



Let's get to the Dessert first, shall we?



4 stars


Does exactly what you ask it to do, and well….


I could go on but you get it …. this is a great little machine, but first a little note about rangefinders in general (heretofore referred to as LRF) -  A LRF IS NOT FOR EVERYONE…


Who is a LRF for?


If you can consistently hit your clubs particular distances more than 50/60/70 percent of the time this is for you.

If you play at different places this is for you.

If you are serious or semi-serious about golf and want to shave a few strokes off your ‘cap this is for you.


Who is a LRF not for?


If you are a member of a club who only plays THAT course and nowhere else this isn't for you.  


You'll already know the distances by heart after having played the course so many times and this will be a waste of time and money.

If you are a high handicapper and/or cannot hit each of your clubs certain distances on a consistent basis this isn't for you.

If you're the type that hits your 5 iron 150, 180, 120, 140, 160 this isn't for you. Take the money you were going to spend on the LRF and use it for lessons or a custom fitting.  


It makes no sense to invest over $200 in a device that will tell you the target is 168.3 yards away if you cannot hit it there at least half the time.


Don't be the person that takes 2 minutes at your ball shooting a target and picking a club only to hook it into the woods or slice it into the lake.  Nobody likes that guy. That guy doesn't even like that guy. It will make you hate the game.




That guy…… you'll thank me later.


If you are that guy (be honest with yourself here...we all started there) I encourage you to read on for entertainment purposes only…..and seriously, look into lessons.


Now, on with the show.


Part 2 - 


Part 3 - 



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Let me start by saying, I'm as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs. That's for you OG!! As nervous as I am about doing this review, I'm twice as excited! I'm pretty tech savvy as I'm a millennial, although I do not relate to that generation, so some of my review will be to see how much tech I can get out of this unit.


Now a little about myself.

My very first round ever was with my uncle on his wedding day. I was 18 (31 now) he was nervous and wanted to play 9 before his life was over (just kidding). I showed up in blue jeans, tee shirt, and redwing boots🤦‍♂️. Never have stepped foot on a golf course, but thought what the heck I'll give it a go. Like every round I've played since then, it was that one shot that kept me coming back.



After playing 3-4 times a year for 10 years or so I decided to take up golfing seriously. Started putting my bag together with odd and ends such as a Callaway Epic driver (I was searching for epic reviews and that's how I found this amazing site), Adams 3 wood and 4 Hybrid, Nike VRS forged irons 4-AW, Callaway Mack daddy 56 and 60, and a Scotty Cameron putter(kind of a mixed bad huh?) I joined my local CC and started hacking away. Didn't take me long to figure out I had no idea what I was doing. Luckily I play with a friend that's a true +1. He's pretty legit, won the state amateur championship in 2008. He took me under his wing and got me on the right track.


Fast forward to now, I've gotten my handicap down to 9.8, not bad IMO. A lot of it has to do with me playing 3-4 times a week now. Started playing in a few tournaments here and there and quickly realized accurate yardage was a must. Downloaded “The Grint” for yardages and to keep stats, but as my game has progressed a laser rangefinder was inevitable. So I purchased a no name brand rangefinder, just a FYI don't do that!! Immediately resold that junk!!


Then this awesome opportunity came available. So I did what I always do when a testing opportunity becomes available, and I feel like I can contribute something worth while. Like most of you I checked in every day to see if the testers were selected yet. Then IT happened, I was officially selected. I was checking the mail every day (something I never do). Finally it came.


When I first received my NX7 in the mail, I couldn't believe how compact it was. Here's a shot of it next to my GBB Epic head (that is shaftless at the moment)


I couldn't get it out of the package fast enough. Like a kid at Christmas I threw the battery in and started shooting everything in sight. Before the day was over I knew exactly how far every one of my neighbors houses were.


I already have a few rounds in using it, and I'm headed out of town this weekend for a 3 day golf trip with a group of avid golfers.

Love the clip that you can strap on almost anything.


Can't wait to see their reaction when I pull this beauty out. Since this is not a sanctioned tournament I will be using the slope mode, but if a competitor ask yardage, I will give them actual, not slope compensated.


I'm headed to East Tennessee where it's very hilly.


Don't know if you can tell in the pic, that's about a 60-70' down hill par 3.

You all will have to check back in and see if the slope mode function is as advertised, or if it doesn't perform to their claims.

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PrecisionPro NX7 Pro LRF part II


I have around 20 rounds or so on this unit, so it's about time to give you all my 2 cents. I've played in two tournaments, 1 of them not a sanctioned tournament (finished 3rd), the other was sanctioned (finished not so good). One was in Eastern Tennessee were it is very hilly, I'll get to that later.


Looks and feel 9 out of 10


I love the color design. The neon accents gives it just enough of the different factor to set it apart from the others.


The unit fits into any size hand, but, I can see how a person with overly large hands would find it a bit small. That's the only reason I docked a point.



Setup 14 out of 15


There is no setup required in this unit. I took it out of the package and threw a battery in it, that was provided by the way. Only two buttons on it, so it's pretty easy to use.


Button nearest to the eye piece(green one) is the power/function button (it's the button you push when you're ready for a reading). The other is a “mode” button that you use to toggle between mode 1 (non slope) and mode 2 (slope). VERY easy to switch back and forth. Only complaint is that it's not distinctive enough on which number is slope and which is actual. You just have to remember the number on top is slope adjusted.



Accuracy 13-15


I've used this unit next to Bushnells, Nikons, and Callaways. It's never been more than 1 yard difference, and even then we were not exactly side by side. I found it to be dead on, when it said 130 and I hit my 130 club, like I should, it would be within a few feet. I did have a few issues when the flag was straight down (no wind), the unit sometimes had a hard time picking it up. At my local course there are no reflectors on the flag or flag stick. Maybe if they had reflectors I would've had that problem. Had to dock it 2 points for that reason.


On-course 40 out of 40


Can't stress enough how easy this LRF is to use, point and shoot, that's it. I always ride so when I pull up to my ball I lean back against the backrest (for stability) and shoot. With the pin seeker technology as soon as you hit the pin it vibrates and that's it, you've got it. So if you're a little shaky it won't matter. Only takes a few seconds to get a reading, not really a time consuming ordeal. Since I've started using it I feel more confident in my club choice. No more looking for yardage markers and trying to decide if the pin is in the front, middle, or back.


Play it or trade it 20 out of 20


Definitely playing this bad boy. If I were in the market for a LRF I would have no problem spending the $200-$250, depending where you find one at. I plan on keeping it until it dies, and from what I hear, the people at PrecisionPro stand behind their product. Can't make a statement on that yet, not had any problems.


Overall rating on my new outfit is 96 out of 100.


In conclusion this LRF is one of the best units I've ever used, compact and lightweight. It has been very durable as I have dropped it several times with no problems. I have also used it in the rain with no fogging issues, that I have seen in other units. Time will tell wether it holds up. I will be doing monthly updates, if any issues come up I will not be afraid to update my review as necessary. I hope someone will benefit from this review, and if they're any questions don't hesitate to reply or message me.

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Hi everybody. Massive thank you goes to MGS and their Staff. This was incredibly humbling and a super exciting opportunity awaits. My name is Steve, I live in Rochester, NY and I am a married father to a beautiful little girl and a handsome and kind Pit Bull. I work full time as a Firefighter and I spent over 12 of my 23 years of work, in some way shape or form as a small contributor in the massive world of the golf business.




I am one of those guys who chose to try and make golf a career. The PGA Apprenticeship may have won the battle but I got more out of my short career in golf than I could have hoped for. Believe it or not, working in the golf business was an incredibly invaluable tool to advancing in the fire service. Some of you may be thinking what in the world does the golf business have to do with working for a fire department? Well, long story short, public interaction, customer service, being able to think quickly and act accordingly and above all, handling stressful situations without losing your cool.




Born and raised in Rochester, NY, I began golfing at age 7. Grandpa pulled up to our house on a May morning in his 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Wagon with a handmade set of Golfsmith irons. The patent leather carry bag full of a 5-7-9 iron, 3 wood and a putter with True Temper TT-Lite shafts and green victory grips spent several nights in my room as I was so excited to get out and play. It was clear from that day that I was hooked.


We did not have a lot of money growing up so my golfing opportunities were a product of starting work at 14. I caddied for two years and then joined the cart barn / bag room at Oak Hill CC. At the same time I was also working a local county course as a starter / ranger. I made the best of it and did what I could with what I had.




I played all four years of High School (3 on Varsity) and walked on and started Freshman, Junior and Senior years at a Division 2 school in NY. I felt confident in my game and decided that even though I was nowhere near the level to play Professionally, I could parlay my passion and ability into a career as a Club Pro. I passed the PAT the summer I graduated college and moved to Jupiter.




Three years working at a year-round 18 hole golf club that counted over 19,000 rounds per year. It was a seasonal membership with plenty of snowbirds but the summer membership drove hard. It was a factory but also a very well oiled machine. Super nice people and a lot of great life experience. I wouldn't trade it for the world.


That was also where I became burned out with golf. It was too much, too overwhelming for me and in 2006, I left to begin my career as a Firefighter. Work became a chore and I had lost the passion I felt when I first started there three years prior. 65 hours a week and $31,000/year and it was time to move on.




I put my clubs down and didn't play a round until 2010. School, lack of funds and a major lack of interest fueled this decision. I needed to take a break.


Now that I am far removed from the golf business I get to play for fun. I have been fortunate enough to maintain a pretty decent game and play around a 4-6 handicap throughout the summer.


So…enough about me…Let's talk about this cool NX7...actually...how I found MyGolfSpy first...I was hooked on a site at my Florida Apprentice job and it was something. I was eventually turned off when I realized it was aggressive in encouraging sales of certain items far outside my price range. I have always enjoyed Golf forums and the myriad of topics covered. Instagram led me to MGS and from there I registered. I lingered for a little and then realized I have a story to tell, I have some value in my past that I could hopefully share with someone. The testing perk was just a bonus, I don't feel burdened to get out and take photos and post reviews, this is something fun to add to my days on the course.


So...full disclosure. Rangefinders were never really in my vocabulary. I would joke around with my college golf coach and tell him that I was always a feel player…a what?…I never was analytical on the golf course. You DEFINITELY won't see me with a compass :) It drove my college coach insane. He'd hand me a pin sheet and I'd throw it in the rubbish. Slow play would drive me nuts and I just thought if a shot looked a certain distance, I trusted my gut and swung away. Red, White and Blue ground markers were enough for me to judge a distance and give it a rip.


The NX7 appeals to me for many reasons. Size, price, warranty, ease of use. Now before I get ahead of myself, those are my first impressions. I plan on being critical of this only because I've been offered the opportunity.


I play a pretty simple bag of clubs. This year everything is new except for my putter, a 1999 PING anser 2 stainless with a SS 3.0 grip. G400 LST with a HZRDUS yellow and a G 14.5 with a PING Tour shaft. Irons are the Hogan Ft. Worth 15's mixed with HI irons. Equalizer 52 and a TK 59. 13 clubs for me, I cannot think of a time where I did carry 14. It just works and for now, while I can still move the ball pretty well I don't plan to change.




As far as a tech guy, I am a middle of the road. Let's put it this way…I UNDERSTAND WHAT THE CLOUD IS AND HOW IT WORKS :)


Precision Pro has set their marks on the affordable, high-performance range finder within the market. So far, I am impressed. The package was simple, easy to operate and doesn't take genius to make it work. It's also super small and lightweight. I wear a CXL glove and it fits gently in my hand. Not obnoxious but just big enough to keep it stable while aiming.






The Pouch that attaches to my golf bag can be unzipped and then looped with an elastic band to make it easier to stow and grab without having to zip and un-zip for each use. I like that…simple and smart.


I have several big events upcoming, including a member-guest tournament at my brother-in-law's home club. It should offer plenty of opportunity for criticism.


Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, as a non-analytical golfer I hope some of you can relate to my kind of game.

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Stage Two - Precision Pro NX7 – Official MGS Forum Review by bens197 August, 2018


Allright fellas, after a fun few weeks I was able to see what the NX7 was capable of. Following my Stage 1, I figure you have a fairly good grasp of who I am, now it's time to dig in and share the how and why of what I found.


Upstate, NY is blessed with a ton of topographical gems. I played plenty of golf in South Florida and to be honest, using this specific rangefinder south of Ocala would be about as useful as a water ice truck in Alaska.




We have a lot of great courses that feature blind tee shots and approaches among the private and public clubs. The regular public course I play has GPS in their carts which nearly made this obsolete. I decided that I needed to walk more this summer to not only get myself in better shape but to return to the way I used to play golf as a kid and into college. One thing that I enjoyed about this was it slowed me down. I play quick golf when I have the chance and the extra time this would take to point and shoot (we're not talking about a lifetime) but enough to force me to be patient was beneficial. The routine gave me a better purpose for each approach and the results were there. I can say confidently that adding this to my routine has helped me focus better and prevent me from sprinting to the next shot. With that said, let's get to my scoring criteria. Clearly subjective I can only offer what I feel is the appropriate scoring relative to my game and my background. Again, I was never a range finder guy; I liked to feel my way around a course as my formative years were played on the $10 public and county courses with Red, White and Blue yardage markers. I hope this helps you guys who have been playing along at home.




Looks & Feel (8 out of 10 points)

My first impression out of the box was that it was a fairly simple setup. The package was simple enough to set up without relying upon the instructions.


As a no-instructions kinda guy, I was put at ease.


As someone who doesn't use a rangefinder, I needed the instructions!


Not because it was difficult, it was to differentiate between slope and non-slope modes.




In-hand its light. The product is solid but doesn't feel cheap. There is a dial at the viewfinder where you can adjust focus. I felt that several times it was nearly too light to keep from shaking in my hands. This is one time where an added weight would make it feel sturdier in hand. Truth be told this is far from a deal-breaker for me. I never had an issue finding yardage, it was consistently accurate where I had aimed it. The product is marketed as “rattle-proof” and will offer a consistent result even if you wiggle a little. I never had an issue with getting yardages and my gaps were less than 1 yard when shot several times. It is definitely light in hand but again, no issues in accuracy.




Golfers are a strange bunch. I sold golf clubs for 6 years and I cannot tell you how many times someone would talk themselves out of the proper fit for themselves just because they didn't like the clubs graphics. It's silliness but there is some serious truth to the matter when it comes to mass-appeal of a product. I think they did well. My favorite design in the entire product line is the Nexus. I love the look of the white with the green and black; but I also wear sweatpants and a hoodie to the grocery store. Looks at this point in my life are not really consequential. This is a great looking product and the performance backs it up. The case is a clean and well-built product. It makes on-course use easy with the elastic strap that clips over the opposite end. That prevents the user from zipping and un-zipping during each use, pretty smart. I thought that this was proprietary design but after a few more rounds with friends using other devices, it seemed to be commonplace among these cases.


Anyways, I was pleased when I opened it, pleased when I used it and pleased when it was secured in a safe place on my golf bag. Nice job so far.




Setup (15 out of 15 points)

Instructions were easy, not by design, rather by virtue of this being a very simple product. Grab it, turn it on and click once more, bada bing bada boom. The product has a lifetime battery guarantee which is nice. It's not a dealbreaker for me but it's a nice touch.


Accuracy (14 out of 15 points)

I never once second guessed my yardages with the NX7. I'd get in the habit of shooting it 2-3 times just to be sure and each time it was spot on. I used this for a four day member guest and on some holes the approaches play shorter than listed. We had a garmin in our cart that my brother in law uses regularly. We had near exact yardages for the most part. The tricky pins were where I could use this to our advantage. Accuracy was consistent.




On-Course (32 out of 40 points)

The key items that advertising has said sets this apart is the price and the slope mode. While the price is a fraction of other devices, I was not able to get the true slope to jump out for me. I played some courses that have some serious elevation changes yet no doy (this is a made up word and phrase I use. It just means no luck.) I am not going to ding it too hard here because the accuracy of framing a pin is easy and super consistent. I was hoping to see some profound distances on these shots and it just wasn't there for me. Doesn't mean it's bad or wrong, it could just be me.


It's really easy to learn. Try it once and you'll have instant recall for the next use. It really is that easy. Often times during slow play this allowed me the chance to take several shots and get a better picture of my approach. What it did do was slow my pace. I was more in tune with my shots and I had a better plan of attack.


I liked it. I'll keep it to my surprise. I never thought I'd be a rangefinder guy but here I am. They made a great product. I don't know what else they could design to make it perform better but for what we were given, it meets and exceeds any expectation I had these past few weeks.


Play it or Trade it? (18 out of 20 points)

There is nothing that would make me not want to use this. It's convenient and easy to use.

I am not sold on this being a product for the lesser skilled player. If you're consistently hitting your clubs within a certain distance I'd say you would benefit.


If you're someone who needs the brand name satisfaction of a certain product then I hate to say you'll miss out on a wonderful product. It's a quality build, easy to use, accurate as anything, looks good and has a great warranty / battery program. I was never a GPS / Rangefinder guy and I was pleasantly surprised. It made my approaches better and definitely has helped me with some indecisiveness on certain approaches. While I personally did not see any profound differences between slope and non-slope mode I have to say this is a solid product. If you want something that is as good as any other rangefinder and have some cash leftover then this is an easy choice.


Final Score: 87. This is a solid B+ product.

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Great start for your intro!  Looking forward to your thoughts on the NX7 Pro.  I tested it last year and found it was and still is a great rangefinder with excellent support for a fantastic price!



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Great intro!


The dog seems a bit excited by you petting him.... :blink:

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Great intro!


The dog seems a bit excited by you petting him.... :blink:

🤦🏼‍♂️ always know your audience I guess 🤣



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Great intro!


The dog seems a bit excited by you petting him.... :blink:

Now if I could only get my wife to pet me.



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Now if I could only get my wife to pet me.



Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy


:wacko:  :blink:  ha ha ha....

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Stage 1 posted.... get sum!

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