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Vegas golf and the heat

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Considering a solo trip to Vegas in August. Play, drink, and golf. Ive been twice before w. Once in Dec and in July. Is it foolish to even attempt to play in the heat? Seems like rates would be decent but I also dont need to stroke out.

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I've played in August in Scottsdale and in Florida - you may want to avoid the drinking part the night before and on the course - hydration is key when it's hot.



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Stay hydrated before, during and after the round. I've spent several months in similar heat and as long as you stay hydrated which will require much more water and Gatorade than you think the heat won't be as much of an issue

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Yeah, but it's a dry heat out there.  Big deal.  At least you don't have humidity to absolutely soak you after standing outside for 5 minutes with no exercise whatsoever.   :rolleyes:

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I wouldn't try it in August, but good luck.



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I was there last June and loved how the weather felt. Yes it's hot so make sure to have sun screen but I didn't once feel miserable like I do here in Ohio when it's hot. No humidity is a lovely thing.

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Play really early or late in the afternoon. I played Southern Highlands and Shadow Creek last year in July with mid morning times and it was miserable. Shadow was for Tiger Jam and it still was not fun. I would highly advise against beer if you are out in the heat and not used to it.



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Yeah, but it's a dry heat out there.  Big deal.  At least you don't have humidity to absolutely soak you after standing outside for 5 minutes with no exercise whatsoever.   :rolleyes:


That's what I always though before moving here to southwest Montana and at 5200' elevation. While the humidity is quite low, I find myself having a more difficult time staying hydrated here than anywhere I've lived; Ft. Lauderdale, Sacramento, and Tacoma. Seems like gallon goes in and barely a 1/2 cup comes out.   :blink:


To the OP, I think you'll be fine playing there this time of year.  Try and get really early tee times, take a cart, and drink plenty of water.

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We've been playing in above 90 degrees with 85% humidity for the last 2 months straight here in SC. I don't think playing with a cart in the heat is a big deal. Walking can be tough though.

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Yeah I was in Vegas in 110 and honestly just feels like an oven. But there's a huge difference 110 out there and 95 here in jersey with humidity. It's not too bad I would definitely go. Drink yourself stupid once your done.

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Not that it's usually a problem in Greater Boston, but the hotter it is, the better I play. I'm not nearly flexible enough to be really good, but in the heat, I feel less stiff, less achy, and a little more fluid.


That's if I'm riding, of course.


Otherwise, somebody would find my body somewhere on the front nine.





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No different playing in Vegas and playing here in SE Washington.  The temps and humidity are very similar.  August here is typically over 100* nearly every day with some days getting up to 110*.  We have already has two days this week at 106*.  


Make sure you have plenty of water; don't rely on the drink cart even at once resorts.  During the summer, they have a habit of not being out on the course much.  I drink water on every tee box; don't skip a hole.  I will have a Gatorade near the turn, but I don't like drinking too much of it.  Lots of water.  If the cart has an attached cooler, keep it stocked with ice water and keep a towel wet.  I usually wet my hat every few holes also; feels good but dries out quickly.  Cold beer at the 19th hole is the way to go.

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