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Counterbalance? Did it help?


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Interesting subject, I just bought a Ping Sigma G Tine with the 662 counter balanced grip. I hit every put on astroturf, then played 2 tournaments  on real grass last week and 3 putted 8 times in 2 rounds due to leaving long putts short. This is going to be a project.

I was fitted for a Ping Sigma G Doon with the CB grip last year.  I had to have it special made to a 34" length and green dot lie angle.  It has been the best putter I have ever used.  I have no issues from long range, certainly not any different than any other putter I've used.  


Since I can't know your putting setup and stroke, it difficult to say why you leave putts short.  It may take some time to get used to it.  I do spend several hours a week on the practice putting green working on path and distance control.  The more I do that, the better I putt.  If I take a break from practice, my putting becomes merely average.

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Somewhat related: I see Superstroke sells a "weighted" grip which I imagine would give some of the benefits of a CB putter. Has anyone tried that grip and found it useful?

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I had previously used a counterbalanced Scotty X7M and just didn't get on with it, the problem with the Scotty was the weight was fixed with epoxy in the top of the shaft under the grip so changing was a real pain as you can imagine. It lasted a year on and off before I got rid permanently.


On the brighter side I purchased and installed a new Superstroke Mid Slim 2.0 counterbalanced pistol grip to my Ping Vault Voss last Friday and the change was outstanding.


Grip has a screw top and came with both a blanking cap (I.e. no extra weight) and a 50g counter weight. Tested with both the cap and weight screwed in and noticed my stroke was much more consistent with the weight in so would say there is a definite improvement (at least for me).


What i also like about the Superstroke is the ability to easily change the weight through the butt of the grip itself, being with a hex tool and a couple of twirls you can easily switch weights (without the hassle of having to pull the grip and get the burner on to remove the epoxy/weight).


Superstroke aren't the only company that sell counterbalanced grips, i do like the ability to change the weights easily without messing. Before purchasing the Superstroke I had looked at the tour lock system but postal/import charges to bring to the UK just made it too expensive an option to justify (postal only was same price as my new grip).








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I'm playing a YES Stephanie Mid (400g) cut down to 32'' with a SuperStroke Slim 2.0 (64g) and a 75g counterweight.  I struggled last year with a shaky stroke and this combo has really smoothed it out.  It feels heavy, but the counterweight seems to add a nice balance.  I haven't putted this well in years.

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Until 2 months back I was playing a counterbalanced blade but then I switched to an odyssey mallet for the first time in years (no counterbalance) and up to this point I'm liking my new putter a lot. I honestly can't say that the counterbalancing helped or hurt but I am putting better with my new model than I have in a long time.



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When I had my Mezzo built, my fitter counter balanced it. I had tried the Super Stroke CB grips in the past with not much success so when he suggested it would be a good option for me I was a bit reserved in having it done. We tried several weight combinations with blind testing over an hour until we found what worked for me. I've gone from a 2.6 putting average to 1.8 in 6 months. Though I've changed grip and stroke during this time I still credit all the changes to the fitted putter and the club head feeling I get through the CB setup.

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