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Sunfish Makes Custom Head Covers Personal

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Imagine you're on the first tee.  Ready to pull the driver. What could give you more confidence than looking in your bag at a picture of Dustin Johnson sending one 350 yards down the fairway, or make you smile more than a picture of your son or daughter taking their first steps, or the sunset of the 18th hole at Pebble Beach.


Well Sunfish is now making it possible to have any of those memorable photo's professionally placed on it's genuine leather head-covers.   Check out the link with all the info here as well as seeing some examples below.  




The ideas are endless.  


PhotoFlux Main.png


Photflux USS San Diego.jpg


PhotoFlux Arnold.jpg


Photflux W.jpg


PhotoFlux Harman.jpg


photoflux Tartan headcovers.jpg



PhotoFlux Ball Marker.jpg



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Those are pretty slick looking. I've tossed around the idea of making a custom putter or driver cover. Just need to figure out what I'd put on it. Always heard good things about their quality.



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I wanted a Newfy headcover that isnt made on planet Earth so maybe a picture of her on one might just do the trick- thanks for posting

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    • By Golfspy_CG2
      This is pretty cool, and I'm sure we'll get some saying $260 plus for a wedge is ridiculously expensive, but again, it's not being force on anyone, it's an option that has in the past only  been available to the most elite players in the world, that is now available to anyone wanting to buy the service. 
      Press Release:
      Master Craftsman Bob Vokey is now offering the tour grinding experience to all golfers through the introduction of the new HandGround program on Vokey.com. 

      For golfers seeking tour-level customizations such as additional heel relief, a squared up leading edge, or Bob’s popular tour grind, the HandGround program is the answer. 

      For the last year, Bob has personally trained two grinders on all of the performance and profile adjustments that have resulted from his more than two decades of work with the world’s best players. 

      Bob’s passion for building relationships with individual players is the essence of the Vokey brand. Voke takes the time to listen to a player’s wants and, more importantly, their needs, when hitting wedge shots. He then takes this information back to the tour truck and starts grinding heads. The process can be lengthy, but when it is done right, it is worth the wait. 

      Bob will oversee the entire HandGround process – located in a new workspace adjacent to the Titleist Tour Department, inside the Titleist Golf Club headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif. – and, from time to time, will also grind HandGround orders himself. 

      QUOTING BOB VOKEY: “This takes me back to my roots - one player at a time, one wedge at a time, crafting the sole to the player's exact specifications.” 

      HANDGROUND OPTIONS: In selecting the HandGround option – currently available on all Vokey SM7 Raw models, the preferred finish of tour players worldwide – golfers will be able to choose from a variety of performance and profile adjustments (two adjustments maximum). 

      • Performance adjustments: As course conditions change, tour players make adjustments to their wedges to improve turf interaction by grinding material off the sole of the wedge. These grinds allow the player to change the wedge’s playing characteristics based on their unique swingtype and course conditions resulting in finely tuned performance. 

      Performance adjustments include: 
      - Pre-Worn Leading Edge 
      - Smooth Grind Lines 
      - Heel Relief 
      - Trailing Edge Relief 

      • Profile adjustments: Having the right head shape inspires confidence. Voke works with tour players to dial-in the head shape that fits each player’s eye. Profile adjustments allow the golfer to design a confidence-inspiring head shape by grinding material off the profile. 

      Profile adjustments include: 
      - Semi-Square Leading Edge 
      - Thin Top Line 
      - Tour Grind (smooths all profile lines & slightly reduces profile size) 

      For detailed explanations of each performance and profile adjustment, click here: https://www.vokey.com/nav/handground.aspx 

      HANDGROUND SETS: With F, K and L Grind wedges, golfers also have the option to make specific grind selections:

      - F Grind: Make it an S Grind. For example, golfers that prefer their 52.12 F gap wedge to have a touch more versatility greenside may enjoy this option. 
      - K Grind: Make it a J Grind (Heel & trailing edge relief) 
      - L Grind: Make it an A Grind (Smooth the grind lines) 

      ON THE WEB: https://www.vokey.com/nav/handground.aspx 

      AVAILABILITY: HandGround wedges are now available on all SM7 Raw models through Vokey.com. SM7 Raw wedges – including BV Wings grip and 10-character stamping – start at $195. There is an additional $75 charge for HandGround services. 
    • By Mitchdpg
      For Sale: Taylormade P790s 4-PW, X100s (straight in, not tipped).  
      MSRP: $1214.50
      Sale Price: $799.99
      (plus shipping cost)
      Order Details:
      Lie Angle: 2.5° flat
      Length: 1/4" short of standard
      Loft: Ordered these 2 degrees weak in Loft (didn't like the super strong lofts as these irons are already plenty long!)
      4 Iron: 23
      5 Iron: 25.5
      6 Iron: 28.5
      7 Iron: 32.5
      8 Iron: 37
      9 Iron: 42
      PW:  47 (adjusted to 46°)
      I ordered these directly from Taylormade and have a copy of the order receipt.  
      Condition: 9.9 out of 10
      I played 3 rounds with these irons and took them to the range once. Irons are in great shape and the only irons I hit at the range were the 6, 7, and PW a few times (see pictures). I currently have AP2s and Callaway Apex Pros, and these were much easier to hit. They are incredibly forgiving for a players iron, and have a great shape.  I'm looking to sell these because I don't need the extra distance and I have 3 sets of irons currently . The awesome thing about these irons is not losing hardly any distance with mishits, they are very easy to hit.     
      Contact me via text: 
      PayPal Only

    • By trudeaujean
    • By Duffer_E
      Cheers all!
      I am a new golfer (~ 2 years of non-serious golfing) so I have no real handicap (if you twist my arm, I'll say I'm around +28-38).
      I still game a Top-Flite beginner's box set, but I've started branching out a little for various reasons. I have added a Mizuno JPX 800 5i (I have a mental issue hitting hybrids, and found myself often in 5i/5h range), a Cleveland 56 Satin Black wedge (broke the Top Flite on the driving range -- not from a bad hit!!!) and TM spyder (red, no sightline) putter.
      I plan on getting fitted for some GI gear next year, so until then, I will just drool over all the different sets out there and wonder which is the best for me.
      Meanwhile, my question(s) revolve around the putter. Specifically, I went in to try a few different ones, and came away with the TM just edging out an Evnroll ER2. I came away from that shopping experience knowing that I have a *slight* arc to my putt. I still intend to get truly fitted for a putter when I do the fitting next year.
      However, I am a little confused/anxious about it, simply because, while there is (IMHO) way too much diversity in putters out there, I'm trying to sift through/learn all the putter ling. I'm wondering:
      a - Why do certain putters only come face-balanced, or counterbalanced, or have varying degrees of toe hang? Why does a company decide to build a specific putter with 30 degrees vs 28 vs 38, etc.?
      b - Say (for example) I really like the look and feel of an Evnroll ER8 putter and love the groove tech, but it's specs do not suit my putting style (i.e. I need a putter with 30-40 degrees of toe hang, but the ER8 only comes with 28 degrees of toe hang). Is it possible to customize it so that I get my ideal toe hang?
      c - Why do some putter specs list toe hang in degrees, while others list it as 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full, and what do those ratings equate to in degrees?
      d - How do the different necks affect a putter?
      e - How does the shafting (i.e. center-shafted or otherwise) affect a putter?
      My head is spinning more than my golf ball off the tee...
      Duffer E
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