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Do you actually use your 3-Wood?

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I've been using my 3 wood a lot more recently.  I have been hitting it farther than my driver and it is a lot more accurate than my driver. 

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Driver: Nike Vapor Speed 10.5* 

3 wood: Nike Vapor Speed

2H: Nike Vapor Speed

Irons: Nike Vapor Speed 4i-SW

Putter: Nike Method Core

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I am a huge Mizuno irons fan. I am not a 3 Wood fan. I recently bought an ST190G driver and loved it so much, I got a ST190 TS 3 Wood and gamed it this weekend. I loved this so much I just placed my o

Ditto. Lately I've been using my 3W exclusively off the tee as my driver and I got into a fight and I haven't made it to the range yet to knock some sense into it.

... I had a land line phone in the kitchen that was on a long cord for my youth and most of my adult life. Fast forward thru a few different technologies in phones and now I have this iPhone that is a

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