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Are drugs the golfers best friend?

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I'm a strong supporter of walking/stretching - At 58 years old, I walk a 100 rounds a year and in addition to the health benefits of walking, I find walking keeps the hips loose, works the lower back, knees, etc.

I also do what I refer to as 'aquatherapy' before and after golf,  a hot shower whereas I stretch the appropriate areas under steaming hot water... (No smart @ss comments LOL)...

In all seriousness, doing this, working with a Theraband, massage gun, etc. for forearms/elbow, weights, tread mill in the off season does the trick (and a dollup or 2 of 'Icy/Hot' therapeutic cream where/when it hurts).

I rarely take medication, as I believe the more you do the less it works... (The OP has effectively made pain medication ineffective by overuse)...

I play with guys who are younger than I that ignore the importance of appropriate stretching at their own peril. Unfortunately I've learned the hard way the old adage of 'use it or lose it' applies to all of us, and stretching is a key component of keeping mey 'young' on the course (Now that's a stretch!).


 - Ian 



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Lots of good suggestions.  I'm 68 and all of the aches you are starting to realize hit me about 15 years ago and they snuck up on me.  I had to make a decision.  Not about playing but about did I want to work out what was causing them and resolve it or just take something that allowed me to keep playing.  In other words just mask it so I could get through.  I tried the latter.  Tylenol before and after playing, etc.  It didn't work and I chose to not try anything stronger.  All they do is mask and in the end all of the pains progressively get worse.

So I went for the cause and found it was osteoarthritis in knees and ankles.  No amount of things I could take were going to prevent or slow it down as I age.  But I can focus therapy with little to no reliance on artificially managing symptoms and the therapy was exercise and stretching.  Amazing how much better good muscle provides for less pain.  

So Charli is right.  After 15 years of this I still take the occasional Tylenol or use some Voltaren but exercise is what kept me in the game and playing pain free.  That after round Bourbon goes down so much smoother when I can enjoy it vs using it to hide the pain.



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On 8/1/2018 at 9:07 PM, tony@CIC said:

Guys, Charli nailed it (exercise and stretching.). The latter had been something I neglected for years and that was a mistake. Over the winter I started a 'yoga for golf' program. While I don't follow it religiously everyday (takes about 30 min) I do some of the warm-up/stretching exercises before I go out and play. As a result I'm much more flexible before I hit my first drive.



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Yoga with Adriene will do the trick. Golf specific isn't required. Yoga was made for golfers.

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I am 60 years old and I also have my share of aches and pains. Here is what works for me:

1. Exercise - Don't always like doing it, but feel so much better afterwards.

2. If you have rotator cuff issues, specific rotator cuff exercises have worked for me. Have to do them regularly to keep the pain away.

3. Vibe Plate (vibration plate) - Just standing on it makes you feel better after a couple of minutes. Exercising or stretching on it increases the effectiveness of both.

4. Perfect Aminos - Helps with recovery and healing.

5. Creatine Tabs - Helps recovery, muscle retention and growth.

6. CBD Melatonin gummies - taken just before bed to help get to sleep and stay asleep.

That is what works for me, hopefully some of these ideas will help you also.



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Was doing PT, recovering from back surgery earlier last year and hurt my hips from the exercises.  Exercises were too advanced.  Went to another PT Dr which provided some relief but the hips still hurt and have had numerous steriod shots in both hips and am going back to the neurosurgeon who did my first surgery.  My game is in shambles and am in a lot of pain.  Ibuprofen 800 mg helps with the pain.  Saw a second neurosurgeon and he said I have arthritis.  Too much pain for arthritis.  Due to the pain, my game is very much with the arms and all over the place.  Realize that I am 75, played a lot of sports and this body took some good hits when I was young.  My Drs said if it hurts do not do it.  Cuts out a lot of exercises and walking.  Use cart to get around the course.  I am one who believes in modern medicine.  Was first in line at the VA for the COVID vaccines,  1,2, and booster.  Have had shingles and flu shot.  I go in for physicals yearly with five doctors.  My father did not take care of himself nor did my mother and they both died painful deaths.  My mom died at the age of 53 from lung cancer.  My dad died at 82 from colon cancer.  If there is a choice between a non addictive drug and pain, give me the pill..... I have had cluster migraine headaches since 1966 and due to modern meds they are now under control.  These are not something you want to mess with.  


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 Three years ago I had a partially torn rotator cuff. Tried physical therapy and considered surgery. Started exploring Stem Cell therapy. Lots of snake oil out there so be careful on that. Found a group that i was comfortable with and after a consultation decided to go for it. A month before the procedure I went to see the doctor and he said no more NSAIDS until six weeks following the procedure. At that point I had been taking 6-8 ibuprofen a day for pain management for the shoulder as well as creaky knees, hips and ankles. No more NSAIDS? OUCH! He ended up sending me a list of supplements that includes Glucosamine/Condrotin/MSM, Collagen, Turmeric and Bromelain. I get it all from Amazon. Long story short, I have been on this regimen religiously for close to three years and my joints fell better than they did 20 years ago and rarely take ibuprofen anymore.

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Very timely topic, sure drugs and OTC meds help. But, it is not something I want to rely on. I don't liked that drugged feeling anytime, and not while playing golf. With that said, the injuries are adding up. I have chronic backpain for 40+ years, a right knee that hurts off and on. Also, I have had two frozen shoulders and wrist pain - too much mousing. It is all very frustrating and hard to tell if my golf game is getting worse is due to poor technique or too many injuries.

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I have to confess that as a walking chemistry set, I have absolutely no reluctant attitude toward drugs.

If not for them, I simply wouldn't be able to play at all.

And it's not just pain medication.  It's everything.


Still, it's clearly a personal issue with which we must each deal individually.


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For me recovering from my accident I absolutely did not want any ophoids period. I ended up going the Delta 8 CBD route. It really helped me and the store we delt with knew their product. I only take about 5 mgs at the time any more than that gets me kinda buzzed but in the right amounts it did keep me loose and pain free.

I guess I was lucky compared to others what really helped me was going to graphite shafts in lighter irons. But CBD it works for me

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