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1 hour ago, JonMUSC08 said:

@GolfSpy MPR  did the bolt fit inside of the shaft inner diameter? And you used some sort of epoxy/glue to golf it in there?

Yep, that's exactly it. Standard golf epoxy.

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I used a gorilla glue 2 part epoxy from home depot. Just looked for something in the 2000-3000 psi strength range. 

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Well there are 2 threads that now have great instructions to DIY your own SuperSpeed sticks.

I changed my SuperSpeed sticks into ONE Stick. My design features removable weights.

Here is my parts list and instructions for the one I built.


  • driver - $2.99


  • 3/8" ID Fender Washers (100ct) - $16.00
  • 1/4x20x12" threaded rod - $2.00
  • thumb nuts - $1.00
  • JB Weld - $5.00
  • Plasti-Dip - $6.00

Total Cost: $33.00 *(plus some leftover supplies for another stick)


  1. Cut the driver head off of the shaft at the base of the shaft.
  2. Cut the threaded rod to approximately 5"-6" long.
  3. Using the scale, weigh the shaft and the cut piece of threaded rod. Record that value.
  4. Using the scale, weigh 1 washer. Knowing the weight of the 1 washer and the weight of the shaft & threaded rod, we can determine how any washers are needed to meet the the total weight for the light, medium, and heavy sticks.
  5. Using the information from SuperSpeed the green total weight should be about 13% lighter than your driver, blue is 5% lighter, and red is 15% heavier. I have a TM M6 (324.4g) so i used (10) washers for green, (12) washers for blue, and (17) washers for red.
  6. Coat about half of the threaded rod (start from the end that was cut bc the threads may be messed up) in JB Weld and insert into the driver shaft. Set aside to dry.
  7. I used JB Weld to glue each washer to one another for each weight set.
  8. Once the glue had been set (abt 24hrs), I used  a piece of wire to dip each weight set into the plasti-dip can. To dry each dipped weight set, i screwed (3) screws through a board to act as a minimal touching drying rack. About 3 to 4 coats are needed to get a good coating.  
  9. Add 1 thumb nut to the threaded rod, add a weight set, and add another thumb nut.

***I need to add a picture of the final design....


Change weight sets for changing swing weights.









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updated photos
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My simple build.  Old TM driver shaft, 4mm phillips screws (to match the number of washers)  16 , 21, and 26 washers for 253g, 295g, and 336g total club weight of the shaft and washers .

Used a small lock washer at the head of the screw, small fender washers at the top and bottom (1/16" hole x 5/16" dia), and big  (3/16" hole x 1 1/4"dia) for the weight.  8g each.

TM Fujikura XLR8  Reg flx from M2 driver.  Might switch to Senior flex.






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