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Who Changed their swing and ruined their golf game

Gg Owen

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Let's be honest...if you've played golf for any amount of time, this has happened to all of us at some point.  I constantly tinker with my swing.  I know I shouldn't, I should just keep the same swing but I guess I keep searching for that holy grail that just doesn't exist. 

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I'm in the process of working with a swing coach to improve my game.  While I'm striking the ball much better, I'm still making some errant shots that hurt me.  My short game comes and goes (more mental and trust issues than technique, I think).  Currently my handicap has gone up by 3 strokes, but I'm confident that it will return to previous numbers and hopefully lower.

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Wasn't so much a change in my swing, as it was a change in my clubs to the Cobra One Lengths last Fall. Was at a 9 HC index at the time ... winter golf didn't help all that much, but my game was terrible and ballooned to an 18.9 HC as of 2 months ago. It got to the point where I would avoid approach shots into the green from 110 to 150 yards and not have to use my 9i down to GW. Simply could not get myself mentally past the longer length shafts in the lower scoring irons. 

Switched back to my previous irons and now I'm simply scoring and playing better ... HC is down to 16.2 and trending to 15.7 at the moment per The Grint. 

I do feel the Cobra OL affected my standard hybrid, 3W and Driver swings as well. Utilizing the 7i swing plane for most of the round, then switching to 3H was a significant feel, thought, setup and swing adjustment. 

Was happy to have tried the OL concept, but even happier to have abandoned the idea sooner that I thought I would. 

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Whenever I see threads like this, it reminds me of a story I heard about Bobby Clampett (I may be wrong on the name, or the details for that matter). The gist of what I had heard was that he subscribed to a theory that broke the swing down in to some ridiculous number of parts that had to all fit together perfectly for the swing to be effective and he was never the same after that.

That's about as much as I know, so I would love it if someone with more knowledge of the situation could add more details.

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First of all, let us be frank.  Do we really have anything worthwhile to be ruined ?  There are true examples of major tournament winners revamped their golf swing for the reason of more distance or to look "pretty" and never won another professional tournament again after the changes.  Most of these golfers were a "feel" golfer changing to a more mechanical golf swing, which put a stop to their instinct to score low, to win.  When they lost that edge and could not replace it with the mechanics of the golf swing.... they were done in the higher level of the competition tournament golf. 

If we don't have any meaningful golf swing to be lost, then we're probably in process of making our game better in the end ?  Right ?  

No lessons nor new magic golf equipment will give us a better golf game over night.  I had seen this over and over again.

Blaming the new lesson of ruining our golf game.  I get it, we need some kind of excuse for our golf game ( or lack of it ).  It's human nature to find excuse for our inability to excel.   But, take a moment and think back to the beginning of the time when we first took up the game .  How long did it take us to hit that 8 ( 7) iron decent ?  So, why would we expect to fit into our new golf swing immediately after the lessons ?

I know that it took me almost two full seasons to feel comfortable of changing my golf grip from an interlocked to an overlapping Vardon grip.  Took me a full season to learn how to hit a longer driver (47" and 48" ).  

The attitude these days for almost everything in life, demands instant gratification.  People don't want to work for their retirement, they want to invent some app in the garage and sell it for billions instantly.  Same with the golf game.

We all wish we could purchase a magic solution to our golf games from Amazon and when the box delivered to our front door, open it;  Walla !  like putting on a new shirt, changed our game over night.

After more than a few decades around this game.    I realized that part of the charm of it , is that we have to work at the game to be better at it.  It would not have attracted the kings and the Queens, the rich and the poor , people from all walks of life if it's as easy as bowling.  Not to knock down bowling because I also bowl.

If the changes, from lessons or self-taught, will eventually put us on the right track for a better golf game.  The temporary set back will be so much sweeter, when the changes paid dividends.

Byron Nelson gave the young Ken Venturi lessons to better his golf game, who gave Ken a warning of hard work will be expected before seeing the result.  Ken was mostly a self taught golfer before this, and his golf grip was one of the first thing that Mr. Nelson corrected for him to be more reliable under the tournament pressure.

It took Ken almost a full season to feel that he could own the new golf grip; and started to win again

Expectations ( reasonable expectations ), is at question here.

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