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Stack and Tilt

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S&T and AimPoint will get me into the 70's this year. I have no doubt. 

What's in the bag? This is....
IRONS         Srixon ZX5 Elements Recoil 806 F2 Shafts
WEDGES     Vokey SM9 54* 14F and a Wilson Harmonized Chipper 37* 
DRIVER       default_taylormade-small.jpg.8a4a9b2a2fac6fe087f1c8c5cb704dbe.jpg  M6 FUJIKURA TSG PRO XLR8 61 S
3 WOOD     GX-7 14*
HYBRIDS     cobra King F9 Speedback 3,4&5  KBS TOUR HB GRAPHITE 75 R
PUTTER      Evnroll-01_1.jpg.c44279091062836814d5f5119fc252ea.jpg ER2v ML 
Lamkin       Sonar+ Tour Calibrate Standard Golf Grips
I also use Garmin Approach S62 and TecTecTec Range Finder.
And a Full Swing launch monitor for the three times a week or so I hit the mat. 





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I started with S&T in 2011 and went from a 2 hcp. to a plus 2 in four months.  I also won a state senior amateur and was one of the better senior players in the state for many years.  Anytime my game goes downhill, I revert to the basic S&T principles because they work.  As I tell people, it works for me, you do what you want.  I have two observations on many of the prior comments on this thread.  First, while some tour players have tried it and haven't gotten to the next level, that's a very limited group.  Once someone has spent their life getting that good, it's pretty tough to get a lot better.  So, maybe it's better to start with it before you're good enough to play on tour.  At some point natural talent is required.   Remember, in any activity, a few people are the best in the world and the rest of us aren't.  Second, if you focus closely on the basic S&T principles, you'll notice that most of the world's best players and many of the high profile teachers use them.  They don't call it S&T, which I always thought was a bad name anyway.  Still, the basics work for almost everyone.  


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On 8/7/2018 at 2:00 PM, Gg Owen said:

This had to be the most well thought out program on swinging a golf club.The book ‘ videos ‘ on line info covered every single aspect of their method. Is this teaching still relevant? What happened with stack and tilt. I rarely find anything current on it, which is a shame

There are hundreds of YouTube videos on this. Saguto golf, Nick Taylor, Jess Frank & Eric Cogorno to name a few. The problem is most PGA Professionals don’t teach it. When you watch most PGA touring pros, they mostly follow the principals. 

Played golf for over 50 years until my health and business calendar reduced my time to less then 5 rounds a year. Then 4 years ago I retired, changed my diet and lifestyle, lost 100 pounds and got back on the course. Its been a struggle but things are getting better.

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revisiting the S&T philosophy 

Feeling like its great for precise iron shots ,  very good for ball then turf hit as my prime purpose

I feel like a forward bump with my shoulders  gives a bit of weight shift to the lead foot to start of the swing  before weight goes back to my rear foot helps the rhythm of my swing  

i tend to like having the weight on my rear foot at set up . I tried weight shift to the front foot by moving my head / hips but the forward press of my shoulder seem to work best for me

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