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TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Black Irons

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Colby Husby - 29

4 handicap

Titleist MB 712's // project x shafts // 3-pw


Very knowledgeable with social media and YouTube platforms. Also connected to my swing evolution founder who is connected with the Ben Hogan Equipment company. Very awesome opportunity extremely for this.

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FtWorthBlack banner 2.jpg


Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Black Irons


In the words of Peter Wolf - don't touch the knobs 'cause I think we're gonna have some fun with this one....


​This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Ben Hogan Company. The brand has has plenty of ups and more than its share of downs, but it's still with us and as a brand, it still maters.


With three new product launches this year, Hogan has firmly reestablished itself as a brand to be reckoned with, and we have a unique opportunity for 5 lucky forum members to test, review and keep a set of the sexy, new Ft. Worth 15 Black irons.


FtWorthBlack_Web_020 copy.jpg



The Ft. Worth Black, with its rugged Diamond Black Metal finish, is most definitely a player's iron. It's a 1025 forged blade, and Hogan says it gives the better player the feel, accuracy and consistency his or her game demands.


We're looking for 5 of you to test the Fort Worth Blacks and let the MyGolfSpy Community what you think!


This review opportunity is open to any golfer in the US, Canada or the UK. Sorry lefties - this one is for your right-handed brethren only.


FtWorthBlack_Web_029 copy.jpg



We take our Forum Member Testing quite seriously here at MyGolfSpy, and it's imperative you apply in the right place - which is right here in the Forum and NOT back in the blog.


To be eligible, please tell us - in this thread - the following:


First name and home state/province

Age and handicap

Your current iron set/makeup


Thanks for applying! We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back to see if you've been selected.


FtWorthBlack_Web_029 copy.jpg

Good luck!

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Chris - Potomac Shores, VA

Age:  39

Handicap:  9

Current Set:  Fourteen TC-910 with KBS Tour V X-Stiff Shafts, 1 in longer than standard and 2 degrees flat, 4-PW


Played Hogans most of my life starting with the Hogan Edge irons and last set being the Apex Plus irons.  I live on a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course (Potomac Shores) and have helped a good friend of mine write reviews for Golf Digest multiple times.

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This is awesome. 


Jake from New York

24 Years Old - 11 Handicap

Taylormade Speedblade Steel Shafts Stiff +.5" length with mid-size grips

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James in Ft Worth  TX

39/ 10 handicap

Callaway Apex Pro, 4-PW, DG s300, +1/2


Would love to review my home town irons! Thanks for the opportunity.

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Dominic Shaheen


Metamora, Illinois (currently attending college in Cincinnati, OH)


Age 21, 3 handicap


I use Callaway Razr X Forged III irons 4-pw. Standard lie and lengths and stock grips

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Peter, Quincy, MA

31, 11.4 Handicap

Srixon Z745 4-PW, True Temper Steel S300 standard Length, 2* flat from standard, 1* strong From standard lofts (I.e. 45* PW instead of 46*, 21* 4 iron instead of 22*)

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