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TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Black Irons

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Always been fascinated with Ben Hogan's legacy and the company he was associated with.  Glad to see them back and thriving again.  Would love to have a chance to see these in action!



Sioux Falls, SD

22 years old

+4 handicap


Just graduated, played College Golf at William & Mary 


Currently playing Callaway Apex MB irons (3-PW)

130 gram X stiff KBS C taper shafts

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Jon from Cambridge, UK

39 years old

Currently playing to 6

Srixon 765 4-6, 965 7-PW with Nippon Modus 105 Stiff shafts, MCC+4 Align Midsize grips


Thanks for the consideration, would love the opportunity to test.

Self taught golfer trying hard to improve his game. Started playing early summer 2016.


Instagram @makingscratch : https://www.instagram.com/makingscratch/

Twitter @makingscratchUK : https://twitter.com/makingscratchuk


  • Driver : Ping G400 - Tour65 Stiff 44"
  • Fairway : Taylormade Burner 2.0 15deg - Reax-R
  • Hybrid : Taylormade M2 22deg - Flex-R
  • Irons : 4-6 Srixon Z765, 7-PW Srixon Z965 - Nippon Modus 105 S
  • Wedges
    • 52deg Cleveland CG15
    • 56deg Vokey SM5 F-Grind - Nippon ProModus 130 TX
    • 60deg Miura K-Grind - TT DG Spinner
  • Putter : Evnroll ER2
  • Ball : Vice Pro Plus


Proud owner of a slowly approaching complete archive of Titleist's blades circa 2000-2014 and a Wilson FatShaft CI10 blade putter in perfect condition (seriously, try Googling it and look at the state of the few that show up) which I bought when at college and just happens to look like it's stamped with my daughter's name, born 14 years after I bought it...

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I would be honored to test these gems!!!  My first set of real irons were Hogan Apex Channel Backs from 96-97ish.  Always played blades until this most recent set of irons noted below.  


Sean from Phoenix, AZ


38yrs young: former D-1 Golfer turned BJJ Black Belt and got back into golf 6mths ago after 15 yrs away from the game.


1.6 hdcp 


Currently playing:

Hogan PTx Irons 4-PW ( 21-45 degrees) with KBS Tour-V 120X / knocked down 1 degree flat.

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Lynton Jeffrey

Praire City Iowa (Australian origin)

Age 44 handicap 4.9


Play 2014 Taylormade Tour Preffered MB Blades 56,52,PW-3 s300dmg shafts std loft std lie std length

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Looks an outstanding product!


Michael Owen from Wales (Great Britain)

I am 25 and my handicap is 14

I player with ping g30 irons ( stiff shafts with 1 extra wrap and an inch extension on the club shaft)

Taylor made M4 driver and 3 wood.

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Dallas, Texas

Age: 30 HCP: 2

Mizuno MP 25 4-PW w/ DG Tour Issue X100 +1"(from mizuno standard) 2* up standard lofts. 

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This would be great!!!


Nathaniel from West Virginia

age 30

Handicap 20

Current irons Dunlop Tour 5-PW

Current FW Woods Dunlop Tour 3W and 5W

Current driver Nike Iginte 460cc 9.5o

Current putter Dunlop Tour


I would love to test these at my home course and maybe improve my game a little bit.

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What a treat this would be! Currently looking at irons in this same vein.


Ryan Hardenbrook

Las Vegas, NV

32 years old, father of 2

4.7 HDCP

Currently gaming the Fourteen FH1000 blades


Well versed in t his style of review and would love to contribute tot the “truth digest”!

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Black is Sexy!


Adam from Florida


age 55, cap 5


wedges 62 Vokey SM 6

             55  Miura

             50 Vokey SM 6

Irons  Mizuno MP 15  4-PW Project X 6.0

Hybid Taylormade M1 19deg

3W     Taylormade M2 tour 15dec

Driver  Taylormade M3 Project X 6.5 65g

Putter  Taylormade Spyder tour Black 

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