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TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Black Irons

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Maybe you or Hogan will also a Review from Europe, would be great so


Oliver - Berlin Germany/Europe

Age: 46

Hcp 7.5

Adams xtd forged 5-9 and Scor wedge 46-50-54-58 recoil 95 F3


Cheese from Berlin

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Having the opportunity to test these would be really awesome.


I'm back to the game after a 5 year break. Still getting my rhythm back- but i have rediscovered why we all love golf!


The passion is back, it would be great if the golf gods bless me with those irons!



Marlowe Mercado 

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Age: 30
HCP: 18
Taylormade R7 Draw, Standard Steel Shaft- Stock Stiff Steel Shafts- 5-PW

Driver:  Taylormade  R7 Draw- 10.5, Stock Graphite Stiff

3 Wood: Callaway  FTi Squareaway- Stock Graphite Stiff 

Hybrid:  Taylormade R7 Draw- 3 & 4 Hybrid-Stock Steel Stiff

5 Iron-PW:   Taylormade R7 Draw-Stock Steel Stiff



Cleveland RTX Forged: 56 Degree, 8 Bounce- Wedge Flex Shaft

Cleveland RTX Forged: 60 Degree, 13 Bounce- Wedge Flex Shaft

Putter: TPX 1.0 356- Supersize Grip

Glove: Footjoy Stasof

Ball: Srixon Q-Star/Kirkland Signature 3pc

Instagram: 6_oh_fore

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Current Ben Hogan Iron player!


Dan Schiller

Lino Lakes, Minnesota

35 years young

4 Handicap


Titleist Driver & Vokey wedges

Ben Hogan Apex Edge Irons 3-PW, stiff shaft, standard lie



Would love to compare these bad boy iron's to mine!! Thx!




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Mike from Florida

61 yo 15 hdcp

KZG XCB Custom fit 5-AW - Aerotech SteelFiber I80, R Flex 1* Flat


Thanks for the opportunity!

Driver: Callaway Epic Speed 9* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65, Stiff

3 Wood: Callaway Epic Flash 3 Wood 15* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 75, Stiff

Hybrids: Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid #3 18* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver 70, Stiff

               Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid #4 21* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver 70, Stiff

               Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid #5 24* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver 70, Stiff

               Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid #6 27* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver 65, Regular

Irons: KZG XCB 6-PW - Aerotech SteelFiber I80, Regular 2* Flat

Wedges: Edison Forged - 51* and 57*, 2* Flat

Putter: Odyssey Toe Up #1, Ball: Vice Pro

"Perception is Reality"

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I would be honored to play and review these irons.



First name and home state/province

Clayton - Washington State


Age and handicap

44    9.5 official



Your current iron set/makeup

3-P TaylorMade Psi 1* weak, KBS Tour X, A-wedge 50* bent to 52*, KBS Tour X, Titleist Spin Milled S400




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Eddie-Myrtle Beach SC

54- 7 Hdcp

Titleist MB 716, PXI 5.5 shaft

10.5 SLDR, Black OPS 30.06 x-stiff
Rocketballz Stage 2 15degree 3 wood stiff flex
Callaway X2hot 5 wood stiff
Ping G30 4 Hybrid 22 degrees
Ping I-20 irons 5-8 CFS stiff
Scor 41, 45, 49, 53, 57 matched to Ping Irons
Putter Taylor made Ghost Spider S
Ball Taylormade Lethal or ProVX
True Sensei shoes

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James From Wyoming

32 years old 3.7 hcp

Titleist 718 AP2 9-5 with 716 TMB 2 iron all with X100 shafts


I played Hogan's from 17 years old until just after I turned 32 this spring. They were the softest and most pure irons I have ever hit. Increased forgiveness led me to make the switch to the AP2. I playedf Ben Hogan Apex E-7 blended with Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro 6-4 w/ 2 iron all with Apex 5 shafts. I will keep them forever.

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Kyle from Statesville, NC

38 yrs old

Hdcp 4.8

Currently play a Hogan combo set

4-6 Ft. Worth hi; 7-PW Ft. Worth 15; TK wedges in 48*, 52*, 56*, and 60*

All with KBS C-Taper


I love the Hogan story and the brand. My clubs were built just before the company restructuring and I am thrilled that they are back and seem to be making a solid run! Would LOVE to see how the DBM version with the subtle design changes stack up against my gamers. Another awesome opportunity from MGS and Ben Hogan Golf!



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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Mike - North Jersey

7 Handicap

2-PW Nike V Pro Combo (1” long and 1” upright)

Scor 4161- 51, 55 & 59 degree Wedges


Below is a review I wrote on the Ogio Silencer bag I bought, would put the same effort and detail into a review of these clubs





First, let me say that the overall Ogio silencer concept, predated by the Chamber bags, is IMO the best innovation in golf bags since manufacturers starting making stand bags. I am an average golfer and keeping my clubs in good shape is important to me, especially since I spend enough time hacking it out of questionable lies and cannot afford $1k + annually for new clubs. Prior to purchasing the Ogio bags, I used a Nike stand bag with 14 way (full) dividers and neoprene head covers for my irons and wedges. It was a drag taking them off for every shot and then putting them back on.


I own both the Ogio silencer stand bag (carbon), which I purchased on Amazon, and silencer cart bag (paranormal moss), which I purchased in store locally. In the course of this review, I will highlight the features of the stand bag; while contrasting the benefits of the cart bag.


First impressions of the stand bag are of course around the silencer technology. On the stand bag there are 13 slots for your driver, woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges- all with the silencer technology and a larger, non silencer, slot for your putter. I've found that the larger putter well can hold another club, ball retriever or your umbrella in addition to your putter. You might actually find putting your umbrella in this well better than the typical umbrella sleeve. This is due to the the rope cord lock located at the top of the bag being almost completely useless on both the stand and cart bag.


Aside from the silencer technology, the bag boasts 6 zippered pockets. One full length, one 'valuables' which is subdivided and felt lined, and 4 others of varying sizes. The bag also boasts a dedicated range finder 'slip pocket', which is absent in the cart bag. I think leaving this pocket off of the cart bag was a mistake. The final pocket is also a slip pocket, with a 'cooler' lining for drinks. I prefer this slip pocket for drinks over the larger zippered drink pocket on the cart bag. I personally would have liked the single full length to be 'dividable' thru the use of a 'velcro shelf' midway top to bottom. This would allow for a better ability to stack items (shoes, rain jacket, etc) in this pocket and would keep the items on top from falling when removing the items from the bottom (this is a feature Ive seen on Titliest bags). Conversely, there are 8 zippered pockets on the cart bag. The aforementioned zippered cooler pocket, a subdivided valuables pocket, two full length pockets (not dividable vertically) and 4 additional pockets of varying sizes. There is also a pen pocket and towel loop.Worth mentioning is a nice, but completely unecessary feature in with many of the pockets are labeled. Subtle touch but one that aligns with the overall quality of the bag. Lastly, both the cart and stand bag feature a removable front pocket for embroidery- a nice feature.


As an aside, I find the towel loops on these bags and most bags poorly designed. I'd like to see an elastic strap (similar to the way the towel holder on the chamber bag) in lieu of these so called towel loops.


The bag also has a velcro patch for your glove. One absent feature typically found on stand bags is a 'tee holder'. There also isn't a dedicated ball holder, which is on probably 40-50% of the stand bags in the marketplace.. One excellent, non standard, feature is a 'grab' handle near the top of the putter well. Absent on the cart bag, the grab handle makes maneuvering the bag (used in conjunction with the bottom grab handle, which is present on the cart bag) a cinch when loading and unloading in a vehicle (I also like it for grabbing the bag in an upright position).


Speaking of bag handles, I am not a fan of the 'soft' handles on both the cart and stand bag. I prefer a hard handle, such as the one on my Nike stand bag. Personal preference of course, the bag handle works as you'd expect.


As for the stand itself, straight forward. I did find it a bit stiff and it takes a firm push for the legs to extend. Due to the design, one area the stand and mechanism is quite annoying is on a golf cart (gas). The foot extends outside the "vertical frame" of the bag and you have to load your bag sideways in the back of the cart or it will rest on the edge of the bag well in the golf cart. Speaking of golf carts, I found the match with the Sun Mountain Micro GT push cart to be poor. The bottom of the side pockets of the bag rub on the front wheels of the cart; unless you extend the front wheels on the GT cart. The bag also sits awkwardly on the base and top bag holder. Final note about carts, both the stand and cart bags feature 'cart strap tunnels'. I find this feature make a big difference for the time you might ride/use a push cart and an overall better experience as pockets remain accessable.


The carry strap is excellent. The Shox X4 suspension system is extremely comfortable; with the weight absorption provided second to none. One minor complaint is the lack of a ‘quick release' in the event you want to remove the straps. Not a deal breaker, but a feature I like for using my bag with carts and when putting my bag into my travel bag.


The final feature of the stand bag to discuss is the weight. This is not a lightweight bag. Its close to 5 lbs empty. That unfortunately is the trade off for the silencer technology.


As for using the bag, getting the clubs back into the 'base' of the stand bag can be somewhat tricky. I found certain slots worked better when the bag was vertical versus angled on its legs (and vice versa). This is not an issue on the cart bag. I believe the reason is due to the compact footprint of the stand bag, but haven't definitively confirmed that. Also the design of the silencer slot organizers is not optimized on the stand bag. There are 4 silencer slots on the left side of the bag, which seem to be designated for where your driver and woods/hybrid go. The problem is the front to back spacing between the slots is too narrow and the head of the clubs interfere with each other. The design on the cart bag is much better, organized into 1 row of 2 and 3 rows of 4 slots (front to back, left to right) and the spacing is much better. What is strange about the slots on the cart bag is that there are 14 slots on the cart bag, plus the putter well (similar to the stand bag, you can fit an umbrella or alignment sticks or 16th club in addition to your putter) . This final slot can fit all clubs with a standard round grip, alignment sticks or the like. While strange, it makes choosing between that hybrid or iron easier- just don't forget to remove the 15th club if playing in a tournament.


So would I recommend the stand bag? ABSOLUTELY. The silencer technology outweighs any flaws in the bag. Don't fully load the bag up with shoes, rain gear and an umbrella (sunny days) to compensate for the additional weight. I think a better question is, Would I recommend the stand bag over the cart bag? The answer is no. Get a push cart and go with the cart bag. For the times you do ride, it will be a more enjoyable experience and every time you use the bag, the better situated top divider along with the better experience when putting clubs back in the bag are enough reason for me.

D: PING G400 LST / Project X HZRDUS Yellow 6.5 (X-Stiff) 75G / 10.5*

3W: Callaway Rouge Sub Zero / Project X HZRDUS Yellow 6.5 (X-Stiff) 76G / 15*

2i: Nike V Pro Combo / Nippon C10 Prototype (Stiff) 130G / 18* / +1†Length and 1* Upright

3-PW: Nike V Pro Combo / Dynamic Gold S300 130G / 21 - 47 / +1†Length and 1* Upright

W: Cleveland 2 Dot CG15 / Cleveland Traction (Stiff) / 52* (Bent to 51*) / +1†Length and 1* Upright

W: Cleveland 2 Dot CG15 / Cleveland Traction (Stiff) / 56* (Bent to 55*) / +1†Length and 1* Upright

W: Cleveland 2 Dot CG15 / Cleveland Traction (Stiff) / 60* (Bent to 59*) / +1†Length and 1* Upright

P: Nike Method Mod 90 / 3* Upright

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