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SKLZ Hinged Putter Aid


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New blade head design is favored by players worldwide CARLSBAD, CA - November 10, 2010 - SKLZ, the industry leader in sports skill development products and equipment, today announced it has introduced the new and improved Refiner Hinged Training Putter as part of the company's line of golf training aids. The Refiner Putter features a new blade "Anser style" head design which in the last 40 years has been one of the most popular putter styles in the history of golf.


The Refiner Putter is the ONLY hinged training putter on the market. It features a patented, two-way adjustable hinged design that promotes smooth acceleration by forcing players to use their shoulders instead of their hands. Flaws in the putting stroke are immediately exposed by a break in the hinge giving instant feedback on tempo, timing, and club head path.


"Putting is all about feel," said Greg Shoman, vice president of marketing, SKLZ. "When you practice putting with the Refiner Putter you can really feel where your stroke is breaking down because the hinge will break immediately when your stroke is not solid. The Refiner Putter was adopted early on by Champions Tour Players because the old-school golfers were trying to break the habit of wristy putting styles that were popular back in the day. And now the benefits are really being seen throughout the PGA Tour."


In addition to fixing the "wristy or "handsy" putting strokes that lead to poor contact and roll, The Refiner Putter helps fix other major putting flaws such as poor tempo caused by a rushed takeaway or transition; deceleration caused by a long backstroke with a short, jabbed through swing; and disconnected shoulders and hands. The dual-adjustment hinge allows golfers to loosen or tighten the tension based on putt length and the desired levels of tolerance.


At least 16 PGA professionals currently train with the Refiner Putter on a regular basis, including one who ranks 6th overall in putts per round on the PGA Tour. The Refiner Putter can be used at the practice green, home, or office, any time of the year. It includes an adjustment key/divot tool. The retail price for the new Refiner Putter blade is $69.99 and $39.99 for the original.


About SKLZ

SKLZ is the innovator in athletic training, and is the premier developer and marketer of athletic performance and skill development training products for serious athletes of all ages. The flagship brand of Pro Performance Sports, SKLZ delivers broad lines of training products across a variety of sports, including baseball, fastpitch, golf, football, basketball, soccer and more. SKLZ focuses on transforming innovative concepts into effective sports training products that help serious athletes of all ages reach their full potential. With international headquarters in San Diego, California, the company delivers durable, high-performance trainers that can be found internationally at major sporting goods retailers, specialty shops, and mass merchants, as well as on the SKLZ web site at www.sklz.com.


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