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PING Apologist #9

Thorbjorn Olesen’s clubs LOST...AGAIN!

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This article caught my eye late yesterday and It got me thinking...




My first thought was of course "Wow, how the H*** does this happen twice to the same guy?" Just dumb bad luck I suppose...


My second thought was; "How the H*** does anything really get "lost" in today's modern airline systems?"


I "think" I have my own answer: "Not lost, but actually STOLEN"


Someone must have nicked these either from the claim areas or from the back somehow. I find it very hard to believe that luggage of any type can just become "lost", never to be seen again. But something as obvious as a travel bag for golf clubs must be tempting to the miscreant crowd types.


Perhaps I'm just naive on this subject, so I look outward for other folks' opinions on their thoughts on this concept of "lost" luggage. I'm sure there are many who have experienced it (I luckily have not) and maybe someone has some industry insider info to share.

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Compared to forty years ago, when it was half-decent, commercial air travel has become a complete abomination in my view.  I take fewer holidays because I hate flying so much. 


It's not that I'm afraid.   I've been flying for over sixty years.  I've flown in single engine puddle jumpers.


It's that it's so crowded,


and the service, including luggage handling,

is so bad. 


Nothing should EVER get lost in baggage the way they obsess over security now.


And they allow far too many carry-ons,  for people who can't be bothered to wait at the carousel, which makes it even more uncomfortable. 


(I'm sure we have a lot of carry-on folks right here on the forum. I'm the nasty looking old dago who glares at you.)


Maybe I should have saved this for the rant thread. 

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This just recently happened to G-MAC as well. And on the way to a tourney. And if I remember correctly, it happened to him twice as well.

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