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(8) TESTERS ANNOUNCED: PING i210/i500 irons

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Miura PP9003 with KBS Tour 90 Regular

Irons: Miura PP9003 KBS Tour 90 R 5-P

Wedges: Miura New Wedge Series 51 Deg, Cobra Tour Trusty 56 Deg

Driver: Bridgestone JGR 10.5 with Tour AD J16-11W Reg stock JDM

3 Wood: Bridgestone JGR 3W with Tour AD J16-11W Stiff Reg stock JDM

Hybrid: Bridgestone JGR 4H with Tour AD J16-11W Reg stock JDM

Putter: Ping Sigma G Kinloch C 

Right handed, lives in Singapore

Playing in the mid 90s and trying my best to break 90 consistently.



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attachicon.gif PING-i500-107.jpg

PING i210/i500 irons



Yep, you read that one correctly, my fine fellow GolfSpies!




As in Eight is Enough or Eight Days a Week. As in a touchdown and a two-point conversion.


We're looking for EIGHT of you to test, review and keep a set of PING's new i210 or i500 irons (four testers for each set), and let your friends here on MyGolfSpy know if those two new irons sets stand and deliver for better players - feel and accuracy for i210 types and distance and playability for you i500 guys (or gals).


attachicon.gif PING-i210-106.jpg

This review opportunity is open to any eligible MyGolfSpy Forum member in good standing who resides and plays golf on the planet known as the Third Rock From the Sun.


How To Apply:


Here's what we need you to do - first, visit PING's website and determine which iron is best for you, the i500 or the i210.


Then, in this forum (and in this forum ONLY!!!!!), tell us the following:


Your first name

Your home state/province/country

Your handicap

Your current irons set/shaft

Your PING choice - i210 or i500


attachicon.gif PING-i500-105.jpg

We'll announce the testers in this thread next week, so make sure you check back to see if you've been chosen.


Good luck!!!


attachicon.gif PING-i210-101.jpg


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I'm 77 years old and have an 15 handicap. I'm playing with an old hand-me-down set of S2H2 Callaway irons. It would be interesting to find out what my handicap would be with modern up-to-date Ping irons.


Thank you,


Jim Nycum

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They look very nice. Would like to test them.

I own Taylormade RSI 2 for now but would like to try another brand.

Thanks and good luck to everyone.

:taylormade-small:  Driver M2 (2016) 10.5* Fujikura Pro 50

:taylormade-small:   3 Wood M2 (2016) 15* TM Reax 65

:taylormade-small:   Jetspeed 3 Hybrid 19*  Velox T65

:taylormade-small:   Jetspeed 4 Hybrid  22* Velox T65

:taylormade-small:   RSI 2 Iron set  4 to PW and AW Matrix Program F 15

:cleveland-small:      CG11 54*  True Temper Wedge 

:taylormade-small:   ATV Wedges 56* and 60* KBS Tour Wedge Flex

:taylormade-small:   White Smoke putter 

                     All standard length


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Cobra Bio Cell+ w. FST 125

PING choice - i210


I know I haven't much of a history here but I was a frequent contributor on FGI under the same handle "MellowJ"

I posted photos taken with my DSLR, reviews and so much else I almost got fired from my day job.


I understand what this involves and am prepared to make it worthwhile. You can count on me.

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