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(8) TESTERS ANNOUNCED: PING i210/i500 irons

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index 6.0


Wilson Staff Tour V/5, Stiff Shaft, One inch longer, and 2 degree upright


i 500

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Hey MGS community, I'm Kevin, started posting here as I began to take my golf game seriously this spring!


I've well documented my commitment to improving my golf game this year. Despite living in Arlington, VA, I leaned into range sessions well before true golf weather arrived. Thank god for heated bays at the range!


From finally getting fit for clubs (drivers and fairways) to documenting how my new kit in addition to lessons has improved my game off the tee, I've made a lot of progress so far, with my calculated handicap (not USGA official) of 15.5, down from 19 this spring.


What I have not done is ever gotten properly fit for irons, which is why this testing opportunity really stands out to me. I'm 6 foot 3 inches and currently play:


2016 Taylormade M2 Irons

KBS Tour 90 Stiff Shafts

+3/4 inches

+1 degree upright


These were purchased from a retail store, not properly fit. Moreso "this is your height, you're a big guy, so here's what shaft and length you need". Better than an off the rack purchase, sure, but not a proper fit by any means. No hitting on a trackman/foresight, no testing against other clubs, etc.


Today, I struggle with consistent distance in my shorter irons (particularly AW-9 iron being hot) and longer irons a tend to hit a touch fat.


PING's new offerings have really piqued my interest for a couple reasons.


1: The offset of the M2 irons is beginning to really throw me off at address. As I've taken lessons, my slice miss has converted into a pull. Progress no doubt, but I'm now questioning my alignment as the irons appear to be setup for a pull at address.


2: Even though I'm a high handicap, I disagree with the notion that I must play Super Game Improvement Irons. I like the look and appearance of a more compact design, and these PING sets are about as sexy and sleek as they come. Certainly miles beyond what these M2 irons look like.


3: The lofts on my M2s are crazy. I don't even carry my 4I because the loft + length I have is effectively a 3 iron (19 deg loft, 39.625 inches in length). I'd love to move towards something closer to traditional. I don't need distance, I need consistency.


I'd love to bring a high handicap perspective to the PING i500. I'd love to dispel the notion that a high handicapper cannot play "players distance" irons. I'd also love to, for the first time, play perfectly fit irons, and compare/contrast how significant that an iron fit can be to your game.


Not to mention, it'd be awesome to include a lefty tester in your group ;)


What do you guys think? Could a left handed high handicapper who is investing heavily in lessons be a good perspective to add to the PING i500 test?

I don't know the answer to your question but as a tip from a MGS veteran if you want to be considered as a tester you should also go to the intro section and introduce yourself there rather than here. (If you haven't as yet)


And welcome! Good luck



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Thanks for a great opportunity to test awesome irons:




Gauteng, South Africa




Ping E1 CFS Distance Stiff 4 - PW

Ping Glide CFS wedges GW - LW


Ping I210 please


Good luck everyone

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Roberto- I think I stand as much chance at being selected as a dog in a roomful of cats but nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Good luck to all!

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New Jersey/USA
My Handicap: 19
My current irons set/shaft: Mizuno JPX 825 Pro 4-PW / DG R300 Regular
PING Choice:  i500, Black Dot, R shafts. 

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attachicon.gif PING-i500-107.jpg


PING i210/i500 irons


Yep, you read that one correctly, my fine fellow GolfSpies!




As in Eight is Enough or Eight Days a Week. As in a touchdown and a two-point conversion.


We're looking for EIGHT of you to test, review and keep a set of PING's new i210 or i500 irons (four testers for each set), and let your friends here on MyGolfSpy know if those two new irons sets stand and deliver for better players - feel and accuracy for i210 types and distance and playability for you i500 guys (or gals).



attachicon.gif PING-i210-106.jpg

This review opportunity is open to any eligible MyGolfSpy Forum member in good standing who resides and plays golf on the planet known as the Third Rock From the Sun.


How To Apply:


Here's what we need you to do - first, visit PING's website and determine which iron is best for you, the i500 or the i210.


Then, in this forum (and in this forum ONLY!!!!!), tell us the following:


Your first name

Your home state/province/country

Your handicap

Your current irons set/shaft

Your PING choice - i210 or i500



attachicon.gif PING-i500-105.jpg

We'll announce the testers in this thread next week, so make sure you check back to see if you've been chosen.


Good luck!!!



attachicon.gif PING-i210-101.jpg


Florida/ USA


Adams Idea CMB/ KBS c-taper xstiff

Ping i210


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Staten Island NY

11.5 Handicap

Ping G700 AWT shafts 1/4 inch short standard lie

Ping i210 irons

Although I like the g700 irons if I had known that new i irons were coming out this year I would have waited. There is not as much playability in the g700's as I had with the i10 irons. Much harder to work the ball. But also quite a bit longer. Would love a shot at trying the i210 irons. Thank you

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Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

4.3 hdcp

Currently play Titleist AP2 716 irons 3-pw


Would love to test the i210

+1/2 inch. Blue dot, 3-pw left hand with modus 3 tour105x shafts. New decade mcc grips +1/32 grips.


Thanks for the opportunity MyGolfSpy

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