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PING Apologist #9

Phil Mickelson getting ready to kick some a**?

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So I heard about this earlier today on the Jim Rome Show about a leg-kick video from Phil which he posted on his new twitter account as some sort of "look what I can do" to Tiger Woods...




OK.... So he's flexible..


Also, why is Phil always trying to get scary, fast things just past people's heads???


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Just another reason why I enjoy Phil. Guns blazing, he's not the type to play it safe and always goes for the gold. Makes for exciting golf.


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Indeed! I've always enjoyed watching him play whether it be playing well or even imploding. His shot-making skills are second to none (in this era... Sev was the BEST) and it's been refreshing to see him  generally back in it this year.


Then you got Tiger, and well....He's TIGER!!! We may have to have a watch party for their pending match. Me and some other golf geeks getting our funk on...


Anyway, I just thought this was a little awkward, but it fits. Tiger is socially awkward too... ;)

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