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In 2012 I won the lottery and got tickets to two practice rounds of the Masters. Thinking it may be my only visit I was in line when the gates opened and I vowed to be the last to leave... but more on that in a moment.

Being a practice round I took my Nikon with a decent lens with me and took a few hundred pictures.

At the end of the day I knew Darren Clarke was still out on the back nine so I camped out on the 18th waiting for him to make his way there. Suddenly a film crew sets up and three golf carts zip out to the fairway carrying Arnie, Jack and Gary. For the next fifteen minutes they film the guys walking up the fairway, screwing around on the green and doing an interview. And all that time I sat on the grass right next to the camera crew clicking away. Not another patron in sight.

When the film crew packed up I thought I had some more time to wait for Clarke to make his way to the green, but I received a gentle tap on my shoulder. I looked up to find one of Augusta's ever present security guards looking down at me. “I'm sorry sir, but Augusta National is closing it's gates for the day and we are going to have to ask you to leave.” And that's my story of being kicked out of the Masters....

But more importantly, I've got some great picts of Arnie Jack and Gary. I list them on eBay and make prints for folks all the time. Anyone who wants one they come straight from Shutterfly directly to your door. Glossy or matte, pick your size...

Listed on eBay here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/132723298094

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Walking ahead of my BagBoy QuadXL w Alphard eWheels
Driver: Callaway Mavrik SubZero 9* Neutral w stock Evenflow Riptide R flex shaft
3W  Titelist TS2 15* Draw w Tensei Blue R flex
3H, 4H Cobra One Length F9 Speedback hybrids (1”short) w Fujikura Atmos R flex shaft
5I-GW Cobra Forged TEC Black One Length (1”short, 2* flat) KBS 90 R flex shafts
56, 60 Cobra King MIM One Length Black (1” short) KBS HiRev2.0 125 S flex shafts
ER7  or Scotty Futura X - 35”

OnCore Elixr (lemon or lime)

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