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So after reading the responses here so far, it seems I've fallen into a similar pattern to many of you by working my way up the bag for warm-ups. The coolest thing I'm going to try is a more "round-related" finish to the warm-up by ending up hitting my "club-of-choice" for the first tee ala @MR_THEO... I've heard of the pros using this technique and it just seems very logical. Actually tried it today by pulling the 5w back out and hitting 3 final shots with it to deplete the bucket. It "sort-of" payed off with a missed FW right just into the fringe that left me with a 120-yd shot to the green. We shall not speak of the next 6 shots... :huh:

I have done this before, but can't really say I saw any difference. Doesn't mean it won't work for others though!

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Arriving 45 minutes early. Drop the bag, park far away and walk to the pro shop, pay, apply sunscreen if I didn't at home, go to the range and stretch, hit 5 wedges, 5 9 irons, 2 or 3 hybrids, 2 or 3 drivers, hit a wedge, hit driver hybrid, driver 9 iron, go to the practice green, hit a couple of chips, 3 long putts in different directions, hole a couple of short putts and go tee off.


I rarely vary it unless something odd happens. I do start about every fourth range session with stretches and driver just to be prepared should I arrive late at the course.


I've found that a proper warm up or no warm up has absolutely no bearing on my score. It does however impact how I feel the next day. I'm getting old enough that I will have aches and pains if I don't warm up properly.



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If I had done that Rev, I'd have followed it up by going home.  I'd have nothing left to play the game.


Remember those stories about Walter Hagen showing up at the first tee in evening clothes, slipping off the patent leathers and putting on the spikes right there?


Every linkster needs a role model.

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If I'm not starting my round before the range opens:

-Start on the putting green, try to get some touch going

-Move to the range. A few half swings and slowly work into full range of motion. Not swinging hard at all, just moving through the motion.

-10-15 minutes of stretching

-a small bucket, starting with wedges. Moving through my bag to the 3 wood and then back down.

-5-10 drives

-3 shots with the club I'm using on the 1st tee



Early morning or racing the little ones nap:

-10-15 minutes of stretching

-Straight into the round.

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i play enough during the season all I do is stretch a bit and a few practice swings. if range or net is avaiailable I might hit 10 balls. colder weather im more likely to find a rage and hit a small bucket and stretch more.

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Sometimes it's just 2-3 warm up air swings and go


Sometimes I'll putt for 5 min, chip for 5 min and go


But winter gets the yellow whip for a minute and a little stretching, then go.


I rarely hit balls before a round

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