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Why do Div 1 stars fail to make it in the pro ranks ?

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People mature at different ages, stages and rates than others.  A local kid is the perfect example.  He stood 6'-2" tall by age 12 and dominated travel baseball all over the eastern seaboard in the 13U leagues in which he competed for at least two years.  He was ranked by every service as a top prospect for the 2017 MLB Draft in 2013.  He barely saw playing time on the varsity baseball team for my daughters high school.  He was still 6'-2" tall, still weighed the same as he did at 12 and hadn't gotten one bit better in 5 years.


Another example I would mention would be another local kid.  He was a dominant high school football player.  Rushed for 3,078 yards and scored 44 TD's as a high school senior.  Was a "Who's Who" in Sports Illustrated.  The only scholarship offer he received was from North Carolina A&T.  He decided to walk-on at Virginia Tech where he is a senior and has started since his true-freshman season.  He rushed for 156 yards and a pair of TD's in an upset loss to Old Dominion this past Saturday.


Many 5* recruits have fully developed by the time they finish high school where others continue to develop after getting to college.  That gap between the 5* recruit and 3* recruit grows much smaller in cases such as this.  I will use the local kid playing football at Virginia Tech as a prime example of this as well.  Currently behind him on the depth chart are three other RB's who were all 4* recruits while Mr. Peoples wasn't even listed by a recruiting service because he played at the smallest level Virginia High School League offers.  One of those kids behind him on the depth chart is Tyrone Wheatley's son.

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Back in HS I was a highly recruited athlete. When I got to college I knew from day one I'd entered a different world. Neither physically nor mentally was I on the level as the rest of the guys. When I returned home I went right back to dominating the streets of my local parks and gyms. I was a big fish in a small pond but when removed and placed in the deep waters I was swallowed up by a much larger, stronger and more capable species.



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Aaron Hernandez says that team culture doesn't mean a thing. If you want to be a bum, you'll be bum in Cleveland, New England, or New York.

The same Hernandez who suffered the worst documented case of CTE ever studied. I wouldn't necessarily give credence to his theory.


The Patriots are prime example that nearly all can buy into a team concept. No matter how special your agent leads you to believe you are, the team concept can win.


This is a culture that wins when buy in works from both top to bottom and vice versa.



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Boise State produced the most prolific quarterback in NCAA history. A one Mr. Kellen Moore. He holds the highest winning percentage of anyone who's ever played that position coming in at 50-3 (.943). Even with that, he didn't really have a chance in the NFL and even homers like myself saw that as a reality from miles away. The NFL is way too big and way too fast for the game Kellen has/had and he just simply could not keep up. He's now the QB coach for Dallas (dammit!) and he'll make one heck of a coach going forward.

I was excited when Detroit picked him, he was good and seemed to have the game to go along with it, but as he played you could see the talent was there, but he was a bit slower, he seemed to have an accurate arm, but didn't have that zip on the ball that you see from NFL QB's, his game just didn't translate to the NFL speed. Very knowledgable of the game, but just didn't work out for him.

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