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How Many Shots Do You Remember From Your Career Round?


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That's pretty impressive!

I made 9 birdies and 2 bogeys for 65 and all I can remember is the 2 bogeys I made because both were from about 100 yards in the fairway.  :mad:

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"One thing Golf has taught me, is that my muscles have no memory."

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3 from my 66. A 5 wood to inside of 5 feet for eagle. A stuffed wedge on 18 when I was thinking just get this on the green and two putt for 67 and the fact that I was playing a match and my opponent wanted to give me that 4 footer - I told him to you realize what that putts for?


No way! I made him take it back so that I could putt it.



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Tour Exotics 3 wood is in the bag because we are allowed 14 clubs.  It's a great club for pulling balls out of the water or from bushes - you never want to put your hand into anything in Florida unless you are absolutely certain that it's safe.  There are rare wind conditions when I might hit it off the tee on a few holes that I play.  

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When I shot my best round ever, I really just remember my score and a few highlights.  Things were just going right for me that day, and even when I would hit a bad shot I ended up fine.  I remember trying to cut a corner, but I hit tree branch that stuck way out.  When the ball hit the branch it shot way up into the air and ended up right in the middle of the fairway.  It was like I was living in opposite land, because on my normal rounds if I hit a tree I'm lucky to find it and when I do it's in garbage or unplayable... lol

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I have always had the ability to remember trivial things that interest me

and to forget things that I really needed to remember.


Not only do I remember all of those shots that day,

but I also remember a lot of the trivial banter that day as well.





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I only remember the last two holes.  


I was playing at the Wildfire GC Palmer Course in Phoenix many years ago.  It was a very fun round with 3 buddies (2 have passed away now).  I wasn't keeping score; one of my buddies was.  I teed off on the par 4 #17 hole with driver and hit it left into the desert area by a wall next to houses.  My buddy riding in the cart with me said, "Well, there goes your good round."  I had no idea what my score was.


My ball was playable.  I tried to hit a low 8i off the hardpan under a tree and over a greenside bunker.  I bladed it which was good for getting under the tree, but it went in the bunker which was bad.  But wait a minute!  It popped out of the bunker which was good, but then it ran across the green and into the rough behind the green which was bad.  Chipped in for birdie!!!


Parred #18 for my best ever round of 69, and still the only round I have had under par.

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We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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I've shot 71 (-1) twice, both on the same weekend, but honestly, both rounds were a forgettable blur.  It was boring golf where I just happened to be on with my irons and dropping most approaches on the green and I made a few putts.


The most memorable shots I remember in my golfing life are the 9 eagles I've made.  Yeah, I've never had a hole in one, but I've got 9 eagles, five of them were hole outs from the fairway.


My first one was at Virginia National GC, which doesn't even exist anymore.  A 571 yard par 5, where I nutted a drive, and then a 3 wood to about 100 yards to the hole.  I hit a perfect 54° wedge that disappeared into the cup.  I still remember everything about that hole that day very vividly.


I would honestly say that my most memorable eagle came in a Captain's choice scramble back in 2016.  I own the eagle though, as it was my drive, and then my 7 iron from 160 yards that found the bottom of the cup.


The other eagle I remember like no other, and the only one my Dad witnessed, was at Biltmore Forest, in Asheville, NC.  I've only played that course this one time, but the 6th hole is a par 4 of some 367 yards.  I split the fairway with my drive and had 123 yards in, which was a uphill, blind approach shot.  So I factored in an additional 10 yards and flushed a 9 iron right at the hole.  This was kind of goofy though, because when we walked up to the green I didn't see my ball anywhere, so I started looking over the green, and in the bunker, and anywhere that it might have gone, never thinking it went in the hole.  This was so blind that you couldn't see the flagstick, or any part of the green when I hit that approach shot.  Only after walking by the hole did I see the ball at the bottom of the cup.  I treasure that memory more than any of the others, because my Dad was standing right there when I pulled the ball out of the hole.

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I've had -2 (70) twice in competition at my home club, and I don't remember a single shot from those.  However, the first time I shot -2 I was at Talamore in Southern Pines (par 71, so I shot 69).  All I remember was the last hole, a 400 yard gentle dogleg left with water to carry on the tee shot, and down the left side, and I'm standing at -2 on the tee.  I've been known to smother-hook a ball or two, so all I really wanted to do was hit the tee shot onto dry land.  As it turned out, I hit it mostly straight, down the right side.  Now I'm pretty certain I can be under par, a 5 seems like the worst I can do.  I hit a 5-iron second, not perfect, and end up just short and right of the green.  Still OK, still in line for sub-par round.  Then the clincher, a pitch that rolled up within 2 feet, easy par for 69.

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Right handed

Reston, Virginia

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I don't remember shots from any round , to tell you the truth. At least not days/months/years after. 


I do remember certain stand out shots like, my two aces, a couple of eagles and a 45' birdie. Other than that I couldn't possibly recall most of the shots in my "once in a blue moon" rounds...lol.

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I remember 4 shots from my 72. They were all on the 18th too. It was a boring round altogether so there wasn't one particular shot that stood out as great.

The shots I remember are

Punch 2 iron to avoid any chance at hitting into the water right, left, and long.

6 iron that I pushed right of the green.

Chip shot of a really tight lie 6 feet below the surface of the green that I bumped off the hill and rolled 7 feet past the pin.

The 7 footer to shoot even par... and avoid another round that goes down as +1. It was true, I made it dead center with pace. That was the best 7 footer I have made so far.

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I'm apparently even more weird that I realized.

Sixty-nine shots from a very special day don't seem like too many to me.


I must be way too self-absorbed, or it could very well be genetic, which I think it is.


My 44-year son remembers almost every at-bat from his little league career,

and how he fared against every ten, eleven, and twelve year old pitcher

that he ever faced as a young boy.  He remembers their names, and of course,

whether they were left or right handed. 


Then, he doesn't remember quite as much from Babe Ruth League

and even less from high school.


He remembers the most from where he was the hardest out.


That's exactly like me.





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I have shot 62 at my home course on multiple occasions. Shot 30 once on our back nine with no birdies, par 36.


5 rounds stick out for me though. A pair of 66's in our State Open. Final round of a State am, finished 2 shots out of a playoff... So many missed opportunities. Finally, went to second stage of US Open qualifying and remember both rounds. Not great golf but a great experience...



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I remember a few of the good ones, but mostly I remember the last hole. I was even par going into 18, shorter par 5 dogleg right 511 yards. Hit a great tee shot down the right of the Fairway. Had 200 yards on the dot to the green, water short right of the green and wrapped around to the back. Of course it is in my head that a birdie and I shoot 71. Proceed to hit a fat sliced 4 iron into the water short right, easily my worse shot of the day. End up getting a 6 and shooting 73. Still my best round, but it could have been so much sweeter to finish even or 1 under.

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On 9/27/2018 at 6:41 PM, THEZIPR23 said:

That's pretty impressive!

I made 9 birdies and 2 bogeys for 65 and all I can remember is the 2 bogeys I made because both were from about 100 yards in the fairway.  :mad:

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