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Stability putter shafts - hot or not?

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I am trying to decide which of my numerous putters that I want to try the Stability shaft with. To date I am using an Odyssey TT #10 with its stock version of shaft (I have only upgrade the grip/weight).

Several years ago I started taking SAM putt lab fittings with different putters (I.E. mallets and blades). Hands down one of the best investments I made was that type fitting as it showed me the angle/path of face through impact with my putting. That data directed me to improving my stroke arc / putting motion.

I have worked heavily with one of those putting stick / stroke boards and the old standard 3 ft ruler (bad strike and ball falls of side of ruler before rolling out). I am convinced the heavy weight under grip/mallet putter combo and this practice is what has contributed to my success not so much the shaft but I could be wrong....  

My putting stroke with traditional, lighter blades was more of a strong arc. With a heavier mallet (I like weight under grip vs heavy putter head weight) my stroke is much more compact and square to square like with more consistency regarding 10, 20 footers. 5 ft and in I am equal blade vs mallet. 

I am curious as to whether the Stability shaft could improve my blade / strong arc putting path angles. Now I just have to decide which of my blade putters to test with. 

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