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Describe some of your Worst Shots of all time

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I was the "beat the pro" challenge as a high schooler at the Alumni Golf Outing on a Par 3. It was about 165 with a 20 mph cross wind. Each group would come thru and I had to hit a shot each time. When the president of the high school came through with the principal and their other twosome, I decided to hit a duff where the ball went about 2 yards. Never been so embarrassed in my life. They let me hit again, and I hit a pull hook that rode the wind and was 30 some yards off the green. Needless to say that shot still keeps me up at night.

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In my bag:

Driver:  :Hogan: Ben Hogan GS53 10.5* Stiff Mitsubishi tensei blue Stiff

3 Wood: :Sub70: 939 x 15 deg. UST Proforce Black V2 7F4 stiff

Hybrid:  :Sub70: 939x Hybrid UST 680 recoil shaft stiff

Irons: :Sub70: 699 irons 4-PW  KBS tour 90 v Stiff 

52 Deg:cleveland-small: 588 RTX 2.0

56 deg: :cleveland-small: Reg 588 tour action

60 Deg: :cleveland-small: 588 RTX 2.0

Putter:odyssey-small: 2-Ball DFX - Original (Winn jumbo grip)

Rangefinder: :CaddyTek: Caddytek V2


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My worst was immediately followed by one of my best. Playing the semi finals of the club championship many years ago and was a bit under the weather after a bachelor party the night before. I should have just smoked the guy I was playing and was 4 down standing on the 10th tee. I played some good golf for a change and got it to 1 up on the 17th tee and all I had to do was not miss right. Miles left and within a 100 yards left I had two golf holes I could hit. Well you guessed it blew it dead right about 70 yards offline into the woods and the guy I am playing hits it right down the middle but short. He plays up while we are in the thicket looking for my ball which we found and I had a window. 217 front so I try and just get a hybrid up in front of the green and make a 4. Well it cane out clean, got a nice bounce and rolled in for a 2. Good thing I didn’t know what the guy I was playing did because he stuffed it to 6 feet for a nice look at bird. Had I known that I would have pressed the issue and hit another terrible shot.

Worst shot I witnessed was a dead hosel rocket off the first tee and a club down on the Jersey shore right through the windshield of a brand new BMW M5. Dude just bought the car and it had like 60 miles on it.

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:titleist-small: TSR3 10* Graphite Design AD VR 6x

:titleist-small: TSR2+ 13* Graphite Design AD HD 7x

:titleist-small: TS2 18* Graphite Design AD MT 7x

:titleist-small: TSI3 20* Graphite Design AD DI 95x

:PXG: 0311 ST 5 -PW KBS $Taper 130

:PXG: Sugar Daddy 50* KBS $Taper 130

:bettinardi-small: HLX 3.0 54* & 58* TTDG S400

:odyssey-small: Toulon Madison BGT Fire 34"

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None of my bad shots were super memorable or funny, they are just bad. Most recent I can think of is hitting three in a row, each going about 10 yards into the water. For the life of me, I just couldn't hit it over the water. Was about 100 yards out from the hole, and needed to hit the ball less than 50 yards to clear the water. Just couldn't do it. After three in the water, didn't even finish the hole, moved on to the next.

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Fairway Woods:callaway-small: Rogue Max St 3HL and 7 Wood
Irons:mizuno-small: JPX 921 Hot Metal 5 to AW - Aerotech Steelfiber i95 Stiff parallel tip
Wedges:ping-small: Glide 4.0 54 and 58
Putter:  :ping-small: PLD Custom Kushin 4

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Standing on the 14th tee box at my home course, which is next to the 4th green.  Tee shot is over water, need to carry 160 to dry land, 190 to get to a spot with a clear uphill line of sight second to the green, 230 up the right side tree line gets you clear of the bend and the rise for an 80 yard wedge in.  From the tee placement that particular day there is about 150 year old oak tree that has a couple of branches  that can be an issue if you have a particularly high launch, but not really an issue other than in your head.  Golf pro rolls up behind the tee box just at the group steps to the tee box. Young cocky and stupid, I step up, tee it a little high, set up for a high draw over the right edge trees for that 80 yard wedge. I am not that good. Proceed to swing a bit under the ball, it rises quickly, hits the lowest branch on the oak tree, skies straight up and right about 25-30 yards, where it proceeds to land on the 4th green, and roll another 20 or so feet, into the cup.  My one and only hole in one. On the wrong damned green.  #golfisafourletterword


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Dru - Owner, President & Janitor, Druware Software Designs

RH 18.0 Handicap in soggy Georgia 

* 1W 10.5* @ Hogan GS53 ( HZRDUS Smoke Black X-Stiff )
* 3W Hogan GS52 ( HZRDUS Smoke Black X-Stiff ) 
* 5W 18* Tailor-made AeroBurner ( Stock Stiff )
* 4I-AW @ Hogan Ft Worth
* 56 @ Cleveland RTX
* 60 @ Hogan Equalizer
* Carbon Ringo 1/4
* Snell MTB-X


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Par 4 perfect tee shot left center. 125 yards to an uphill green. Easy pitching wedge or so I thought. One lone barren branch sticking out from a tree on the left side of the fairway no bigger than my wrist. Maybe 30 yards ahead of me and 25 feet high. After a nice click off of the iron the ball rose toward the green and then "thwack" it hit the branch and the ball came back and landed right by my feet. Hit the shot again because I knew I couldn't do that again. Well I was wrong, another perfect hit and the ball was back within 6 inches of my feet again. Once my playing partners got back on their feet from falling down laughing I changed clubs skulled one up toward the green. Pitched up and two putt for a 7.

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:titleist-small: Driver, TSi1 10* Stiff Flex

:taylormade-small: 3 Wood, SLDR  HL 17*  R Flex

:taylormade-small: 5 Wood, SLDR 19* R Flex

:cobra-small: 7 Wood, F6 22.5* R Flex

:Sub70: 939x 5 hybrid

:Sub70: Irons, 699 Pro's S Flex (6 - AW)

:Sub70:  JB Wedge 56*

:cleveland-small: Wedge, CBX 60*

:odyssey-small: Putter, Marksman Fang 35"

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Wasn’t my worse shot but I was on the Tee box. Jesse was notoriously deliberate (slow). He often took as many as 15 practice swings. It didn’t matter how much you pushed him he would not stray from his routine. This particular afternoon was a hot Texas summer day. Jesse placed his ball and started his process. When finally hit the ball it came right off the toe of his club, hit the tee marker and bounced right back hitting him between the eyes. Jesse went down like a sake of potatoes knock out cold. When he finally stood up he had a golf ball sized knot on his head complete with 360 dimples.

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No mine.

My buddy Chris (Lefty) and I were playing the 6th hole at Taylor Meadows a few years back.

I teed off into the bunker next to the green, Chris tees off Giant banana slice into the door of the car parked on the street next to the course.

He decides to tee up again, against my best advise not to.

Second shot massive slice right into the passenger side window, a couple inches above were the first ball had hit.

After that he exchange information with the car owner who had came out of the house, drop his next shot next to the fence, and got a quadruple for the hole.

Costly par 3.


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Was playing a tournament at a course for the third year in a row. Each of the first two years, on hole 7, I hit a 50 yard hook OB into some backyards bordering the course. The third year, I said, "I've learned. I'm gonna hit something straight." So I teed off with a 7-iron and hit it in the perfect spot, but it left me with a long approach. I took out my 4-iron and snapped 3 hooks into the backyards from the middle of the fairway. Finally, I took my 7-iron out again and just advanced the ball up the fairway. Nothing like hitting 7-iron 7-iron wedge into a 360 yd par 4 before 3 putting for a 12. 

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Driver: :callaway-small:XHot; 10.5°; Project X S Shaft

3 Wood: :callaway-small: Razr X; Stiff shaft

3 Hybrid: :callaway-small: Big Bertha Heavenwood; Loft 20°; Standard Shaft 

Irons: :callaway-small:Diablo Edge; Steel Shafts; Stock Loft and Lie 

Wedges: :vokey-small:SM5 52.12F; SM5 56.14F; SM4 60.04

Putter: :edel-golf-1: Faldo G90

Grips: Golfpride CP2 Standard 


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I was 2-under with one hole to play. I'm a 9 and had never been that close to par or better. I chunked the driver and double-bogeyed the hole. It still stings. 

:ping-small: G410, 9°, Tensei Orange 70-S
:adams-small: Tight Lies, 16°, Bassara 55-S
:adams-small: Idea Tech Boxer a40S 4 hybrid, Tour AD 65-R
:callaway-small:  X-20 Tour 4I-PW, Project X 5.5
:mizuno-small: MP-T4 50°, True Temper
:cleveland-small: 588 56°, stock
:nike-small: SV 60°, stock
:scotty-small: Newport 2 Notchback, Flat Cat grip
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