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Groove Rule, has it really affected you?


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I can honestly say not one bit. I am a high spin player and the roll back on the grooves was actually beneficial to my game. I was playing events that required conforming grooves regularly when the rule changed and it was zero impact. I play with a lot of guys that play non-conforming gear and I can also say it makes zero difference in their game as well. I think more was made of this change than should have been.

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I always thought it was just a conspiracy to sell more golf clubs. Why does anyone have to change by 2024 anyways? No one can tell me what to play, you think they would be more concerned with people playing more golf. Use a shovel for all I care, just get out on the course.

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I play greens that are hard and smallish. My X Forged MD 60 is a lifesaver. I bought 3 when they announced the rule. My last one is showing signs of now being just a regular daddy. I can no longer buy anything similar.


And yes from our greenside rough and small greens the newer wedges just don't spin as much.


I wish manufacturers were allowed to make the old grooves up to 3-4 years before the complete ban.

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Groves patterns doesn’t really effects the spins as much as lofts of the club in dry condition. It makes a big difference in wet conditions depending on how much and how efficient the grove designs are in removing the wetness out of the way to maximize the face contact. 

Like driving on slick tires or all terrain tires at legal freeway speed, they both perform well in dry condition but one will shine in wet condition. 

It’s just another stupid rule.  I can put plenty of spin on my wedge and one of my ping eye2 I had refinished and put on extra large and deep square groves, aside for ugly scar it put on the balls, I can’t tell the difference and not zipping anything back off the green. 

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