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SHOCKING NEWS - Yes! Golf Files Bankruptcy


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We recently gave the exclusive news about Yes! Golf's troubles to stay afloat. Like always other golf sites and media outlets for some reason still thought we were simply spreading a rumor. But I think they are starting to learn now after about the 100th story that just because we beat them to the punch or the fact that we are not the old school "typical" news source...does not mean we don't get the real scoop.


Today Yes! Golf made our original release official...they have announced that they filed for bankruptcy....filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation in United States Bankruptcy Court in Colorado. The company just could not get a buyer at the last hour and was forced to file Chapter 7.


2008 Losses = $215.942

2009 Losses = $1,804,713

2010 Losses = $1,248,170


Amount Owed To Secured Creditors = $668,226.78

Amount Owed To Unsecured Creditors (Over 200) = $2,000,000+


Total Assets = $3031.33




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not good numbers, no wonder they couldnt get a buyer. Too bad though, I love my Tracey. Im doing some paintfill on it now (my first attempt) and shes looking better than ever.

Nothing helps you find a lost ball better than a provisional hit straight down the middle.

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Unfortunate news for sure, but I'm not sure I would call it "shocking" news.

Driver: Titleist 915 D3 11.5* 42.50"
3 Wood: Titleist 915 F 15*  40.25"
5 Wood: Titleist 915 F 18* 39.50"
7 Wood: Titleist 915 F 21* 39.25"
Hybrids: Titleist 913 H 24* 38.50" & 27* 37.50" 
Irons: Titleist DCI 990 6 thru 9 -0.5"
Wedges: Titleist DCI 990 49* and Vokey SM 52.08 & 56.14 -0.5"
Ball: Titleist 2015 Pro V1x
Putter: Titleist Scotty Cameron 2014 Select Newport w/SS 3.0 34.00"

"Golf doesn't build character; it reveals it."



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That is sad news, but I am sure some one will pick them up. I can't say I am surprised though, because a few years ago I used to Yes! putters every where, but over the past year or two I have only seen them few and far between so that really made you wonder what happened.

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