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Callaway 2019 Big Bertha Hybrids Thread


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New video on the MGS Youtube channel just revealed the new Callaway Big Bertha Hybrids.  Let's keep all discussion and impressions about these new hybridsin this thread!


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Jailbreak and adjustability in a hybrid. Make it look like the X2Hot Pro or the Apex and I am in on this one.

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Tony seemed reasonably impressed with the performance of the hybrid .. may be worth looking at (tho I don't think I'll go all the way to an 8H....).

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The hybrids intrigue me more than the irons do. It's no secret that hybrids and I don't get along but this one just screams "easy to hit". 

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What intrigues me about the hybrid is that if you can hit it far enough, it can replace two clubs--a driving iron and a fairway wood--both of which would normally have been in my set configuration.

I just couldn't hit one as long as a  slightly longer shafted fairway wood. I could really jump on a lofted fairway wood.

For somebody who hits driver fourteen times in a typical round, it wouldn't matter as much.

I hit driver four or five times a round, max, when I bagged one at all, so the rest of the top end of my set got a bigger workout.


The new Big Bertha hybrid does look like a confidence inspiring golf club.  Visually, I like it.

But for me, it wouldn't have been a matter of hitting it cleanly.

It would more likely be a matter of it possibly

flying  as far as a driving iron but not as far as a fairway wood.


Before the PRGR 200i and the Mizuno Fli Hi came out,   I'd  use a forgiving 1 or 2  iron   that didn't match my other irons--

for example, I used a cosmetically matching Titleist DCI O/S+   2-iron   with my DCI 962s #s 4-9,   strictly as  a driving iron.

Before that, I used a Wilson 1200GE 1 or 2 iron.   Those were great driving clubs.


I'd love to see what I could do with the new hybrids.

The first one I ever saw was the copper-colored TaylorMade  FireSole Rescue

which was made of titanium  and which I couldn't hit very well.


Later, I tried the Cleveland Halo which I could hit

but which only answered questions that I never asked.

It didn't fill a need.






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