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What's NOT in my bag?!?!

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I really don't struggle with auditioning/replacing clubs, not even putters. I bought all new clubs last year, replacing a 20+ year old set, and I did hold on to the 2i and SW from my very old (W/S RM Midsize) for a while. Kept the 2i mostly for low punch outs, and the SW because it's a D8 and I've always done well with it - but they're no longer in the bag either. The old 2-SW irons are going on eBay or donated to First Tee very soon.

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On 11/21/2018 at 8:15 AM, Apolloshowl said:

Completely agree with the fly z+ and amp cell pro. Still have my fly z+ which makes a appearance ever so often. Sadly I sold my amp cell pro irons and really miss them. They were amazing... 😞

As far as other clubs go I would say a few older Nike clubs. I really liked their gear and was safe to see them leave. I have two Nike putters and 3,5 wood that are sitting and may come back some day down the road!

I always thought Nikes looked neat but never got any.  I do have Nike rain gloves!  😉


Glad someone agrees with me on AMP Cell Pros.  They're also very nice to look at.  I may get them refit/regripped.

I just won some C300s, I've heard good things about Wilson irons 🙂

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