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Hero World Challenge and the OWGR

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19 hours ago, GSwag said:

Total threadjack where I am going here, but I'll use Alabama from last year (and a few years back) as an example of how your argument here fails.  Alabama has lost it's DIVISION several times (by losing to Auburn), and didn't even play in the SEC championship game, but yet, here they are in the playoffs and playing for a national championship.  So if you want to talk about a REALLY bad comparison, there you are.  Alabama didn't work harder than anyone else, they actually got rewarded for losing, by getting the week off and therefore being better rested then the other 3 teams in the final four.  So what a shock when Alabama is better rested, and better prepared for the final two games.  They have more strength and more endurance then a Georgia who had to play Auburn in the championship game, just to make the playoffs.  Alabama sat at home and the media ate up every whining word Saban threw out there about how his team deserved to be in the playoffs.  No you don't Nick; you lost your division.  You don't deserve anything.

It's actually a similar comparison to the OWGR and the top players.  They get to skip all the regular events, and just focus on the events they want to, which means that they are better rested, and better prepared for the majors, and other top events.  Meanwhile, some new kid who is just starting out has to play in any event he gets into, just to get a chance of making the majors, or other big events.  He works his tail off for an entire year, nearly killing himself on the road week in and week out, adding a ton of stress to an already stressful game.  And he's living out of his car, and staying in cheap hotels and driving to every event, because he can't afford Wheels Up to take him wherever he wants with his entourage.  His entourage was him and his caddie, who were last seen at Waffle House, because that's all they could afford after missing the cut last week.

Those prima donas at the top of the rankings, and the top of college football don't work harder.  They just get more money thrown at them, and get the best of the perks and privileges that come with having a name and living off of previous year's success (cough cough, Jordan Spieth).

Wow, you don't sound bitter at all. LOL. I'll just skip past your first paragraph since you seem to be traumatized by the event.

You're right, new guys on tour do have to play a lot of tournaments. AND if they're any good at all, they'll win or place well consistently and move up in the OWGR. It's pretty simple. The guys that get to rest and skip events are able to do so because they already paid their dues and posses the talent to hold their ranking near or at the top of the game. How is that unfair? You don't get to start a career as the CEO of a fortune 500 company (unless serious nepotism is involved). You work your way up from a lower position and maybe move from one employer to another in the process until you've acquired the requisite skills and knowledge to lead. Now that may be a pretty simplistic example and sure their are plenty of other factors (including personal relationships and ability to navigate the politics of business) involved with career advancement. The point is we're talking about golf and a ranking system. It's not perfect, but it's pretty damn simple to see how it works and if a player wants to advance they know what tournaments they need to get into. Regardless, they still have to be able to play. 

So I guess to conclude, is it fair? No, maybe not. Is it justified? Absolutely. Why would anyone throw more and more money and opportunity at an individual or team that can't offer a good return? That's pretty much how life works whether you like it or not. 

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I agree with some of the arguments about OWGR, but think about the charities that this tournament supports.  The golf season is over.  It's been a tough schedule, especially towards the end.  It's the holiday season, and an opportunity for golfers to be with family.  A tournament like this, whether it's Tiger's or anyone else's, can only happen at this time of the year.  How do you get the top players to compete for the charity?  They don't need the money; but OWGR points get's their attention.  It ensures a top field.

I don't know who determines how many points are awarded and how deep in the field should get them, but I don't like players getting them just to show up.  You want points?  Earn them!  Maybe only the top 10 should get points.  As far as having a bigger field... I don't see the point.  The best players are present, so people will watch, and the charities benefit.  Lower tier players can move up by playing well in other tournaments; just play better.

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